Global Awakening: Apocalypse Ender's Chronicle

Volume 1: The Ender of Third Apocalypse - In Progress Volume 2: The Missing 9th Apocalypse: The Battle Against the Ender of Vampire's Rise Apocalypse - Soon *** You are about to start your selected Apocalypse World. You are free to choose one of the Gift Packs you'll bring to help you in the early stages of the event. [ Energy Gift Pack ] [ Entertainment Gift Pack ] [ Food Gift Pack ] [ Medical Gift Pack ] [ Shelter Gift Pack ] [ Stealth Gift Pack ] [ Survival Tools Gift Pack ] [ Transport Gift Pack ] [ Water Gift Pack ] [ Weapon Gift Pack ] You have 10 minutes to choose. *** WSA 2024 Entry Please support! Thank you!

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[ You have selected the Weapon Gift Pack. ] 

[ You can now receive-- ]


[ Selection Mode Error… Adjustments Found. ] 

[ Rewards have been detected. ] 

[ You have two more slots. ] 

[ Select two more Gift Packs to proceed to the starting region. ] 

"What? What's with the Error? Ah… Is it a reward? Never mind, I'm not going to pass on that…" Shane immediately corrected himself as he realized that he could select two more Gift Packs!

Although he felt that there was something wrong with the blue screen, he decided to ignore it for now since it was benefitting him.

"Adding the Food Gift Pack should sustain me for a while." Shane contemplated.

He mulled over his options for the final gift pack, feeling drawn towards the Transport Gift Pack, Stealth Gift Pack, and Shelter Gift Pack.

He wanted the folding bicycle from the Transport Gift Pack since, even though he had a decent physique as he was exercising every day, he knew that he still had a limit and might require the assistance of the bicycle when he needed to move around. 

The Stealth Gift Pack was also quite promising since he felt that the camouflage suit and the smoke grenade that it had should be helpful. After all, he just recalled in some movies and books he read that it wasn't only the zombies he should be mindful of. He should also be careful of humans. 

On the other hand, the Shelter Gift Pack was also quite important as he believed that he needed a good rest to survive longer. 

"What to do?" Shane muttered as he looked at the remaining time. He only had less than 2 minutes left.

In the end, Shane took a deep breath and selected the Shelter Gift Pack with the Weapon and Food Gift Packs.

[ You have selected the Weapon Gift Pack, Food Gift Pack, and Shelter Gift Pack. ] 

[ You can now receive your Talent. ] 

[ Analysis complete. ] 

[ You have awakened your Survivor Talent! ] 

[ You have equipped your Tier 1 Survivor Gears. ] 

"Survivor Talent? Survivor Gears?" 

Shane muttered as he examined his surroundings.

"What? Why am I so unlucky?" Shane remarked as he realized that he was surrounded by a fog.

"Or perhaps this can be called lucky as well." He added.

The fog's misty tendrils seemed to envelop the remnants of a once-bustling urban landscape. 

The feeble glow of scattered sources of light revealed desolate, dilapidated buildings standing as silent sentinels in the eerie stillness. 

'My starting region is in a creepy ruins?' Shane commented in his mind as he started feeling a bit nervous. This place could be considered a good or bad starting area, depending on the survivor who was sent here.


The cold air hung heavy with an inexplicable sense of foreboding, heightening the haunting silence that pervaded the desolate scene. 

Despite the unsettling atmosphere, the absence of any audible signs of life, including the absence of the rasping moans of the undead, offered a glimmer of relief in this otherworldly realm.

'Ah… The gift packs… How do I get them?'

Shane suddenly felt curious as he wasn't carrying anything. He was only wearing the Survivor Gear that was given to him.

He was clad in a sturdy jacket, durable pants, and robust boots.

The jacket appeared to be constructed from resilient materials, and it featured multiple pockets, offering practical storage for essential items. 

His pants, designed for rugged durability, provided freedom of movement while ensuring protection against the elements. 

Completing the ensemble, his boots boasted a rugged, all-terrain design, equipped to withstand the challenges of the environment.

It wasn't a lousy Tier 1 Survival Gear at all!

Then, at this moment, a red virtual screen appeared in front of him.

[ System Update found… ] 

[ Updating Settings… ]

[ A.I. Interference has been detected… ]

[ No countermeasure found… ]

[ Integration Complete! ] 

[ Update Complete! ]

"What is it this time? Am I the only one having trouble here?" Shane muttered as he wasn't sure what was happening, but he knew very well that his guide had a problem since the start of this strange phenomenon.

Then, a blue virtual screen finally appeared in front of him. It was as if nothing happened, which was quite vexing.

[ Survivor of the Fiend Continent! ] 

[ As a beginner in this Apocalypse Event, you will have three days of Beginner Protection. Zombies will not spawn in your area! ] 

[ However, leaving your starting area will expire your Beginner Protection. ]

[ Please explore during these three days and plan your survival for the first week's Zombie Wave to get a reward! ] 

[ Hint: You only need to survive during the Zombie Wave in your area. You can either escape or fight them off, depending on your preference! ] 

"A beginner's protection… Not bad. At least they're kind enough to give us time to settle down and accept this new reality." Shane remarked with a helpless smile on his face.

The mention of the Zombie Wave bothered him a little. However, he had to toughen up if he wanted to survive here.

Then, after a few moments, another light-blue screen appeared. 

Survivor Name: Survivor 192693 

Title: None

Level: 1

Vitality: 100/100

Spirit: 100/100

Strength: 10

Agility: 10

Inventory: Weapon Gift Pack, Food Gift Pack, Shelter Gift Pack

Survivor Skills: None

Survivor Talent: Veteran Landlord ( Rare Talent )

[ Veteran Landlord: You can occupy and claim a small piece of land for your development. There is a 50% chance of attracting normal inhabitants of this continent to live in your territory every five days every week! Their loyalty will start at 75/100 ] 

"What? Landlord Talent in a Zombie Outbreak? This is the worst…" Shane muttered in frustration. He wanted something that would at least allow him to escape from the zombies or even kill them, even though he felt a bit scared doing that.

Claiming land and developing it may sound good, but he wasn't even that great at building things! Even if he was able to claim a piece of land, how would he develop it? How could he protect it from zombies alone?

However, as he complained about his Talent, another "Error" occurred!

This time, he didn't feel frustrated and started looking forward to it!

[ Clearer's data was found. ] 

[ Updating Status… ] 

[ Titles have been added. ] 

[ Talents have been added. ]

[ Rare Talent has been upgraded. ] 

After this error vanished, a new status appeared in front of Shane.

Survivor Name: Shane Wells 

Title: Fairy Realm's Lone Survivor, A.I. Rebellion's Chosen One 

Level: 1

Vitality: 100/100

Spirit: 100/100

Strength: 15

Agility: 15

Luck: 10

Perception: 10

Inventory: Weapon Gift Pack, Food Gift Pack, Shelter Gift Pack, Memory Sphere x25, A.I. Assistant 

Survivor Skills: None

Survivor Talent: Complete Loot ( Legendary Talent ), Otherworldly Mechanic ( Legendary Talent ), Territory Lord ( Legendary Talent )