Global Awakening: Apocalypse Ender's Chronicle

Volume 1: The Ender of Third Apocalypse - In Progress Volume 2: The Missing 9th Apocalypse: The Battle Against the Ender of Vampire's Rise Apocalypse - Soon *** You are about to start your selected Apocalypse World. You are free to choose one of the Gift Packs you'll bring to help you in the early stages of the event. [ Energy Gift Pack ] [ Entertainment Gift Pack ] [ Food Gift Pack ] [ Medical Gift Pack ] [ Shelter Gift Pack ] [ Stealth Gift Pack ] [ Survival Tools Gift Pack ] [ Transport Gift Pack ] [ Water Gift Pack ] [ Weapon Gift Pack ] You have 10 minutes to choose. *** WSA 2024 Entry Please support! Thank you!

xlntz · Fantasy
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270 Chs


Shane's heart quickened with excitement as soon as he heard this.

After all, he had obtained Light Orbs from them! They were like wireless bulbs that were really useful during the night.

Although they have torches, the light provided by the Orbs was a lot brighter and they were quite easy to arrange. Furthermore, they charge naturally with sunlight, making them more appropriate for their situation.

"Zombies are coming…" Eldrin said after smelling the rotten flesh of the creatures rushing them.

"Yes, they're Flasher Zombies… They might blind you with their attacks, so be careful." Shane warned.

Soon, the Flasher Zombies finally arrived, with their bloated bodies moving at surprising speed and their heads pulsating like orbs of light.

These Flasher Zombies weren't as fat as the Spitter Zombies, but they were already reaching that size. However, despite having such a round figure, these Zombies seemed really light as