Global Awakening: Apocalypse Ender's Chronicle

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xlntz · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
270 Chs

Cave Dwellers

Elsa and Lily exchanged glances after hearing Shane's words.

They didn't have to discuss this matter for long, and they knew what they had to say. Both of them knew that they had to politely decline Shane's invitation to join the shelter.

However, considering that they might not like their answer, they knew that they also had to express their gratitude but emphasizing their contentment with their current situation.

After taking a deep breath, they formulated their words carefully and replied.

"We appreciate the offer, Shane, but we're managing well here." Lily said with a smile.

"Yes… Thank you for thinking of us, but we prefer to stay independent for now." Elsa added.

Shane respected their decision, understanding the challenges of building trust in such uncertain times. Well, he would actually be even more surprised if they just agreed on him. It was also good that they were being cautious. It was no wonder they survived up until this point.