Global Awakening: Apocalypse Ender's Chronicle

You are about to start your selected Apocalypse World. You are free to choose one of the Gift Packs you'll bring to help you in the early stages of the event. [ Energy Gift Pack ] [ Entertainment Gift Pack ] [ Food Gift Pack ] [ Medical Gift Pack ] [ Shelter Gift Pack ] [ Stealth Gift Pack ] [ Survival Tools Gift Pack ] [ Transport Gift Pack ] [ Water Gift Pack ] [ Weapon Gift Pack ] You have 10 minutes to choose. *** WSA 2024 Entry Please support! Thank you!

xlntz · Fantasy
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198 Chs

Apocalypse Options

[ Select the Apocalypse you'd like to challenge. ] 

[ You have 5 minutes to decide. ] 

[ You will have a random Apocalypse to challenge if you fail to select in the given time. ] 

[ A.I. Rebellion ] 

[ Alien Invasion ]

[ Demon Invasion ] 

[ Dragon Awakening ]

[ Fairy Realm Collision ]

[ Magic War ]

[ Ragnarok ] 

[ Zombie Outbreak ] 

Shane Wells gazed at the mysterious blue screen that had suddenly materialized before him. 

It was the same for most people all around the world. They were bewildered by the appearance of this enigmatic screen. 

They all struggled to comprehend its significance, and many of them even considered whether they had gone insane already. 

Without any explanation, they found themselves confronted with an unprecedented choice - to select an Apocalypse. The very notion seemed absurd. 

Who would willingly enter an Apocalypse?

Nevertheless, amidst the collective astonishment, Shane found himself preoccupied with a flood of memories overwhelming his mind. 

"What's this?" He wondered as he struggled to make sense of the influx of information that left him feeling disoriented. 

Soon, the sensation grew unbearable, and he groaned, clutching his head as the strange phenomenon induced intense discomfort.

After a while, the memories abruptly vanished, leaving Shane bewildered. 

"W-what happened to me?" 

Then, at this time, his attention was finally drawn to his bracelet, a gift he received from his Grandpa Merlin.

To his astonishment, he noticed a startling change in the three small stones adorning it. 

Previously all blue, two had now turned dark, while the third emitted a radiant glow. 

He panicked for a little bit as he attempted to remove the bracelet, only to watch in alarm as the glowing stone had also dimmed, matching the others.

'Why are there too many strange things happening to me?' He thought in frustration.

As he grappled with these inexplicable events, the looming countdown on the blue screen caught his eye - only 3 minutes remaining.

Though he knew he should question the nature of the screen, a strange compulsion urged him to make a selection. 

Hastily scanning through the available Apocalypses, he instinctively dismissed the Zombie Outbreak.

He couldn't even watch horror stories without his dog beside him. He knew that he would just freeze up the moment a terrifying and stinky zombie appeared in front of him. Furthermore, he didn't like the idea of turning into a zombie once bitten.

Without hesitation, he opted for the A.I. Rebellion.

Although there are no descriptions added to the Selection List, the A.I. Rebellion seemed like a decent Apocalypse among the options.

He could only guess that this Apocalypse had a compelling narrative involving an uncontrollable Artificial Intelligence and its mechanized adversaries. 

However, as he made his choice, something unexpected happened. 

[ You have selected A.I. Rebellion… ] 

[ Error… ] 

[ Option Cleared. ] 

[ Reward has been given. ] 

[ Error… ] 

[ Back to Select Mode ] 

"What?!" Shane was shocked after seeing the red error in front of him.

'Option Cleared? Reward? Why am I getting this?'

Before he could understand what had just happened, the notification immediately changed, and he saw the selections once again.

[ A.I. Rebellion ] 

[ Alien Invasion ]

[ Demon Invasion ] 

[ Dragon Awakening ]

[ Fairy Realm Collision ]

[ Magic War ]

[ Ragnarok ] 

[ Zombie Outbreak ] 

This time, however, the [ A.I. Rebellion ] had turned red, and he could no longer select it. 

Seeing that the time was still ticking, he made a quick decision.

'I don't know why it made an error… But my second choice is definitely—'

"Fairy Realm Collision…"

[ You have selected Fairy Realm Collision… ] 

Once again, Shane simply hoped that this Apocalypse would be less chaotic compared to the other Apocalypse. After all, it sounded better than Demon Invasion, Dragon Awakening, and Ragnarok.

'Please work…' Shane silently prayed, only to be disappointed by the next notification.

[ Error… ] 

[ Option Cleared. ] 

[ Reward has been given. ] 

[ Error… ] 

[ Back to Select Mode ] 

"What?! Do you seriously want me to select the classic Zombie Outbreak?!" Shane shouted, annoyed by the second rejection.

However, he made a huge mistake saying it out loud…

[ You have selected Zombie Outbreak. ] 

"No… Wait!"

[ Entering the Apocalypse… ] 

[ You have entered the Zombie Outbreak: First Server... ] 

[ Survivor Shane has entered a random starting region. ] 

"F*ck... There's no going back..." Shane cursed, coming to terms with the irreversible nature of his decision. 

As he grappled with the severity of his choice, his surroundings began to shift and contort, as if the very fabric of space itself was transporting him elsewhere. 

[ Welcome to the Fiend Continent ] 

[ The fate of the continent is in your hands! Survive and earn the title that is rightfully yours, and save your own world! ] 

[ Every Survivor will awaken a Unique Talent to help you with your survival. ] 

[ Finally, you can select one from the 10 Gift Packs prepared by the Lord of the Realms before you begin. ] 

[ You have 10 minutes to select. ] 

[ Energy Gift Pack ]

[ Entertainment Gift Pack ]

[ Food Gift Pack ]

[ Medical Gift Pack ]

[ Shelter Gift Pack ] 

[ Stealth Gift Pack ]

[ Survival Tools Gift Pack ]

[ Transport Gift Pack ]

[ Water Gift Pack ]

[ Weapon Gift Pack ]

At this critical moment, Shane found himself compelled to adapt and carefully consider which gift pack would best serve his needs.

Luckily, the blue screen was now generous enough to let them know the content of each Gift Pack. 

The Energy Gift Pack contains a power bank, solar charger, some batteries, and even a radio. It was quite useful for keeping electronic devices running, but it was certainly not something he would select in this situation.

Shane then shifted to the next Gift Pack.

"Wow... Who in their right mind would choose this?" He remarked sardonically as he saw its contents.

The Entertainment Gift Pack was quite useless in the Apocalypse… It contains a deck of playing cards, a journal, a couple of random books, and even a harmonica! Well, it might be useful to pass the time and maintain mental health in the Apocalypse, but you have to survive first before you have to worry about such a thing!

He immediately checked the Food Gift Pack, and just as it implied, it contained easy-to-open canned goods, instant noodles, tea bags, granola bars, and mayonnaise. They were a bit generous for the amount, but there was no water at all. 

Medical Gift Pack contains a first aid kit, some painkillers, antibiotics, bandages, and others, but certainly not a cure for the zombie virus. 

"I guess hoping for one vaccine is too much…" Shane mused as he continued. He had plenty of time anyway, so he didn't mind checking them one by one.

The Shelter Gift Pack was the next one, and it was something he was quite excited about. 

If there was an outbreak, killing zombies was not the first thing on the mind of ordinary people like him. It was to find a shelter, bunker, or whatever place that could make him feel safe.

However, he was disappointed as soon as he saw the contents of the Gift Pack. 

It was a small tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, thermal blanket, and a rain poncho. This would not stop the Zombies at all.

'This thing isn't useful unless I find a safe zone.' Shane sighed as he ignored this option. 

If the tent had magic that keeps the zombies away, then he would immediately choose it.


As he reached this thought, his eyes immediately lit up.

'Is it possible that it's like that?' Shane considered for a moment. Perhaps, this Gift Pack wasn't that simple at all. 

However, he doesn't have any proof that it would be magical.

He could only shake his head at this idea before continuing to check the other Gift Packs. 

The Stealth Gift Pack contains a camouflage suit, a night vision goggles, a silencer, and even a smoke grenade.

It was quite interesting and might be a good choice to help him escape from the zombies. 

"Although, it all depends on the effectiveness of the camouflage. Otherwise, it's useless…" Shane sighed as he recalled that in the movies he had watched, zombies reacted not only to sight but also to scent or noise. 

Then, he checked the Survival Tool Gift Pack. It contained a fire starter, a compass, a pocket knife, a whistle, a rope, and a thermal blanket. 

Surprisingly, the Transport Gift Pack contained a folding bicycle, a helmet, a lock, and a repair kit. It is useful for moving around quickly and quietly without relying on fuel. In a way, it can also be considered as an escape tool.

The Water Gift Pack, on the other hand, contained a water filter, filled water bottles, purification tablets, and a collapsible bucket. It was certainly useful for finding or storing clean water sources even in a contaminated environment.

Finally, Shane examined the Weapon Gift Pack. 

Its contents were quite promising as it would significantly bolster his personal defense and chances of survival. It had a revolver with six bullets in its cylinder, a holster, an extra set of bullets, and a hatchet. 

"This is tough…" Shane sighed, grappling with the dilemma of selecting the best option from the array of ten choices.