Giratina in Marvel MCU AU

First time writing so constructive criticism is welcome. Cover, marvel, and pokémon are not mine I only own my OC's. If cover owner wants me to take it down I will. A guy is found in the void by the OAA and they make a deal. He is reincarnated as the new and improved Oblivion or Giratina now. How will he interact with his fellow cosmic entities, and what will he do with his favorite mortals?

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Found and Deal [Revised]

In the void near the Marvel Multiverse, a lost soul was floating.

It was barely shining as it seemed to be becoming one with the void itself until it caught the attention of a certain all-powerful ruler that is.

A few seconds earlier

The One Above All POV:

Deeply sighing "It seems I am running out of time.

Oblivion is becoming more and more frustrated; it will not be long until he really offs himself permanently.

I, however, do not have a replacement for him yet-" TOAA takes a perplexed pause, finding this supposed coincidence amusing.

Back to the present

Void Soul POV: 

Returning to consciousness after I don't know how long I could see a human-shaped bright light directly in front of me.

The light smiled and opened its mouth to speak.

"Hello there, I am the One Above All, who might you be?"






Weren't you a comic character?!"

TOAA responded. "You meant cosmic and yes I am, however, you still haven't answered my question."

"I don't really think it matters here now, does it?

If this goes how I think it will, I will have a new name soon anyway."

TOAA nods and speaks saying. "True and it is even better than you imagine.

You see, normally if I were to reincarnate someone, they would get high potential low starting point abilities at best." Said TOAA as I nodded or tried to nod along in understanding.

"Nevertheless, my current situation doesn't allow that, so how would you like to become a nigh-omnipotent cosmic being?"

Deeply shocked and startled at that answer I took a few seconds to snap out of my stupor and finally said.

"I would love that, but since you said your situation didn't allow it, and because I know that the Marvel Multiverse is relatively well organized when it comes to these things what type of cosmic entity would I become?"

TOAA smiles and says "Smart, and you are right you would become Oblivion.

Lately, he has gotten really frustrated with his plans constantly falling apart and Infinity's avatars besting his.

So, he plans to permanently quit existing, therefore the need for a replacement.

Now, normally that would be impossible even for a reincarnated soul, but yours has been in the void for quite the long time it seems.

You are just barely still yourself and not just a part of the void, which makes you the perfect being to be transformed into the new Oblivion while keeping your memories and sense of self intact.

What do you think?"

"That honestly seems per- wait ... you just said I am barely myself?!


TOAA answers "Yes you would, so your answer?"

"My answer is yes, but can I get some wishes from this as well?"

TOAA surprised retorts. "You mean on top of nigh-omnipotence." He chuckles slightly and continues. "Sure, what is it, besides actual Omnipotence."

"YES! I want to be Giratina but my mind, spirit, and personality to stay my own, not his.

Well, mind and personality, because the spirit would just become nothingness as Giratina's soul is literally an existing nothingness paradox.

Then I would like an edited version of Arceus' Omnipotence ability from Pokémon Conquest.

I know how that sounds but the ability does not grant actual omnipotence.

What it actually does is ensure every attack, whether active or passive, initiated always hits the target and causes the intended effects.

It also gives precognition, a strong healing factor, and access to any and all other pokémon abilities, which can be altered at will.

See nowhere near real omnipotence, honestly, Giratina's Inescapable Lost Zone is more broken than that ability but moving on.

I would like the Absolute Personal Mastery ability.

I ask for it because I don't know, nor think Oblivion has it, and if I want to visit the mortal realm without destroying space-time and reality, I will need it."

Raising an interested eyebrow TOAA stares inquisitively or acts like he is inquisitive as I continue.

"Because, unlike Oblivion, Giratina is the concept of Matter, Antimatter, Nothingness, AND Nonexistence combined.

Hence my other request besides APM is that as Giratina is literally the reverse/distortion world and inescapable lost zone I would like to become as Giratina all their equivalents.

The mirror dimensions of the multiverse, as the reverse world.

The negative zone, as the distortion world.

And the connection between them being the distorted world housing the inescapable lost zone where both meet.

As in a sorcerer would enter the mirror dimension, and if they explored enough and had enough progress, they would be able to enter the distorted world.

In the center of which is the inescapable lost zone.

Then if I give them passage, because they can't freely travel through the distorted world without my help/consent, they would end up in the negative zone and vice versa.

I would be those dimensions and worlds so I would have the same control and power Giratina had over the distortion world over them and the real world through them as well.

Now before you say no to the last one and to voice my final request.

I can connect my main world and mirror dimension to an AU MCU with mutants and other surprises you can put in at will.

I would still be connected to others but like Oblivion ignoring existence I can do the same, so what do you think deal?"




The One Above All ponders for a few seconds before sighing and nodding accepting the requests.

"Fine that can be done, and you are right those wouldn't grant you true omnipotence, so I will allow it.

Have an interesting eternity, and you will soon be visited by The Living Tribunal, Lady Death, and Infinity.

I will inform the Tribunal about your personal universe, and realms, as well as how unless provoked, or asked, you will not interfere in other universes."

"By the way my new true name from now on will be Spectre Ouroboros."

TOAA nods in recognition, "Duly noted, now you best be on your way."

Upon hearing that, everything faded into nothingness as I blacked out.