Gilgamesh In Danmachi

A human reincarnates in Danmachi with the body and memories of Gilgamesh, follow him on his adventure and see how he becomes the King of adventurers.

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8 Chs

chapter 1

how pathetic life is

I thought with an emotionless look

It is so fragile and often contains a lot of suffering

The truth is that before I died, death seemed terrifying to me.

The reason for that terror was that I did not know what would happen to me after death.

He didn't know if he would cease to exist or go to heaven or reincarnate and finally end up in an infinite void.

The three of them terrified me too much

The first is obviously because nobody wanted to stop existing and the one that terrified me the most

The second was because spending all eternity in heaven would bore me to death it was terrifying to be in the same place for eternity

The third and the one that scared me the least was because if I reincarnated it means that after dying again the same process would be repeated living new lives over and over again for all eternity

And the last one scared me for the same reason as the third

"And it seems that the last one happened to me"

I looked around with my typical empty eyes

I don't know how long I've been in this place but the only thing I know is that I've been here a long time

My life was pathetic I was a 16 year old Otaku named Daisuke who died after being hit by a car

I felt empty

My life was pathetic and I did not achieve my goals or experience anything exciting

"I didn't want to die"

I said while finally starting to cry in despair

"It's time to wake up Human I will give you another chance in a world where you can enjoy your life"

I quickly turned towards the sound of the voice but all I saw was a light before falling into unconsciousness.


Opening my eyes again I could see what was in a beautiful blue place with clouds around and a sun in all its splendor

"Wait because I'm falling"

I quickly looked down and I could see the ground getting closer to my feet and near the place of my fall there was a city with a huge tower that I recognized

"The tower of Babel of the city of Orario that belongs to the anime Danmachi"


I said trying to do something to save myself from the fall but nothing I could do

But the only thing that came to my mind was to say a word

"Babylon Gate"

I screamed desperately looking at the ground near me

In an instant a golden portal opened and a ship-like thing came out of the portal and got under my feet stopping my fall.

I quickly began to gasp for fear.

After calming down I was able to recognize this ship

"Vimana from the anime fate belongs to Gilgamesh and is an Indian noble ghost that is kept at Gilgamesh's gate of Babylon"

But because this saved me

I thought without understanding until I could see my reflection in a part of the ship

My appearance was that of a golden-haired 17-year-old with slanted blood-red eyes and a well-defined and muscular body but just enough in short I was unbelievably handsome.

But that was not what surprised me the most but because this appearance belongs to the King of Heroes Gilgamesh from the anime Fate

Then the truth hit me

Reincarnate in the body of Gilgamesh in the world of Danmachi

I realized that I am in Danmachi because of the huge tower that I saw in the city that I also recognized as Orario

"Ha hahahahaha"

I started to laugh out loud

I felt happy very happy I would no longer be in that damn darkness in which I almost went crazy

I will enjoy this life to the fullest I will not be a pathetic person like I was in my previous life

I thought with determination

With this body of Demi God and with these powers I will become the strongest being in this world

But while I was thinking this, a great pain suddenly appeared in my head along with a lot of memories that are not mine.

After the pain quickly passed I began to see the new memories in my head

It was the life of Gilgamesh I saw everything that happened in his life from his birth to his death

And I could only sum up Gilgamesh's life in 1 word


Gilgamesh's life was lonely with pain and fear

In truth, Gilgamesh and I look alike, we were both afraid to die.

We were both alone we were afraid to die

But there is a clear difference between me and Gilgamesh

He was able to overcome that fear and he lived his life to the fullest.

But I couldn't get over it and died with a pathetic life

That left me empty and instead turned Gilgamesh into an arrogant idiot

We both took different paths which caused us different mistakes in our personality

But now I can fix that

With the experiences of Gilgamesh and Mine I will live a new life without making the same mistakes that we both made in the past

I will not be defeated by my arrogance like Gilgamesh

And I'll live my life to the fullest like I didn't in my past life

I am the result of Gilgamesh's mistakes and mine

Some mistakes I won't make again

I looked towards the horizon as I raised my hand on something with determination in my eyes.

"I will be Gilgamesh the King of Adventurers"

I smiled with determination to proceed to go down to earth and send Vimana to the gate of Babylon

I got off near the entrance of Orario where the guards can't see me so as not to raise suspicions

I used the gate of Babylon and put on the outfit that Gilgamesh wore which consists of black pants with a white shirt and a black vest

I headed towards Orario's gate along a dirt road while thinking which family I should join.

I don't want to join the Hestia family with Bell in that family I would have many problems and I would only get into the relationship of these two then the Hestia family is ruled out

The Loki family would be a good choice but I should go on many expeditions with this one and they will limit my actions as happened when aiz wanted to help Bell in the war game

So the best option for me would be the hephaestus family

I like the character of Hephaestus and I have a proposal that he will like with which he could join his family

It's simple though the hephaestus family makes the best weapons which make no one even think of attacking them but it's just because they need the weapons for the adventurers

The Hephaestus family only has adventurers of level 3, 2, 1 and only one level 5

The Hephaestus family needs a powerful figure who can push back their enemies and think twice before attacking them.

And that powerful figure can be me

With my power right now I should be stronger than the adventurer king Ottar

I take this example from how much Gilgamesh fought against Hercules

If we compare Ottar with Hercules the two would be very similar but the difference is that Hercules is much stronger and has 12 lives

Although Hercules was defending Illya at the time, Gilgamesh was still not using his full power.

Hercules was incredibly powerful but it was child's play for Gilgamesh

The only reason why Shirou managed to win against Gilgamesh was because Gilgamesh didn't use everything he had against Shirou 6 He just used weak weapons against him and finally hesitating to use EA and All this because of his arrogance and if we add that Shirou was Gilgamesh's perfect counter attack

If Gilgamesh had taken Shirou seriously Shirou wouldn't stand a chance against Shirou and even if he didn't take it seriously if Gilgamesh had used his armor Shirou wouldn't be able to cut off his arm so easily and most likely he would have ended up losing

Although I am not Gilgamesh and I am occupying his body, I have all the experiences and memories of it as if it were my own life, so I can use his powers just as he did.

Speaking of Gilgamesh's memories I found out a few things

Gilgamesh was not physically weak

Just because he was a demi-god he had an incredibly strong physique and he had trained his body, although not too much, but that made him have great strength.

He also knew how to fight as shown in Gilgamesh's fight against Enkidu but what weakened him was his Arrogance which made him not use this to his advantage.

If Gilgamesh had trained his body more than him he would have surpassed the strength of someone of this class know when I refer to someone of this class I mean someone like Arturia

Gilgamesh had strength compared to Arturia so if he took a hit from a Servant it's not like he would collapse

And as I said before I am not going to make the same mistakes as my past self and Gilgamesh

I thought as he finally reached Orario's gate seeing two guards who looked at him seriously but without any hostility

"what business do you have in Orario"

One of the guards spoke to me in a calm voice but it would be

"I want to become an adventurer"

"Well, tell me his name and surname, he also has to pay a fee to enter the city"

The guard was a little surprised since he had thought that I was coming on vacation or something because of my clothes I looked like a nobleman or something

"I can pay with Gold"

The guard nodded as many people who had other currency paid with some valuable ore to enter Orario.

I put my hand in my pocket and secretly there would be a door to Babylon where I took out a gold ingot that fell into my pocket

I took it out of my pocket and handed it to the guard who was a bit surprised but kept it and answered me

"Well now tell me his name and surname"

"My name is Gilgamesh without a last name when I was born I was abandoned in an orphanage and they never gave me a last name"

The guard looked at me with a bit of pity and nodded writing on a card

"Well, take this, it will be his identification, in case you lose it, you must go to the guild to renew his identification"

He said giving me the card which I accepted and went into the city


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