90 Volume 2 Afterword

Well, that's it, guys! Volume 2 has officially concluded. I'm writing this afterword since I've got some things to talk about (and I love writing afterwords... lol).

Also I've decided to change the name to 'Gifted Academy: The Perfect Student'.


First of all, thank you so much for reading. This book wouldn't be where it is right now without you, so you're just as important as me! (or so I'd say, but I'm a bit more important than you :P) On a serious note, I very much appreciate you following me on this long journey of mine (and also listening to me spiel for a few minutes)~

I think I ended the last volume on a pretty interesting note (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THE LAST CHAPTER... I even wrote a summary). With some backstory on Kurosawa Hayao, the principal of National High School and Tachibana Kohei, the founder of the Ideal Human Project, I was able to express some of the ideas that I've personally considered before.


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