58 The Ideal Human Project - Part 2 [Kurosawa Sora]

A/N: For future reference. If a chapter is primarily told from the perspective of another person, the main POV will be written like this [Example] in the title. This is just to ensure you aren't confused about who's narrating.

By the way, this current character is a girl, in case you can't tell from the name.


Have I been tamed?

My entire life, I've always walked the path of independence. The world is a dark, perilous place, but I'll make myself strong enough to fight against it all. Staying after school every single day, swinging my metal bat against the ball machine, I've never once thought that I'd need someone else to help me.

Well, that idea didn't last very long.

In truth, I was scared. I pushed people away because I was scared. I trained myself so hard because I was scared.

I was scared because I'd seen what type of monsters lived in this world.


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