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Are you looking for something new? Do you like Classroom of the Elite, or maybe Oregairu? Buckle down, put some headphones in and stay along for an engaging story from beginning to end. This is not your usual slice of life. There are plenty of mysteries to be uncovered, from the Ideal Human Project to the Tachibana System. Everything is not what it seems at first. ** There will be some harem-like elements. However, the story is a psychological thriller with cute girls and an apathetic, cold boy. His personality was not created by accident. What is the reason for his distance from others? Who really is Mizuhara Ayato? Why does he pretend to be so much less than he actually is? Everything has a reason. This is a story for everyone to find out the truth about—everything.

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First things first, this book is an absolute jem. Closest thing I can relate it to is Classroom of the Elite. This book has amazing grammar(haven’t seen a single error in 90 chapters) and has a super well thought out plot. The author even updates super regularly and has even did a 10 chapter mass upload to finish ?season¿ 2(forgot the word for it but you get what I’m talking about). Just want to say that this book is absolutely worth reading. Now I just wanna give a farewarning to my fellow Yandere lovers out there, so far this book has no yanderes in it, the author does have plans to add a yandere in it but it is not certain. He just chose the title for clickbait. And it absolutely worked for me tbh, I’m out of yandere books and I want to cry, so when I saw this I have never clicked so fast. I came for the yandere and stayed for Ayato. That is really all I came to say. I have only made like 3 reviews ever and this is by far my longest, you can check my profile for my stats, I can tell you that this in within the top 1% of books I have read(almost 1,000) on Webnovel, including other places it’s around 2,000. P.S. Author-San please add the yandere. I beg of you. If you add it, You will at least have me as a die hard fan. P.S.S. You should make a discord for the book, just saying. It helps in author contact and transparency on where the book is going. I will 100% join if you do. P.S.S.S. For disappointed Yandere fans I have a few recommendations. There’s School Idols and another yandere book by UnknownFate on Wattpad, he used to be on here but WebNovel screwed him over. There’s also Monster Girl Harem by Steelz on ScribbleHub. I cannot think of more off the top of my head but will comment on this review and post a list. If anyone has any other good yandere to recommend, I beg that you comment on this as well with them. Help your fellow Yandere lovers and Authors out. P.S.S.S.S. Just want to leave my trademark, certified banger book review image


This is an incredibly fresh story and way better than what I expected coming in. You need to add more in the description about the amazing mysteries which are in this story. I expected a somewhat boring slice-of-life story but what I got was an intriguing mystery about meritocratic high schools and secret human experiments. Amazing, I need more!


Ok a advocate yandere fan I will dive in to this novel and enjoy it to my heart's content but I'll also review more seriously it after 40 so chapters if I don't fall into the dark but wonderful world of laziness


CRITICAL REVIEW~ Read 52/52 chaps as of this review. It's okay. It isn't bad. But it isn't really good either. (3.8/5) Do I recommend it? I guess COTE fans and readers who are patient should give it a go. For other readers, I genuinely think the majority would just get bored and drop before stuff actually happens. Honestly, this review is too early (Will update later when story kicks). The main issue is that the focal part of story doesn't actually start yet (the system that shapes the plot). It's currently a slice of life, but without anything interesting at all happening to keep our attention. So a reader has to go through 50 chapters of a snoozefest; it just introduces characters and adds a little bit of information that is 'important'. Honestly, I believe the author's choice to not implement the system of schooling much sooner was a poor choice. Or rather should've limited it's focus on two heroines instead of 4. It would have been much better than trying to spread attention and cheaply characterise because there's nothing going on that's driving the plot. The short stories are nice in giving perspective, but it just slows the whole story down. Just get to the main part already! Since I'm a COTE reader, I can't help but compare the two. It's pretty similar start I guess. Though it's difficult to give a proper, evaluative comparison in the early stage due to lack of chapters. What I would point out is COTE I think did not start as a WN and is a LN also the fact that the author of COTE had done many works before that. Hence, what I'm trying to say is--- as this author is presumably an upcoming rookie, I believe this approach was not good in WN format, especially because these kind of stories don't do well here. An impactful start or at least a specific focus on a certain element would've been much more better than just a boring, slice of life that is cheaply done. It weirdly feels slow because of the plot, but rushed at the same time. That said, story is still in its infancy so I don't actually mind, and I'm certain they will grow to become great. Stuff like quoting lines from renown books and trying to incorporate it in passing makes it seem pretentious and gives off the image of showing this MC as 'smart'. That said, this complaint I'm like whatever of, considering that this MC likes to read and has a good reason why he likes it in regards to characterisation. Though It's something to be mindful of as it really gives this impression even if it's unintentional. The writing in terms of grammar and punctuation is good. No worries in regarding trying to understand something. Just mistakes here and there, but that's completely fine. My criticism may seem a little harsh, but don't misunderstand it with me not wanting to read it anymore. I'm very curious to see how this story goes. I didn't read 50 chaps of this for nothing!! ------------------------------- Usually end my reviews with shipping, but unfortunately not really feeling it with any of them and will have to wait and see.


10/10 recommended for everyone. Has many interesting things that could happen and that is a pretty cool feature


Reveal spoiler


Highly recommend reading this. Cold, apathetic, extremely-intelligent protagonist. There’s always something to think about.


Great novel everyone should read


This Book is amazing. It's very interesting and has similar vibe to classroom of the elite .... this story has a lot of potential and it's really good. Highly recommended


Not what I expected but amazing nonetheless. In fact, it was much better than what I was expecting. It has very interesting things that could all happen.


Ok here's my actual review In terms of the grammar and English it's quite good I didn't really see any spelling mistakes or confusing sentences so yeah The characters have depth to them with each of them having a interesting personality, background, and interaction to each other. The updates are honestly quite good sometimes you get 2 chapters in a day and I'm here for it This is honestly quite a good novel even if did not involved a yandere the mystery and how characters interact with one another is honestly quite good to me So yeah I recommend you read it


I love Classroom of Elite so I am obviously liking this novel as well, keep up author




Ohhhhh? Well, it's pretty interesting to read about whenever The Perfect Human Project, getting little bits of infornation then and there.The previous title was The Cute Yandere Next To Me btw if i remember right


I installed webnovel so I could read this. And I don't regret my decision in the slightest. Serious review: I have read only the first volume so far and I would say that the story is very interesting. The writing quality is fantastic! The author is obviously working very hard. Overall really good! My only complaint would be that the characters aren't described well enough. I can't imagine what the characters look like. I would still give 4 stars for that aspect because the character design got better later in the novel.


all I can say is that, author-san if you are reading this, work like a zombie and upload 20 chapters, no... 50 or more chapters a day. I don't care how you do it. Just, kidding! that's my way of saying of how great your novel is!😆


Is this a harem author? ............................................ ............................................ ............................................


I only read because the title.however the story itself is good. it started with simple slice of life then gradually build a marvelous plot.Chess girl is best girl (forgot to spell her name).anyway with the villain tag our mc probably gonna do something nasty fr[img=recommend].meh me and my bad grammar


To be honest I dont really like reading novels but I need so much more from this one