47 Kanako's Desires - Part 1

Several days later, I was informed that Kanako was having her first few exams.

I wished her good luck as I also began making my way to school.

Walking across the courtyard, I looked over at the same scenery I see every morning. The school was practically empty at this time since I would always arrive quite early. The early morning dew wet my shoes a little bit as I stepped on the soft grass. It was a chilly morning, contrasting with the last couple of mornings which were all quite warm.

I eventually made my way into the main building, where all the classrooms were. It was three stories high, and my classroom was on the second floor. I climbed the flight of stairs until I made my way to the sliding door of the class. Pulling it open, the door ground on the rail until it finally showed me what was inside.

As I made my way over to my seat, I noticed that Fujiharu wasn't here today. Well, at least she wasn't as early as she usually was.


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