40 Interlude - Glossary (Spoilers up to chapter 35)

This'll be the last chapter before volume 1.5!

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Mizuhara Ayato

The main character of the novel.

He was once part of the now-scrapped Ideal Human Project. He is relatively cold and calculating but still holds a small bit of empathy.


Favourite Food: Things made with cauliflower

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Favourite Subject: None

Favourite Number: 0


Fujiharu Sara

The female lead of the novel.

For some reason, she often makes the boy sitting next to her fall in love with her, only to reject them in the end. She's kind, popular and smart, maybe even the perfect girl.


Favourite Food: Fried Chicken

Favourite Sport: Netball

Favourite Subject: Science

Favourite Number: 1


Tachibana Emi

She was the daughter of Tachibana Kohei, the founder of the Ideal Human Project. She is a rational, cold and unkind girl, but she is very intelligent.


Favourite Food: Rice

Favourite Sport: Judo

Favourite Subject: Maths

Favourite Number: 101


Kanako Hanae

She's a chess prodigy who struggles with studying. She's also the future heir of her father's conglomerate business. She's a competitive person who prides herself in her chess. She's cold at first, but as you get to know her, she becomes friendlier.


Favourite Food: Chips

Favourite Sport: Chess (Yes, I'm claiming that chess is a sport)

Favourite Subject: Maths

Favourite Number: 32


Kinoshita Chitose

She's a shy girl who has very little self-esteem. She isn't liked very much by the other girls, but she still wants to fit in. She's timid and just wants someone to be there for her.


Favourite Food: Hamburgers

Favourite Sport: Tennis

Favourite Subject: Geography

Favourite Number: 9


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