Ghoul King's Harem Book

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Ghoul King's Harem


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A goddess decided to doom humanity out of her hatred towards them; her first wave brought the dead back to life. Corpses began roaming the earth as the living dead, able to mutate and grow stronger. Thus the Apocalypse started. As chaos envelopes the continent and the dead walk the earth, a young man desperate for survival abandons his humanity to become a Ghoul. This story is about Alexander Faust and his desperate struggle to fight against the fate and density of a dying world. Driven to the brink of collapse, he found solace in the women that supported him along the path. Alexander Faust is a man who became a wretched Ghoul to survive. Ghoul. Noun. ˈgül. : Predators of all living creatures, their endless hunger and crazed passion fueling their endless hunt to dominate and devour the living and consume their flesh.