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Ghost: Redemption


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4 People, 4 Stories, 1 City, New York, blood soaked, dirty, corrupted and Haunted, where everyone's trying to seek something. Esther Parker, an aspiring journalist, trying to make a name for herself by seeking the truth. David Johnson, ex-military killing machine, now co-owner of a rising security company, trying to find something that he has been missing for a long time, inner peace. Carl Jackson, just a poor fatherless kid from Hell's Kitchen, trying to seek justice by doing what no-one would dare to do. And G, a mysterious rich man in Suits who is a no-one and no-one knows what he seeks. Join them, as their life entangles in the New York City unknowingly, around a "Mystery Man" who runs around the city beating thugs into pulp. As they make choices that changes their lives forever, some in a good way and some.......Choices that may affect someone or rather 'something' else. "It's a game of Choice" --------------------------------------- GHOST: REDEMPTION is a wafer-biting action-horror-thriller-comedy. The first book of the series (If it ever get to be one) I tried to cover a vast number of genres like Action, Thriller, Horror, Comedy, Romance, etc. This is an original piece of work. Hence Don't you dare try to copy it. The book contains Mature language and situation. Parental advisory preferred if you have never watched 'Game of Thrones' or 'Spartacus' or 'Final Destination' or 'Vikings' or 'Shameless' or 'Attack On Titans' or you get what am saying right? And if you really haven't seen any of them...........you should just go and watch POGO