Ghost Exorciser: Is Loved By All

Yu Holea was a genius ghost exorcist. Cursed for being a loner she embraced the path of exorcism. At the age of 26, she died. Opening her eyes she realized that she has transmigrated to a character who has the same name as her. Yu Holea was the newly found young miss of the Yu Family. Though everyone disliked her since for them Yu Mei is the true young miss. Everyone looks down on her even her biological brothers. Her Eldest Brother, "Don't even try to get close to me. I hate gold diggers like you. Yu Mei come I will bring you to shopping." Her Gentle Second Brother," The door to get out of here is on the left. Remember not to bully Yu Mei" Her Third Brother, "Uh, don't let me see your disgusting face. Let me see my cute Yu Mei's Face" However, Yu Holea ignored them. She was used to all of this. She focused on her career and earning money instead of love. She was penniless? Huh, she has a long queue of bigshots begging to give her money. Her business empire expands from City S to Capital. She was untalented? She can even summon thunders!! At a high-end party, one of the relatives of the Yu Family saw Yu Holea surrounded by the bigshot of different fields and was shocked to the core. Just as everyone was confused her three brothers arrived and started pampering her. "Lea'er do you want to eat strawberry cake? Call me Big Brother I will feed you the cake." "Lea them, here drink this juice, by the way, why don't you call me Second Brother?" "Little Sister don't listen to them I will protect you from everyone, you just have to call me Third brother." A certain Handsome, Ceo of a top 10 company, "Lea Baby, when are you going to say yes to my proposal?" Yu Holea: Why is everyone looking at her with a doting glance? Follow Yu Holea in her adventure filled with thriller, suspense, and pampering.

LittleRabbit1111 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
453 Chs

Chapter 124: Miracle

All the girls started feeling excited.

They wished, that they could get chit with Qiao Jun's name.

Qiao Jun looked at everyone's eager expression and he looked at Yu Holea who at some point started looking at her.

Qiao Jun smirked but suddenly his smirk was wiped out when Yu Holea thought,

'I don't want this fox, to pair up with me at any cost. God! If you are there show me a miracle.'

Qiao Jun paused and suddenly smiled.

She wanted to see a miracle.

Sure! He will show her an amazing miracle today.

"There is a bowl on the left table, one by one each girl will go and pick up a chit and announce their partner."

Soon all the girls lined up, each of them tried to line up first so that they could have more chance to be paired with Qiao Jun, and one by one each got their partners.

However, by now no one got a chance to pair with Qiao Jun.

Now only 4 girls were remaining in the line.