1 Epilogue

In 2050, there was an increase in the crime rate. Due to the lack of army members on the border and also less amount of the police in the country, the government decided to create a secret team of a group of people who are in their late teens and will name them as "Ghost Agents". Government gave this duty to an ex-army officer who got retired from his duty because he got seriously injured on his left leg in a war; Mr. Han.He was very noble man so he decided that he will only select those teen who had suffer from a family problems. He selected 5 teens who can rescue people while being a normal personality, in this team there were 3 friends who knew each other from their childhood and also studying in the same boy's school "Cambridge high":

Charles Richard; code name- "Ghost agent 1": A handsome hunk with a great personality, he was also good at studies and he had great moves of martial arts. His father left him with his mom when he was  only 10 years of age and he lost his mother at the age of 13 years old, which led him in  "bourbon nurturing orphanage".

Daniel Swift; code name- "Ghost agent 2": A cute chocolate boy, who was also great at studies. His brain was faster than the computer. He was the best hacker one could desire of. His mother and father had a divorce and got married to different people when he was 13 and then was thrown in an orphanage "bourbon nurturing orphanage".

Louis Martin; code name- "Ghost agent 3": A hot boy and was very famous amongst   the girls outside. He was quite good in his studies and he was great at gymnastic moves. His dad was very rich and his mom was a pure gold digger. His mom took his dad's money and ran away leaving him with his dad, after that his dad got heart attack and died when he was 13 and he went to an orphanage "bourbon nurturing orphanage".

There were 2 more ghost agents; ghost agent 4 and ghost agent 5; but the most interesting fact was that they all did not know that who were ghost agent 4 and ghost agent 5, even ghost agent 4 and ghost agent 5 didn't know each other. Mr. Han was also as a shadow to all 5 of them, only Mr. Han knew them all by their face and by their past.