1 the biography of jimmi .

little ghetto boy , play in the ghetto street , what you'll going to do when he grow up and had to face responsibility . little cuty jumper on the street , dreams of how to be a pilote and drive his little plane , when it will be big , this is what he's targeting , but life doesn't make him in the right place , truly he becomes sad more and more and MORE , Living into a familly full of fight and doesn't know what matter he needs . little ghetto boy , big dreamer .let's take a look on this awkward life , maybe there is a lot of lifes item , jimmi is an all samoan samoan , and he lives with 3 other brothers , there parents are obvesly so poor so they are from the 30 % of people under poverety score.

now jimmi is one of the most popular influencer persolaties , he got 3 big dreams and he tried hard to reach those dreams , the first was sending his mother to meccah's