1 Fifty Million!

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"Which will you choose from these three options?

1: Shuimu University graduation certificate;

2: The experienced school beauty;

3: Fifty million in start-up capital."

Ye Feng rubbed his sore eyes as he looked at the pop-up advertisement that had suddenly appeared on his phone.

"Looks like I'll have to randomly uninstall a few more apps."

Needless to say, it was one of those crappy advertisements sent by those discount applications.

"What a boring advertisement. If I make my choice, are you really going to give it to me?"

He smiled to himself and wanted to close the pop-up advertisement.

"Eh? Why can't I close it?"

However, no matter what Ye Feng did, the pop-up advertisement remained suspended on his phone screen. Furthermore, it seemed to be growing larger as he had not chosen an option for a long time.


Ye Feng was instantly full of vitality and sat up on his bed.

Was this a virus?

That was not right. He had the leader of the anti-software world, "360", installed in his phone. Which virus would dare to enter his phone?

"F*ck, it's huge, it's huge, it's getting bigger… Oh no, it's filled the screen!"

As he watched the pop-up advertisement fill the screen, Ye Feng hurriedly pressed the power button to restart his phone.

However, his phone failed to restart…

"What kind of virus is so impressive? I'm going to have to do a factory reset on this phone."

Ye Feng groaned inwardly and scratched his head in frustration.

He had just bought this cell phone not long ago, so he definitely couldn't bear to replace the firmware. Thus, he could only perform a factory reset.

"How unlucky, how unlucky!"

"I didn't watch any dirty videos either!"

Ye Feng, who felt that he had encountered an unexpected calamity, stared fiercely at his phone screen.

"From the three options below, will you choose…"

"I choose you!"

His palm slammed down heavily on the screen.

Coincidentally, his palm landed on the '50 million' option.


When he heard the sound coming from the phone screen, Ye Feng instantly regretted it. If he had destroyed his phone by slamming his palm against it in the heat of the moment, his heart would ache terribly.

Just as he was about to check his screen, Ye Feng noticed that the pop-up advertisement was slowly disappearing after he had chosen the 50 million option.

"It's gone?"

The advertisement came and went quickly. When Ye Feng blinked again, his screen had returned to normal.

At the same time, a text message had been sent to him.

"Message from China Merchants Bank"

"Account xx…7580: On 17 June, 11:23am, 50,000,000 yuan was deposited into your account…"

Ye Feng couldn't be bothered to read the rest of the content. Instead, his eyes were fixed on the line of numbers.

Then, he quickly closed the message and entered his mobile banking app. He instantly entered his mobile number and verification number.

"One, two, three… seven— seven zeros!"


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Liu He raised his head and slammed the table a few times. Then, he said impatiently, "Son, lower your volume when playing games!"


At that moment, Ye Feng, who didn't seem to mind being called "son" by his roommate Liu He, jumped off the bed excitedly. Then, he gulped and said with a trembling voice, "You might not believe it, but I suddenly became rich…"

Liu He adjusted his glasses and replied to him with a faint "oh".

Why was his reaction so cold?

Ye Feng was stunned. Then, he touched his face and calmed himself down. He repeated, "Hey, I have money now."


Liu He finally turned around and stood up. He stared intently into Ye Feng's eyes and probed, "Are you treating me to lunch?"

"It's my treat."

"Let's eat something good. Let's eat some solid delicacies!"

Then, they walked through the campus of Quan City University. Although Ye Feng's tone was still excited, his heart was much calmer.

"Fifteen years after transmigrating to this parallel world, have I finally received my own cheat code?"

After his transmigration, Ye Feng had developed a resistance towards becoming rich in a single breath.

As for Liu He's reaction, it was very easy to understand.

After all, they had slept together for a year… Don't misunderstand. They simply lived in the same dormitory.

They knew each other inside out. Thus, who would believe Ye Feng if he suddenly said that he was rich?

For example, if Liu He suddenly said that he was a rich second-generation heir, Ye Feng definitely wouldn't…

At this thought, Ye Feng turned to glance at Liu He.

Hmm… This kid was very mysterious. After all, the clothes that he was wearing were high-end goods without any logos. Thus, it was possible that he was a rich second-generation heir!

"Luckily I chose the 50 million option at that time. If I had chosen the school beauty…"

"Women will only affect the speed at which I can draw my sword!"

Of the three options, the school beauty option had the lowest returns. As for the graduation certificate from Shuimu University…

Although Shuimu University had always been Ye Feng's dream, as well as the dream of almost all students in the country, he knew that even graduates from Shuimu University would not be able to earn 50 million in their lifetime.

"That's 50 million in start-up capital!"

"Eh, startup capital?"

An unpleasant thought suddenly flashed through Ye Feng's mind.

He immediately opened up YouChat1 and transferred 10,000 yuan to his wallet.

"Insufficient balance."

Ye Feng's heart sank when he saw these words.

Was it so mysterious? When it was said to be start-up capital, did this mean that not even a single cent could be used for other purposes?

When he thought about how 50 million had suddenly appeared in his bank account simply after answering a multiple-choice question, it seemed possible that this money could only be used to start a business.

"How strict."

Ye Feng puckered his lips. Then, he decisively turned around and looked back.

"Where are you going? Didn't you say you were going to Little Jiangnan?"

Liu He asked him.

Little Jiangnan was the best restaurant in the vicinity of the university. Typically, Dormitory 7012 would only go there for gatherings.

"Little Jiangnan?"

"Let's go to the canteen!"

"Is this the 'solid delicacy' you said you wanted to treat me to?"

Liu He felt slightly annoyed when he saw the bowl of zha jiang mian2 in front of him.


Ye Feng slapped three stones on the table. "Are these solid enough?"

"Where did you get these stones from?"

"I just passed by a small pond and picked them up."


Liu He raised his head and looked at the calm Ye Feng. He realized that he had underestimated how thick-skinned Ye Feng could be.

"Bah! How shameless!"

"Hey, do you want to add an egg to your noodles?"



"Liu He."

"Yes?" Liu He looked up at Ye Feng as he ate his fried egg.

"I owe you this dish. I'll make it up to you later!"

Ye Feng's tone was extremely serious.


Liu He cast a sidelong glance at Ye Feng and said disdainfully, "Do I still need your meal?"


Return the egg to me!"

"I'm not giving it to you. Do you want to snatch the egg that's in my mouth?"

In Dormitory 7012, Ye Feng was lying on his bed and digesting his food. His eyes were scanning the entire dormitory without focusing on anything in particular.

"Third Brother went to look for a girlfriend, while Boss is busy with the Student Union…"

He thought about the lofty aspirations he had when he first transmigrated and became a five-year-old kid, and then the depression he felt after being defeated by life…

Finally, Ye Feng looked at the number on his phone.

There were seven zeros and a value of 50 million.

"God, I've lived two lifetimes. It wasn't easy for me to finally accept the fact that I'm just an ordinary person after more than thirty years. But now, are you joking with me?"

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