13 Waking up

Although the Golden liquid wasn't active, it slowly continued to strengthen every single part it passed through. This meant that every part of his body was being strengthened since the golden vessels ran parallel to all the blood vessels when they were being created.

The first changes were being carried on in the brain, as the first stream of golden liquid started arriving. 

Subsequently, this was followed by every other organ, every time the liquid circulated through the body, these organs underwent some changes. Although the changes were minuscule, they would be accumulating over time until his body was strong enough to be able to handle it when it was time for the activation of the golden liquid.

But that was a matter for later.


Next morning.

By the time Aron woke up, it was already morning. This meant that he had been asleep for more than 15 hours. But surprisingly, he didn't feel the heaviness one would be feeling after sleeping for such a long time. Contrary to that, he was feeling stuffed, either he went to take a shit or he would explode, that kind of stuffed.

So, he immediately jumped from the bed and hurried to the toilet like his life depended on it because to the current him, his life really did depend on it.

When he arrived and sat on the toilet seat, he had let it go Elsa style.


'What the fuck was that?' Aron thought as he was opening the window of the toilet to let the shitty smell out since the automatic air filter wasn't doing its job as great as it should have.

This all started after he ran to the toilet to settle the number two, but what came from there wasn't what he might ever have expected at all. He thought that it would be a normal bowel movement, but what came out from there was dark goo that was smelling like sewage.

Also, he couldn't believe the amount of something like that had come out of his body, but all he knew was that something must have happened to him while he was asleep. But damn, that shit was smelly HOLY SHIT!!.

Thank god everyone was still asleep during this situation, else they might have wondered what was really going on.


After he finished removing the goo from his body, Aron finally felt peace.

Inner peace, the master Oogway style, seemed to have come to him.

Curious about the reason behind this strange incident of needing to shit that goo thing, Aron checked his status using the system to check his status since he was sure that the system was responsible for this.

"STATUS" he uttered.


Name: Aron Michael

Age: 22

Height: 1.89 m

System Class: Runemaster

{ !!New }[ Runic heart ]

[ SHOP ]

[ 20,600 SP ]


When he noticed the new tag next to the Runic Heart, he knew that it was the reason behind this mess, so he immediately clicked it to see more information related to this.

After he clicked it, a new screen appeared in front of him.


[ Runic heart ]

{ Status: INACTIVE }

A Special heart for the Runemasters. It allows them to use all of the runes in existence if they possess the knowledge regarding it.

Further information is to be provided after it goes into active status.


Although the deprivation of details wasn't doing him any good, Aron knew that even if he was told more it wouldn't have been that helpful because the heart was still in an inactive state.


After getting rid of the smell from the toilet, Aron decided to clean his body as he didn't know what else might have come out of it while he was asleep.

With that done, he left the toilet to go and continue doing his daily quest.

To his surprise, while he was running, he felt like he was flying since even after being almost halfway through his 15km run, he wasn't even out of his breath. Usually, he would need to rest for a few minutes before was able to complete the rest of it, but today, he kept going on until he completely finished the run without even resting for a moment. And even after that, he wasn't tired as usual and was rather feeling energised.

So, he decided to continue and complete the rest of his exercises before he returned home.

After returning home, he felt hungry and went to prepare himself some food since he hadn't eaten anything since yesterday and he hasn't eaten since yesterday.


After cleaning himself once again and eating to his heart's content, he finally was ready to return to his office and continue with his plan.

Sitting in front of his computer, Aron was reviewing the knowledge of the Prometheus++ programming language in his head.

The moment he thought about it, a vast amount of knowledge flooded in his mind, including every detail regarding how to use it and how to build the language. This meant that the moment he completed the making of this language, he would also be someone with the most knowledge regarding it since every detail about it was stored in his head.

Taking a deep breath, Aron fixed his eyes on the blank screen in front of him. His head had already mapped out every minute detail of the new programming language. 

He knew exactly what it was supposed to do and how it was supposed to work. But now came the remaining part - Of actually bringing the programming language to life in this universe at least.

As he began typing, his fingers moved across the keyboard with a fluid grace that belied the complexity of the task that was at hand. Lines of code flowed onto the screen, each one building on the last as the structure of the language slowly took shape.

As he worked, Aron's mind was a blur of algorithms and data structures. He had to make sure that every aspect of the language was perfectly written as it was needed, and every feature was written as it was being envisioned in his mind.

Hour after hour, he typed tirelessly, his fingers flying across the keyboard as he wrote and wrote the code, checking it again and again until everything was just like it was supposed to be.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Aron leaned back in his chair and gazed at the screen. There it was - the code that would bring the new programming language to life.

He pressed a button and the code began to compile. Aron watched anxiously as the progress bar gradually ticked upward, his heart in his throat as he waited for the final result of his hard work.

At last, the compiler finished its work and Aron's programming language came to life. 

This was a moment of triumph, the culmination of two weeks of hard work and endless hours of dedication.

It was a moment of triumph, the culmination of weeks of hard work and dedication. 

Aron felt a deep sense of satisfaction, knowing that he had created something truly special (Although the system gave it to him, just let him relish this moment guys) – A language that would change the world of software development forever. 

That was if he released it to the public. A downgraded version of it? Perhaps, but never a complete version, unless he had developed a better one.

As someone once said – "Always stay ahead of others!" (Sun Tzu)


With his new programming language at his disposal, Aron decided to put it to the test by rewriting the BugZapper using this language which would make it faster and more efficient. As he was writing the code for it, he suddenly stopped doing what he had planned as an idea came to his head.

The idea was to formulate a BugZapper subscription program. So that, companies won't have to always wait for him to find and make them pay him millions every time.

Here is the plan,

First, there was the Basic plan. It was a free option and offered basic security and bug scanning for a single website once a month. It was just enough to show the program's importance and usefulness but was not enough to make them able to continue to use the free version.

The second plan was the Plus plan. It included more advanced security features, it also provided the ability to scan up to five times a month and also provided solutions. Which could be useful if someone had a small business or website.

The third plan was the Pro plan. It included everything that was in the Plus plan and also offered daily website scanning and a faster response time from customer support. The daily scans were for added protection.

The fourth plan was the Elite plan. It included all the features of the Pro plan and also added more frequent scans and vulnerability checks.

Finally, there was the Enterprise plan. This was the most comprehensive plan and offered all the features of the Elite plan, plus it had priority support and customizable reporting.

He planned on downgrading the program that will be released for the subscription plan to not reveal those problems that haven't been discovered by anyone, but the moment they are discovered, it would be reported as a new bug to all users having the subscription. This will emphasize to them the importance of having and maintaining the subscription.

Along with that, companies could also have access to an upgraded version of the program that would be available publicly by subscribing to the Enterprise plan, however, this has to be negotiated with him or his company, so that he will create the necessary program and set its price which would vary, depending on the specific demands of the companies.


BugZapper Subscription Plan:

Stage 1: Free - Basic plan

-Access to a limited number of bug fixes

-Can report 5 bugs per month

-Community support available

-Limited customer support

Stage 2: Starter - $25/month

-Access to more bug fixes than the Free plan

-Can report 25 bugs per month

-Priority customer support

-Access to community support

Stage 3: Intermediate - $50/month

-Access to even more bug fixes

-Can report 50 bugs per month

-Priority customer support

-Access to community support

-Bug tracking and monitoring system available

-Ability to suggest features

Stage 4: Advanced - $75/month

-Access to all bug fixes

-Ability to report unlimited bugs per month

-Dedicated customer support

-Access to community support

-Bug tracking and monitoring system available

-Ability to suggest features

-Early access to new features and updates

Stage 5: Enterprise - Custom pricing (Starts at $1000, increases based on their needs)

-Customizable plan based on the company's requirements

-Dedicated customer support

-Access to community support

-Bug tracking and monitoring system available

-Ability to suggest features

-Early access to new features and updates

-Customizable bug reporting system

-Customizable analytics and reporting tools

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