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Get Rid of Him


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"For ten years, I have loved you in vain. Now, my love has withered." ---------------------------- Liliana Xin was treated like wallpaper in her four years of marriage with her CEO husband Asher Shen, despite her best efforts to build a happy home. She thought she could endure his neglect, but when a miscarriage got her nothing but a cold shoulder from her husband, Liliana decided enough was enough! "Divorce me this instant." What's the use of wallowing in self-pity? Shouldn't she be her own boss and lead a life without begging for a man's love anymore? It was time for her to squeeze out massive alimony from this apathetic man and leave to become a successful woman on her own! On her healing journey, Liliana crossed paths with Lucas Liu. The younger man had the same forlorn look in his eyes, reminding Liliana of her misery. "Join me. I'll make you more powerful." She promised, wanting to save him to repay him for his kindness. He was there for her at her lowest. With Lucas and her friends, Liliana continued moving forward. She didn't look back at the people who had never cherished her. They were no longer important to her. But there's someone that wasn't happy with this new development. Asher reappeared, his frosty cold mask was replaced with deep regret and longing. "I was wrong. Please, come back! I'll do anything!" Liliana scoffed, turning her back on her first love. She won't repeat the same mistake of loving him ever again. ---------------------------- WSA 2023 Entry: Billionaire/CEO/Mafia Exclusive cover by @khaizusan (Instagram) Monthly goal: 50 Golden Tickets = 1 extra chapter 1 Magic Castle = 2 extra chapters Tags: slowburn, weaktostrong, boss-subordinate, divorce Please note that the characters are not OP from the start. They will undergo character development and even make good/bad decisions during the period. They are humans, not simply 2D characters to me :) Discord: hansora#1507 Instagram: hansora_author