Get Him Off Me, Fate!

[Completed] "And the prince saves the Damsel In distress" No, no, this is the other way round Nessa was never the one to believe in the existence of God or any supernatural entity until fate bestowed a heavy responsibility on her, "Rescue Damon Claire from dying," "Damon Claire" - Prince Damon, prince charming - or whatever title the desperate females come up with next - is the heir to the Claire group and one of the school's most eligible "Boyfriend" Eveyone wished they were in his shoes, thinking his life was perfect without knowing he held one secret : he was destined to die before the age of twenty. Ofcourse, that Was unless his warrior princess - with quite a temper - saves him. But then, would she leave him at his worst? Check out my other books: Taming A Billionaire The she-devil and her alphas When Death Does Us Apart Discord server: https://discord.gg/swmysryXAG

Glimmy · Teen
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161 Chs

The Language Of Love

Damon groaned turning to the other side of his bed as the sunlight filtering through the widow roused him from sleep. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to go back to sleep, but the deed had been done. Damon couldn't sleep again. 

With no other choice left, he sat up at once, groaning with the effort. It took a few minutes for the blurriness to clear from his eyes and when it did, one thing came to mind. 


Damon groaned out once again, burying his face into the pillow. He hated school, why bother to go through the remaining school year when he was a smartass. But then, he had promised Carlos that they would graduate together - if he lived till then.