Genshin: The Serenity System

One day, a bard entered his café. "One Mondstadt Dandelion Wine Plea—" "No. This is a café." He quickly retorted. On the next day, a refined gentleman came in. "One Osmanthus Wi—" "This is a café." He reminded. On the other day, a cold purple beauty entered. "One Dango Mi—" "Café." He just said one word. On another other day, a child with white hair came in. "Can I have umm..." "Here, you can have this decaffeinated tea." He gave her something that wouldn't upset her stomach. Then, on the day he was supposed to have a day off, someone barged into his café without giving any warnings. "Haha! I, Focalors, invite you to—" "...Lady Furina, if you do this again, I'll seriously call Monsieur Neuvillette." He threatened her. "..." She silently went to one of the tables and sat down. 'I can't take a break...' Isaac could only sigh with the Archons' shenanigans. * * * A/N: A lighthearted story about a man and his café, trying to soothe out the stressed people of Teyvat.

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The Guillotin Role


Hearing Furina, Isaac couldn't help but confirm if he heard things right. "You want me to play a role in a movie?"

"That's right," Seeing that Isaac was showing hesitation, Furina quickly tried to persuade him. "Out of everyone I know, you're the only one that suits this role perfectly down to the last detail."

"Is it a calm person who wishes nothing but his solitude?" Isaac scoffed sarcastically.

"Oh? You actually figured it out. Actually, you're not too far off." Furina crossed her arms and nodded. "The role you're planning is actually a person from a historical event in Fontaine."

"It's the story about a Marechaussee Hunter from five hundred years ago, who, after going through a traumatic bloody battle, wanted to retire," Furina explained. "However, no matter how much he ran from his past, he was still reminded of his past actions."

'...is that the Marechaussee Hunter artifact set?' As an avid lore enjoyer, Isaac instantly recognized who Furina was mentioning. 'How funny... The person I used to see as a flavor text is now a real historical figure...'

'...one that I must play too, might I add...' Thinking of this matter, a small heave of a sigh escaped Isaac's mouth. "That's... I admit that it's an interesting role, but..."

"I still have a business to run, Lady Furina," He looked at her and their eyes matched. "As much as I want to help you with this, I have my own thing to manage."

"So please, I will have to kindly refuse—"

"Special privilege!" However, before he could finish his words, Furina quickly cut him off.


Raising her forefighter, Furina smiled coquettishly. "You heard me. Special privileges!"

Saying this, Furina backed away from Isaac and sat on the table behind her. Once she was on top of the table, she crossed her legs and looked down at Isaac with an amused smile.

"If you were to accept this role, I, as the Hydro Archon of Fontaine, would bestow upon thee certain special privileges that no normal person can ever hope to hold in their life!"

"Such as..." As she spoke, Furina's smile became more profoundly alluring. "Gaining access to certain places that are off-limits for the public, business exposure to more people, and..."

Furina hesitated before continuing with her words. "A private chat with me, anytime and anywhere you want?"

With this, Furina placed both of her hands on her raised thigh and smiled at Isaac. "Well then, Isaac, won't you think about this more thoroughly?"

"..." Meanwhile, Isaac, who was listening to her the whole time, was in a moment of stasis.

Isaac wasn't dense. He can read the room naturally like any other. As such, he quickly realized what Furina meant by her offers for him. 'Lady Furina, I didn't think you were this kind of person...'

Yes, he isn't dense.

'To think...' He then subconsciously gulped.

'...That you'd bribe me with all these just to have someone to talk to anytime and anywhere...' Isaac almost shed a tear at how lonely his Archon had gotten. 'How pitiful.'

He isn't dense... most of the time. He's quite observant and knows how to read between the lines, but often uses them in the wrong way.

Just like how he got the other point of Furina's words— oblivious to her main point.

'Still...' Shaking his head and clearing his thoughts, Isaac thought of another matter. 'Although all of them are alluring... I can't just—'

[New quest has been issued]

[A-Rank Quest]

[Type: Side Quest]

[Title: The Good Hunter]

[Objectives: Exceptionally perform the role of the Marechaussee Hunter in the film Furina is making and striking a lasting impression on the watchers.]

[Rewards: Memories Yharnam's First Hunter I, Café interior upgrade]

'...huh?' Seeing the sudden notification appearing in front of him, Isaac rubbed his eyes and wondered if he was seeing things. '...Are you serious?'

It was a bunch of rewards he had never seen before— and just from the names alone, they seemed very alluring!

'Battle experiences of the First Hunter? An interior upgrade for the Café?!' At that moment, gears started spinning inside Isaac's head. 'It's as if the system is telling me to do it...'

After seeing such rewards, Isaac didn't even need to hesitate anymore. 'Hey, if that's what the system wants, then who am I to not go along?'

'It is what it is.' He smiled enthusiastically. He then looked at Furina and tapped his nape. "Well... Now that you mention those things... I..."

"You accept?!" Furina couldn't wait anymore and hopped off the table before running to Isaac. She then stood in front of him. "Well? Well?"

Isaac could have a sword he saw stars in her eyes as she asked him with anticipation. '...cute...'

"With that enthusiasm from my Archon herself, how could I have the guts to refuse anymore?" He smiled wryly. "Besides, I also think this would be a great opportunity for me to try new things out..."

Looking at Furina, Isaac couldn't help but notice her grayish-silver hair and the rising uncontrollable urge to pat her head from the depths of his soul.

In the end, he gave in to his demons. Raising his hand, he placed it on her head. "...So yes, I accept."

"Y-You— why'd you do that?!" Feeling Isaac's thick warm hand placed on her head, Furina's face quickly got plastered with a red hue as she tried to get his hand off.

"Haha, sorry," Seeing her reaction, Isaac chuckled to himself. "You were showing your head in front of me so eagerly, so I couldn't resist. Forgive me."

"Hmph, I'll forgive you this once." Crossing her hand, Furina pouted. However, she then raised her forefinger. "But since you've accepted the role, I guess that special privilege I mentioned is now in effect... So..."

Her voice then lowered as she continued to speak. "J-Just do that in moderation... Okay?"

'That's part of my special privilege?' Isaac was surprised about this. However, seeing that Furina didn't like it, he decided to lessen the head pats in the future. In the end, he could only give a light nod.

"By the way," Remembering something, Isaac decided to use this opportunity to change the subject. "Do you know why Lyney and his siblings came here?"

"Hm? You already met them?" Hearing Isaac's question, Furina raised an eyebrow. However, she then scoffed lightly. "That makes it easier to explain then."

"In regards to the movie I'm directing, I decided to collaborate with a lot of people to make it happen." She explained. "And, during the time when I was thinking of a character that fits the story, I stumbled upon Lyney and Lynette."

"Such a duo couldn't have possibly fitted much better. Moreover, their background as magicians is no different from acting, making it much more easier for them to participate."

"...what exactly is their role?" From her tone of voice, Isaac felt like she was waiting for him to ask more.

"Hehe, that's the best part," Furina winked and smiled. She had long wanted to share her creative work. "Lyney and Lynette would perform the roles of the two adoptive children of the character you're playing."

"Just... Who are the characters again?" Isaac already knew the answer to his question, but he just wanted to make things sure.

"Well, you'll play Emanuel Guillotin, Lyney would play Alain Guillotin, and Lynette would play Mary-Ann Guillotin."

'Ah, I knew it.' Isaac didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 'So I'd be working with the House of the Heart pretty close, eh? Not bad. Thanks, Furina!'

While Isaac was rejoicing in his mind, Furina continued to speak. "Additionally, since the first half of the movie is set in Poisson, I spoke with Spina Di Rosula's president and agreed to a collaboration."

"Navia, the president of Spina Di Rosula, would also play a hand in the movie."

'Oh! Another chance for me to form relationships with the Spina! Furina, you're seriously saving me here!' Isaac lightly nodded his head. However, he soon noticed something was off. "But Furina... Was would be your role?"

"Hehe, I'm playing the role of Lyris, the kind Oceanid and Director of the orphanage all of the other characters came from." Furina sounded pretty confident about her role.

As for Isaac, he could only lampoon to himself. 'Quite subtle, Furina. Quite subtle.'

"So... Are all these the characters?" Isaac crossed his hands and raised one arm as he asked.

"That's right, what do you think?" Furina nodded her head as she went back and sat down. "I spent an awful amount of time reading through ancient documents about this."

"But the main theme is exploring Emanuel's mentality— and how he copes and finally settles with his past before moving on to the future with a new light."

"It certainly sounds interesting. Bravo for thinking of this kind of plot, Lady Furina." Isaac praised her. He then smiled softly, "Alrighty then..."

"From now on, I'll take this role seriously."

Such was Isaac's thought at that moment. Never would he have thought that the waves that this movie had would soon greatly affect Fontaine.

...and gaining the solidified attention of a certain Harbinger.

But as if Celestia itself was playing with him, another issue had risen on top of what he was already dealing with.

One that involved... A certain traveler and the nation of Liyue.