Genshin: The Serenity System

One day, a bard entered his café. "One Mondstadt Dandelion Wine Plea—" "No. This is a café." He quickly retorted. On the next day, a refined gentleman came in. "One Osmanthus Wi—" "This is a café." He reminded. On the other day, a cold purple beauty entered. "One Dango Mi—" "Café." He just said one word. On another other day, a child with white hair came in. "Can I have umm..." "Here, you can have this decaffeinated tea." He gave her something that wouldn't upset her stomach. Then, on the day he was supposed to have a day off, someone barged into his café without giving any warnings. "Haha! I, Focalors, invite you to—" "...Lady Furina, if you do this again, I'll seriously call Monsieur Neuvillette." He threatened her. "..." She silently went to one of the tables and sat down. 'I can't take a break...' Isaac could only sigh with the Archons' shenanigans. * * * A/N: A lighthearted story about a man and his café, trying to soothe out the stressed people of Teyvat.

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Tender is the Night [2]



Not long after it had turned dark outside, dark clouds had already gathered. Naturally, only a downpour would be a result of this phenomenon.

In the Nation of Hydro, such a phenomenon was an everyday occurrence.

But tonight... The rain seemed to carry a much heavier tune.

"Furina..." Looking at Isaac, who was struggling to hold himself together, Furina's eyes became complicated as she listened to his words. "Just what am I to you...?"

"That... What are you saying?!" Unsure of what Isaac just said, Furina tried to reason out his words. She then stood up and said, "Isaac, this is no time for your jokes! You're seriously not feeling well..."

"Please..." However, despite her words, Isaac remained fixated on his question. His words were still faltering as he spoke due to the pain he was experiencing. "Just answer..."

"You..." Looking at Isaac's troubled expression, Furina pursed her lips as she tried to think of a way to help him.

Regarding Isaac's question, Furina has no trouble answering it.

To her, he was a wonderful mystery. Someone she knows she can count on and be part of her performances— a fellow actor.

He was someone who valued his customers' satisfaction, yet also craved their money. A complete dichotomy.

He was someone who held secrets— secrets she wanted to uncover. It was the reason for her visit today.

Finally, he was someone who she could have fun with, without breaking her act. In other words, someone who she can hang out with, despite her role.

Furina hesitated for a moment as she contemplated in her mind all that she could answer.

'Why are you asking this...' Closing her heterochromatic eyes, Furina hesitated. 'You're...'

'A hypocrite... A fool...' She started describing words that fully suited Isaac. 'But you're also a compassionate person...'

'You're my most liked servant...' As she thought of this word, she became even more hesitant. 'You're reliable and know me so well... You're...'

'You're someone who carries secrets that you keep from me...' She clenched his hand as she thought of this.

'You're so full of contradictions...' With this thought, her grip on his hand became tighter. 'There are a lot of things to describe who you are and what you mean to me...'

'Were you just a servant I really liked? A colleague? A friend...? Or...' Remembering their adventures as well as the short time they spent together, Furina just realized how complicated her relationship with Isaac was.

Remembering the first time they met, Furina found it funny. 'In the first place, you were the one who made advances to me...'

'You're not like the others... You're different.' She then compared Isaac to her circle of friends with whom she wasn't even honest. 'Around you, I don't act my role as the Hydro Archon, but rather...'

'...just Furina.'

At that moment, a series of scenes with Isaac played in her mind. In them, he was always smiling. That dumb, warm smile that always hung up his face was what she always saw.

She knew his smile was just a façade similar to hers, but somehow, deep inside her mind, she knew the cause for his warm smile was genuine. His conviction to bring peace to his customers was all known by her too well.

Finally, after remembering all that had transpired between them, Furina finally made a firm answer.

Holding his hand with both of hers, she spoke softly with naught but gentleness. What soon followed was a genuine warm smile— akin to his.

"You are my special... someone."

Of all the words she could think of, this was what best suited him. He was unique in her eyes— a wondrous mystery of which she couldn't help but be curious.

Yet he was also a mystery she must be wary of. Someone who she knows is hiding a secret— which is why she must investigate further.

Actors know each other best. And in Isaac, she sees herself— a person wearing a thick façade.

As such, when asked what she thought of the man in front of her...

"Even when you act like a jerk at times... Or when you tease me when you have the chance..." Soon, her eyes moistened up a little.

"It's you..."

Bringing her hand close to Isaac and holding his face, she spoke with gentleness. Her heterochromatic shined with a faint light as she looked at him.

"Despite everything... It's still you."

She didn't know when it happened, but small amounts of water had appeared and moistened the area around her eyes— highlighting her eyes.

Upon hearing her answer, Isaac, who was having trouble keeping himself together, shut his eyes for a few moments.

Seeing Furina's current expression, Isaac felt a faint pinch in his heart. Such an unfamiliar feeling was different from the usual bitter feeling he previously had.

'A special someone...' Amidst the torrent of pain brought about by the adverse effects of skill, Isaac looked at Furina with all the strength he could muster. 'Hah...'

'What... am I doing...'

Isaac shuddered.

'Please... Don't give me that look...' Looking at Furina's worried eyes, Isaac regretted his previous actions.

From the start, Isaac's goal had always been clear— to give people the tranquility they deserve.

As such, upon seeing Furina— whom he wanted to help achieve peace of mind above all— worry about him, Isaac felt guilty.

'I... should be making you smile.' He thought with remorse. His deep amber eyes, which were half-closed, then looked at Furina. 'Because... I promised...'

It was only this time that Isaac discovered his system's nefarious scheme.

Upon giving Isaac the quest to serve Furina, it had essentially made Isaac's fate bound to be attached to Furina.

In other words...

'How... Ironic...' If Isaac was feeling normal right now, he would have conjured up a faint smile upon this realization. 'A hypocrite... Upholding an oath...'

'...but if it's for her...' His eyes then aligned with Furina's eyes. 'Then...'

'I wouldn't have minded.'

Lifting his hand, Isaac, albeit shaking, reached up and held Furina's hand which was holding his face.

With a faint voice, Isaac managed to conjure a faint smile. "Thank you..."

"Your words... Have never felt so reassuring... Thank you..."

His grip on her hand then tightened, pressing it closer to his face. "I'm sorry... For the way I acted today... I'm sorry..."

"I just... Hnngh." Isaac wanted to comfort her, but his symptoms were still persisting. "Hah..."

"That's enough." Seeing him try to be coy, Furina raised her voice. "Just for tonight, Isaac, please stop being pretentious."

"That..." Hearing Furina's remark about him, Isaac felt like he was stabbed in the heart.

In all fairness, she was right though.

"I won't accept any excuses." For some reason, Furina went from worrying for Isaac to seemingly scolding him. She then sighed faintly, "I have a feeling that you'd reject the notion of going to the hospital again, so..."

Furina hesitated for a moment before continuing. "Let me take care of you... Until you get better."

"That... Isn't necessary." Listening to Furina, Isaac's eyes quickly widened as he tried to reject her. He then tried to stand up. "I'm fine, Furina... I just need... A bit of rest..."

"Hmph, and here I thought you were as proficient in acting as I was." Furina scoffed. She then pressed him back down to his seat. "Then, let me rephrase this."

"I will accompany and help you. This is a command, not a request, from your god." She declared firmly with her usual bravado as her face got closer to Isaac. However, for some reason, Isaac felt that it wasn't an act— but a genuine gesture. "Got it?"

"I get it... I get it..." Seeing how resolute she was, Isaac felt that there was no escaping her now. "So... Furina..."

At that moment, a quiet atmosphere descended upon them. For a few moments, both of them didn't speak and merely looked at each other in the eyes.

Isaac, who was lying weakly on his chair, and Furina pinning him down made this scene look rather more awkward... Yet...

As the two looked at each other, Isaac, who was no longer acting coy, underwent several thoughts as he looked at her. He then subconsciously complimented her. "You really are... as beautiful as the day... I met you..."

Scenes played in his head of when they first met— how she managed to sense his negative thoughts about her. From that moment on, everything changed.

As he kept remembering, all he could remember with her was her beautiful and lively smile— whether it was fake or not mattered not, as it didn't change its essence.

She was beautiful whether she acted or not. From one actor to another, he truly complimented her.

After uttering those words, Isaac lifted his hand and placed it on her face, holding her.

By this time, he had long stopped referring to her by her titles and merely called her by her name. "Furina..."

"...you fool..." Sensing what Isaac was about to do, a troubled expression emerged from Furina's face. However, the red tinge spreading across her face proved otherwise. "What you're about to do is heresy beyond degree... Do you understand what you're doing?"

"Even I might not be able to save you from this."

"Yeah," Isaac spoke calmly, it was as if his throbbing headache which seemed like needles piercing his brain had vanished. What was now present was just his thoughts about her. "I'm about to... do something I can't go back from now on..."

"But since it's you... I don't care much about that... Right now..."

"Saying something like that..." Upon hearing Isaac, Furina's eye twitched as she looked at him. Her heterochromatic eyes focused on his deep amber eyes. "You really are... problematic."

"I need to look after you more in the future to prevent you from doing this kind of thing again..."

"I'll look... forward to it."


After uttering those words, Isaac leaned his face closer and reached for Furina. As for the latter, she closed her eyes as she hesitated— this was, after all, her first experience after five hundred years.


However, what followed soon was a small peck on the lips by Isaac— as if a tease.

"That's..." Realizing what he had done, Furina looked at him, infuriated. "You can't be serious..."

"Just... testing the waters..." Smiling faintly, Isaac, amid pain, still managed to find the chance to tease her. "Well then... let's get serious... shall we...?"

"Hmph... Do it properly this time."

"Yes, my lady."


Sure enough, this time, Isaac went on the full attack and kissed her slowly and passionately. It was here when Furina became bold and climbed up and sat on Isaac.

Isaac, who was surprised by her sudden action, couldn't help but comment:

"How daring of you... my lady."

"...shut up..."

Holding Isaac's head, Furina, who was flushed red, continued with the session with her eyes closed from embarrassment.

As for Isaac, seeing the moment, he decided to play along and placed his hand behind her waist and the other behind her head, hugging her tightly.

What then ensued was a few moments of passionate silence between the two.

* * *


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