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"...what should I add...?"

Isaac, who was quietly observing his cafe's interior, pondered solemnly.

It was the morning of the next day, and Isaac got up early. The main reason was that he was planning to renovate the cafe.

The reason? It's simple.

It's because a certain Fox would visit today.

"Should I keep the cozy feeling that reminds you of rainy days or mix it up?" He grasped his chin as his eyes scanned the room.

He then looked behind him and saw a particular wall. Apart from the gray-painted wall that had unique cubic patterns, there was nothing else special about it.

"..." Thinking for a bit more, Isaac decided to put something on that particular wall.

He opened his system shop and bought a bookshelf. Soon, an empty black wooden bookshelf appeared on that particular wall; however, it was empty.

"Since she likes stories so much, I think this would do." Isaac nodded at himself while buying a bunch of manga to place on the bookshelf.

He had quite a few system points, so spoiling his shelf for a little bit wasn't a big deal to him right now.

After buying a couple of manga, Isaac decided that it was enough and stopped. The mangas that were placed were Attack on Titan, To Your Eternity, and The Eminence in Shadow. 'Nothing like a mix of pain, sorrow, and edginess.'

He then looked around more and grasped his chin. His eyes then widened with excitement, "That's it! I should mix up different ornaments from different regions!"

"That way, people would think that I've traveled all over the place," Technically, Isaac wasn't wrong. In the game, he had indeed traveled everywhere— including the deepest pit of the Chasm.

Having thought of this, Isaac decided to shop for more items to add diversity to his cafe.

After a few minutes, he was finally done.

"Not bad." He muttered to himself. "I think this should do."

On the wall near the counter, a small round table was present, and on it, a wine glass was placed. It was Dandelion Wine from Mondstadt.

Moving on to the wall near where customers sit and drink, a painting of a bronze dragon flying through the clouds was hanging. It was a painting of Rex Lapis in his dragon form.

At the wall corner adjacent to the counter, a lone armor stand with rusted armor silently stood still. It looked like one of those Inazuman Vagrant Armors.

On the counter where Isaac works, a single potted plant sat quietly. If one were to look closer, they'd realize that it was a plant unique to Sumeru.

Finally, behind the counter and on the wall, a big clock with visible gears inside was making ticking sounds.

"Yes, this should do." Isaac looked around and breathed a sigh of relief. "If one were to enter, it would be as if they had entered another land— now that's what I'm aiming for."

After fixing a few more items, Isaac finally decided that it was time.

It was time to summon the Fox.

Heading inside the counter and putting on his apron, Isaac silently prayed to himself. 'Please don't trick me, please don't trick me, please don't trick me...'

Foxes were known to be mischievous! Especially the Kitsunes!

His reaction was very natural, especially since he knew Yae Miko's personality.

Taking a deep breath and releasing a heavy sigh, Isaac put his hand on his neck and cleared a stiff neck.

"Alright, let's do this."

After saying this, the system's interface appeared in front of him.

[Summon 'Yae Miko'? Y/N]

"Yes," Isaac said with a faint voice as he extended his hand to touch the screen.

Soon, the mysterious vibrant lights began to once more emit from the door of the cafe— it then produced a golden light!

'I pray to Lady Furina that this will go well.' He prayed to the bratty Archon— This just shows how serious the situation is.


The Nation of Eternity, Inazuma.

It was a nation ruled over by the Almighty Narukami Ogosho, God of Thunder, the Raiden Shogun.

She was also the current Electro Archon.

With her powerful prowess, she had cleared the obstacles of Inazuma and made a land safe for her people— mostly.

Ignoring the fact that Narukami Island and Watatsumi Island are the only islands showing signs of civilization and that the other islands are just their independent insurgencies waiting to either explode or corrupt the people around them.

But other than that, it was a beautiful nation!

One such example is the Grand Narukami Shrine where the elegant and graceful Head Shrine Maiden resides.

On the peak of a mountain where many Sakura trees were present, a massive Sakura tree that resembles a fox was present.

"...How boring." Not far from the Fox-like Sakura tree, a woman who was wearing a shrine maiden's outfit uttered with boredom as she sat down on the steps near the tree.

On her hand was a book, more specifically, a novel. And on her other hand, a cup of sake. "So in the end, the protagonist still chooses the girl despite the repeated time loops."

"How utterly boring." She sighed before closing the book. She then critiqued it. "At first, it was an interesting concept, but as time went on, it seemed like the protagonist showed no signs of development..."

"Nonetheless, it did entertain me for half a day, so I'll give it that." Her pink hair stayed as she said this.

She was none other than Yae Miko— the current Head Shrine Maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine. As well as the Raiden Shogun's Fox envoy.

Looking up, her dull face showed no signs of changing. "When will new fresh life finally come upon these shores?"

Due to the Raiden Shogun's recent Vision Hunt Decree, the borders of Inazuma had been shut off. And unless someone has special permission, they cannot freely leave or enter Inazuma.

The breeze of spring came rushing down her figure as her hair once more swayed quietly.

Coupled with the pink petals falling around her, her appearance looked tranquil and graceful— befitting of her reputation.

"Well, sulking here won't change anything." In the end, she decided to stand up and find another novel.

Other than attending the shrine's matters, she really doesn't have anything else to do. Of course, there were still her hobbies present.

Those hobbies include tricking a certain general into cross-dressing and secretly turning him into an idol for many— completely unbeknownst to his knowledge.

And the other is watching people "squirm"... No additional context shall be added.

Entering her residence, Yae Miko placed the book and cup down on a table as she yawned. "Hawwn~"

Her yawn was short yet elegant.

"!" Just then, she caught notice of something and she quickly looked in a certain direction.

On a particular part of a wall, a rectangular light started carving itself on it.

"Hm?" Yae Miko didn't sense any danger but didn't dare to do anything to it. "A strange door of light suddenly appearing in my room..."

"Hmm..." She hummed to herself as she

silently watched the doorframe appear.

After a few moments, the door finally finished materializing itself.

"Hmm..." Guuji Yae observed the door and saw that it bore no danger, for the time being, that is. She then crossed her arms. "How strange."

"Would this door perhaps take me into another world?" She said to herself with her dull yet slightly amused tone. She had seen such kind of plot before in one of her novels. "Really, no matter how I look at it, it's blatantly asking for me to enter."

After pondering for a few moments, Guuji Yae decided to test something. She extended her arm and touched the door's handle.

There was no reaction.

She then looked behind her before looking at the door again. "I couldn't just go gallivanting around for no reason at all, could I?"

"Yes, I'm merely investigating." She amused herself with this thought. "This is for the safety of the shrine."

After saying this, Guuji Yae grasped the handle tightly for a few moments before finally deciding to open it.

'I wonder... Would this lead to something interesting?'

With this thought, she walked inside the door.


Isaac, who was quietly cleaning the counter with a damp white cloth, suddenly noticed the door open, and a graceful and elegant person walked in.

That person was wearing something you wouldn't typically see in Fontaine, which made it easier for Isaac to recognize her.

'It's time.' Seeing Guuji Yae enter, it was time for Isaac's acting yet again.

Putting down the damp white cloth, he pressed his right arm to his left chest and slightly tilted his body forward.

With a courteous smile, he greeted her. His smooth and polite voice drifted to her ears. "Welcome, Guuji Yae."

There was only one thought in Isaac's mind right now.

Current objective: Survive.

* * *

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