45 Nothing happened, I swear

"Erm..." Furina's slightly moist eyes softly opened, revealing her heterochromia eyes.

Currently, she was only wearing her white shirt. As for her overcoat and skirt, it was hanging on a clothes rack not far away.

She slowly sat up and lay on the soft bed below her as she looked at the window in a daze. She then yawned, "Hawn~"

"Who opened my window blinders..." Furina said with a slightly annoyed tone. Her eyes were still half-closed.

She then rubbed her eyes softly and looked at the source of light which was the window.

"?" She then noticed something. "That's odd... I don't remember having this design..."

Her fuzzy eyes then moved around and inspected her supposed room. "...huh?"

It was then that she noticed that something was off. She quickly recovered from her half-asleep state and looked around frantically. "This... This isn't the Opera House nor the Palais!"

With a panicked expression, she tried to remember how she got here, or perhaps if she was abducted.

"Ah!" She then remembered what had happened last night. Memories of her singing with Isaac flashed across her mind. "That's right... My assistant and I were competing for the best singer in Fontaine... But..."

She then looked down at her shirt. She just realized that she was only wearing her white shirt.

And nothing else.

A few seconds ticked by in silence as Furina processed this information.

"Wait—!" Instantly, the information went through Furina's head and she finally made sense of things. Her face instantly turned a flushing red hue. "Hold on...?!"

"Th-This is..."

* * *

"Hm?" Hearing a yell upstairs, Isaac, who was cooking breakfast, got startled. "Is she awake...?"

Currently, Isaac is cooking shrimp fried rice coupled with fried fish. It was a good start to the day.

"Thankfully..." Isaac sighed with a wry smile. "Nothing happened to us last night other than getting dead drunk..."

"Otherwise, I might've found myself in either Wriothesley's fortress or an improvised guillotine..." Isaac joked as he stirred the rice in front of him.

It was true.

Isaac first panicked that Furina would execute him if he had touched her, but thankfully, that didn't happen.

If he were to "violate" the God of a nation, not even the cold rationality of the legal code can save him.



Soon, the sound of muffled footsteps reached Isaac's ears. He turned around and looked at the door of the kitchen.

"Y-You..." Furina, who was now wearing her overcoat, looked at Isaac with a flustered expression. Her face deep were red.

'Hm? Does she think...' Isaac saw her appearance and instantly recognized her expression. In half a second, a devious thought sprouted in his mind. Chuckling internally, he thought, 'Oh now this needs a little teasing.'

"Good morning, Lady Furina." Isaac smiled warmly at her as if nothing had happened. His smile was so warm and vibrant that it looked ALMOST innocent. "Did you have a good sleep?"

"I just finished cooking, come, let's eat." He continued smiling and took the pan off the stove.

With the same casual attitude, he poured the shrimp-fried rice on the plate on the table.

Isaac washed his hands, took off his apron, and sat down. He then looked at Furina who was still hiding behind the door frame, "Well? Come on in, Lady Furina."

"You wouldn't want to be weak all day after last night, right?" Isaac smiled casually but was laughing like a madman internally.

"I suppose... you're right." Furina glanced around as she slowly moved from the door frame where she was hiding.

She looked at Isaac who was eating so nonchalantly as if he cared for nothing else in the world.

'Why... is he acting so normal?' Furina felt that it was unnatural of him. After all, he just slept with a god! That's not something easily brushed off.

'Does he think...' Thinking of something, Furina slowly sat down and looked at Isaac.

The latter, who was smiling gently the whole time, noticed her look and decided to push forward.

"You were great last night." He said casually as he picked up a small shrimp. "Your rhythm was... perfect."

"H-Huh?!" Furina, who was just about to eat, suddenly jolted and looked at Isaac with an agitated smile. "W-Well..."

'What's he thinking?! Suddenly saying something like that!' Furina's inner self started battling inside her mind. 'And why is he so comfortable talking about it?! What should I say?'

Panicked, Furina decided to return the compliment. With a sincere expression, she nodded, "So were you! You erm... did well too last night?"

'Haha!' Isaac almost spat out the good he was eating as he tried his best to conceal the grin that was about to form.

"I'm glad," Sorting his emotions, he controlled his expression and smiled. "It was my first time with a god... I'm glad that Lady Furina felt the same."

'It was his first?' Hearing this, the red hue forming on Furina's face started to deepen. With a heavy breath, she spoke hesitantly. "It was... the same for me..."

Hearing this, the smile on Isaac"a face widened a bit. "Really? Well..."

"I thought Lady Furina would have collaborated with other singers by now." Isaac decided to drop the bomb with a smile.

"S-Singing?" Furina heard Isaac and couldn't help but ask again. "You... You were referring to singing?"

"Why yes, of course." Isaac smiled softly. He prevented his smile from turning to a shit-eating grin. "Last night, I just couldn't help but admire Lady Furina's voice."

"And to sing with a god, why, it's the most memorable thing I've done." He added.

His deep-amber eyes then looked at her face. "Why? Were you perhaps thinking of something else?"

"..." Furina was momentarily silent. It took her a few seconds before she processed Isaac's words. "You mean... nothing happened last night?"

"Other than passing out from the wines we drank, then no, not at all." Isaac tilted his hand as he spoke.

"I-I see... Phew, that's a relief!" Furina exhaled a sigh of relief as she smiled brightly. She then picked up her spoon and fork. "For a second, I thought—"

"Why?" Just then, Isaac's overall vibe changed. Soon, the evil grin he had been keeping finally revealed itself. "Were you perhaps thinking that we did something more erotic?"

"Huh?" Furina, who was about to indulge herself in Isaac's cooking, suddenly stopped. "Wh-What do you mean?"

Isaac smiled lightly while eating. He then hummed in amusement. "I'm sure you're no stranger to these kinds of developments, my lady."

"A man inviting a woman for dinner, only for the latter to find herself intoxicated with alcohol and carried to bed by the former..." Isaac continued to tear apart the fried fish he cooked as he spoke. He then tasted the fried fish before continuing, "That's certainly a plot commonly found in opera plays, no?"

"You... Was this planned by you?" Furina gripped her hand as she spoke. She looked at Isaac with caution. "I didn't think you were that kind of person... my servant."

"Ah, don't worry," Isaac scoffed lightly. "I didn't have such intentions. I still value my life."

Hearing this, Furina's eyes slightly widened before she laughed. "Haha, I see, so you still have a bit of consciousness for your god."

'That, and avoiding the guillotine,' Isaac lampooned inwardly. "Certainly. Only a lunatic would take advantage of a weakened god, after all."

"And I, for one, am a gentlemanly soul." Isaac lied as naturally as he breathed. But then again, lying is no stranger to him.

"Hmph, well that's only to be expected of someone who should be close to me," Furina smirked. She then cleared her throat, "And uhm... About what happened last night..."

"I'll keep them a secret, Of course, of course." Isaac nodded in agreement.

What? He wasn't gonna use what he saw to blackmail her someday. Isaac might be opportunistic, but he has standards.

He then returned to eating the meal he prepared. Whilst eating, he simultaneously busied himself with the system.

Furina, meanwhile, looked at Isaac and the food he made back and forth. Her hand gripped her utensils a bit before silently muttering something.

And so, the human and the god both enjoyed their breakfast. Once again, due to Isaac's cooking skills, the taste was enjoyable for both parties.

Soon, Furina was about to depart once more.

"Farewell, Lady Furina." Isaac, who was now in his barista uniform, stood at the door of the cafe. "Have a great day today."

"You make yourself sound like a housewife bidding their husband..." Furina turned around and teased Isaac. "But yes, have an outstanding day today too."

"Well then, toodle~oo!" Furina then walked out of the cafe while looking at Isaac with a bright vibrant smile.

Isaac waves at her with a soft smile before turning to the system window floating in front of him.

"3 more days until Furina's quest ends..." He muttered. He then moved on to another thing he noticed.

"A new main quest... I didn't know they could be stacked on top of one another." Isaac said to himself. "But alright, let me see what it is."

Isaac opened the system quest window and read the new quest.

"Huh?" His jaw then dropped after reading it. "Hold on... Are you serious?"

[A-Rank Quest]

[Name: Fatui]

[Type: Main Quest]

[Objective: Help the House of the Hearth and build a relationship with 'The Knave']

Reading the new quest he received, Isaac was momentarily silent before uttering a few words.

"I'm meeting... Arlecchino?"

He was doomed.

* * *

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