Genshin: The Serenity System

One day, a bard entered his café. "One Mondstadt Dandelion Wine Plea—" "No. This is a café." He quickly retorted. On the next day, a refined gentleman came in. "One Osmanthus Wi—" "This is a café." He reminded. On the other day, a cold purple beauty entered. "One Dango Mi—" "Café." He just said one word. On another other day, a child with white hair came in. "Can I have umm..." "Here, you can have this decaffeinated tea." He gave her something that wouldn't upset her stomach. Then, on the day he was supposed to have a day off, someone barged into his café without giving any warnings. "Haha! I, Focalors, invite you to—" "...Lady Furina, if you do this again, I'll seriously call Monsieur Neuvillette." He threatened her. "..." She silently went to one of the tables and sat down. 'I can't take a break...' Isaac could only sigh with the Archons' shenanigans. * * * A/N: A lighthearted story about a man and his café, trying to soothe out the stressed people of Teyvat.

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Her happiness

Slowly, the streets of Fontaine, which were drenched with the rain that came prior, began to show signs of life once more.

It was still dark out, but there were already many people walking in the streets holding umbrellas— each going on about their everyday lives.

On one inconspicuous area of Vasari Passage, one café that didn't stand out was present. Its minimalistic and simple yet elegant look was perhaps the only thing that made it look interesting.

Its window blinds were still closed, and the closed sign hung at the door.

In this simple café, no one would have expected their Archon to spend the night with another person.

Isaac, who was lying down on his head, slowly opened his eyes due to the singing of the birds outside.

'...the pain's gone...' Relieved that the adverse effects were finally over, Isaac let out a small sigh of relief. 'Thank goodness... It felt like a migraine headache but tenfold... I don't want to experience that again.'

Just then, Isaac felt weak movements near him. Shifting his gaze, he noticed a certain someone lying down next to him, curling herself near his chest and hugging him.

Seeing this person, Isaac became silent for a few moments before letting out a small smile. 'Right...'

Looking at Furina's unconscious face, an unfamiliar feeling swept past Isaac. He felt that it was an innate sense of happiness, but it was much more intense and gentler than that.

His deep amber eyes then became soft, cherishing the scene In front of him.

Having remembered every moment that happened last night, he couldn't help but recall every sensation he felt.

Her tender warmth, paired with the growing heat of the moment only made each second of it more and more tempting to go beyond what they planned. However, he kept his promise and refrained from going too far.

In the end, after a long session of deep kisses across each other's bodies, and occasional bites, the two of them finally got tired and decided to sleep.

'Who would have ever thought that someone like me would have the chance to see such a sight...?' Isaac lampooned self-deprecatingly. 'And with the Nation's Archon herself, nonetheless...'

It was something completely out of his expectations. However...

It was a welcomed surprise.

Lifting his hand, Isaac brought his hand over to Furina's head and caressed her grayish-white hair, before taking them off her face for him to see.

Seeing Furina's sleeping face, a faint red tinge spread across Isaac's face for a moment as a wide warm smile formed. He then quickly composed himself, but he could still feel his face's warm temperature.

'...she really was dangerous.' Isaac closed his eyes for a moment, trying to cover his blush. 'To make me this vulnerable...'

"Mngh..." Just then, a soft grumble escaped Furina's mouth. It seemed like she was having a dream. She then buried her face deeper into Isaac's chest. "Mmph..."

Having caught notice of this, Isaac felt amused and played around with her hair a bit longer. He then whispered under his breath, "What could you be dreaming about...?"

Just then, another sound escaped Furina's mouth. Although her face was still buried in Isaac's chest, the sound still crept out.

"...Isaac... help me... with the tea..." It was a series of weak grumblings, but Isaac, through patience, managed to connect them all together.

When he deciphered what Furina was grumbling about, a wry smile appeared on his face. "Dreaming about tea, huh...?"

He then remembered how she would often ask him to brew tea for her almost every moment during his time as her assistant.

She even tried learning how to brew herself, but no matter how much she did it, her brewed tea or coffee never reached the level of Isaac's brews.

"That reminds me..." Looking at the clock on the wall, Isaac muttered to himself. "Should I brew up my morning tea...?"

Isaac always starts his day with caffeinated tea.

"Yeah, I should also prepare one for Furina..."

After saying this, Isaac was just about to get out of bed, when suddenly, Furina's hug became tighter.

"Furina...?" Noticing this, Isaac turned his head and looked back at her. However, all he saw was her sleeping face.

"Don't... Leave... Please..." Furina grumbled under her breath. She appeared to still be asleep and was having a nightmare. "I don't... want to be... alone... Hic."

At some point, her weak voice began to falter and was slowly descending to pitiful pleas. It was almost as if she was on the verge of crying.


Watching her, Isaac's eyes couldn't help but soften. He then caressed his temples. 'Right... How could I forget...'

'The one thing Furina hates and fears the most is...' Remembering the looming prophecy over Fontaine, Isaac clenched his teeth. '...Is being left alone...'

On the surface, Furina appeared stable and normal, displaying her flamboyant personality. However, beneath her false bravado lies a much more broken and weak person who doesn't want her Nation to be destroyed, leaving her all alone.

Remembering all of these, Isaac shut his eyes for a moment before returning to bed.

Lying down next to her, he brought over the blankets and placed them on top of the two of them. Since it was still cold outside, he thought that Furina might catch a cold.

After doing this, he hugged her again and held her next to him. He then brought his face close to her and whispered softly. "Don't worry."

"I'll be here for you... always."

With that said Isaac leaned his face closer and kissed her forehead for a moment before parting.

After that, he hugged her tightly and shared his warmth with her.

'I want you to be happier...'

With that in mind, while holding Furina close, Isaac slowly drifted back to sleep.

As for Furina, she was still now smiling softly, as if the nightmare she had before disappeared. In the warmth of Isaac, she slept peacefully.

And so, with the constant rain still happening outside providing adequate cold for the two, they slept once more.


"Hmm~hmm hmm ♪" Humming to herself, Furina, who was wearing an apron, brewed a set of tea with ease.

She was wearing a simple dress shirt and black slacks. Over it was a black apron.

The tea was diverse in flavor, each having its own unique taste and origin. And, all of them were prepared by Furina.

With a smile on her face, she carefully placed the tea on a table before taking one for herself.

"Hoo... Hoo..." Blowing over the teacup, Furina cooled it off for a moment before taking a sip.

Feeling the warm sweet taste with a faint bitter aftertaste, Furina smiled at her success. "Tastes good!"

"Oh? Really?"

Just then, a deep voice came from behind her. All of a sudden, an arm extended from behind her, and took her teacup. "Let me have a taste."

"Hey! You could have just taken your own cup, you know..." Recognizing the voice, Furina pouted. She then moved her head behind her and looked at the person that just spoke.


"Haha, I'm sorry." The man behind her, Isaac, chuckled softly like he usually does. Similar to her, he wore a white dress shirt with black slacks. Over it was an olive waistcoat and an apron.

His deep amber eyes, which were quite striking and prominent, warmly looked at Furina. "Still, that does taste good. You did a good job, Furina."

"Heh, of course! After all, it was me who made it!" Furina boasted confidentially, full of pride over her work. "It only took a short time for me to get a hang of this."

"Yeah?" Smiling full of amusement, Isaac chuckled. "Well, you'd have to make it a bit better to catch up to me."

"Hmph! Just wait— I'll be there soon!" Furina glanced at him and declared.

"I know." Isaac's warm eyes looked at her before nodding his head. He then smiled softly. "If it's you... It won't take long."

After saying this, while standing behind her, Isaac leaned his head forward from her shoulders and closed his eyes.

"Geez..." Seeing this, a red tinge spread across Furina's face. She then closed her eyes too and accepted Isaac.


What ensued was a sweet kiss between the two— similar to a couple. After a short moment, the two of them parted.

Isaac was the first to speak after the kiss. He then smiled softly. "I love you..."

"...Saying something like that out of the blue..." Hearing this, even Furina's ears turned a red hue. With a meek voice, she replied. "...m-me too..."

Her heterochromatic eyes then looked away and back to the teacups. She then immediately changed the subject. "A-Anyway... Shouldn't you tend to the counter now? There might be new customers."

"Alright, I'll be there soon." Isaac nodded his head lightly and replied. However, before he went back, he looked back at her. "By the way... After this shift... wanna go on a dinner date?"

"Huh? All of a sudden?" Turning her head, Furina looked at Isaac with surprised eyes. "What's the occasion?"

"Nothing." He smiled. "Just want to treat you."

"Alright... Keep your word!"

"I will."

It was a dream. Furina knew it too well. However, unlike her usual dreams, this one was different.

For the longest time, she had only just been dreaming about an empty stage, with only her as the actor.

But, strangely enough, today's dream was different.

Because another "actor" was present.

Although Furina was surprised by this sudden change in her dreamscape, strangely enough, she didn't dislike it.

In this silent sanctuary of Isaac's café, she felt an odd sense of serenity. And to her, that was enough reason to accept this new dream.

For it is the only change that occurred after her long arduous journey.


However, unbeknownst to Furina, a spectator was present in her dreamscape.

And that spectator that greatly resembled her appearance watched her act with Isaac without uttering a word.