Genshin Impact: The Template System Book

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Genshin Impact: The Template System


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In Mondstadt, the Knights of Favonius are actively searching for a wanted criminal who stole the Holy Lyre der Himmel. "No matter what, bring me the man named Ezio at all costs!" Jean said to her knights. However, deep in her mind, there was another reason she wants him. * * * Finding himself Transmigrated as the infamous stalker in the game he loves and obtaining a template system, Albert started his path of chaos. Steal the Holy Lyre to gain Fame Points? Done. Be present in Rex Lapis' death and take on all the blame to gain even more points? Count it done. Actually touching Guuji Yae's ears?! He will do it for the fame points. Assassinating the Grand Sage out of spite for locking up Nahida? He doesn't even need fame points, he'll do it anyway. "It doesn't matter what I do." Albert grinned. "Because in the end, they won't even be able to find out my real identity." ...Or will they?


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