52 Omega Sadge

I think... I think I'm gonna take a break for a while.

Lately, maybe some of you have already noticed, that the quality of the chapters has been greatly dropping. I shall take all the fault for that as lately, I have been losing a huge amount of interest in writing.

When I first started writing this FanFic, I was full of ideas and I was able to write those ideas into this website and publish them for all of you to enjoy without any trouble. Even I enjoy writing them and seeing your reactions.

However, lately, with the increase of people reading this and their preferences, I have been catering my chapters. Yes, instead of writing what I wanted, I wrote what some of the new readers suggested which resulted in me losing interest.

That's what you get from too much democracy, I guess.

I'm sorry. I'll just take a break for a while and collect my thoughts.

This is not dropped. I am just taking a hiatus. Thank you for understanding.

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