Genshin Impact: The Mangaka System

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La Signora [3/4]

"So, did it happen?" Igarashi asked as he saw Sasori come up the stairs

Sasori nodded, "She did get emotional."

"So umm... Did she do anything else?" Igarashi whispered. "Like, summoning flames or transforming into one?"

"No, not really." Satoru shrugged. "She just... Got emotional and tears started coming down. That's all."

'Hmm... That's odd.' Igarashi thought as he nodded at Sasori. 'I expected her reaction to be a bit more... Chaotic?'

'I mean, what would your reaction be if your life you did not want to remember suddenly got told to you buy a mangaka?' Igarashi thought.

Adjusting his crystal monocle, he shrugged. 'But who am I to judge?'

[+20 Points]

[+20 Points]

Looking at the points he was getting, a small smirk appeared on Igarashi's face. However, he soon noticed this smile and sighed. 'I must be as crazy as her... Getting happy at someone's suffering...'

'But then again, she did freeze my leg.' He thought. 'That's pretty justifiable, right?'

"Anyways, what did she want next?" He asked Sasori.

"Tea." Sasori simply answered before heading to Igarashi's room where the portal was.

Hearing the word, a single word was present in Igarashi's mind.

'Bri ish?' He thought with a blank face. Although, a small chuckle was about to come out.

Shaking his head, she shook off this ridiculous thought as he went back down the first floor.

Seeing her engrossed in looking at the thin comic, Igarashi tried to get her attention. "Uh... Hello?"

No response.

"Hello?" Igarashi called out again.

Still no response.

La Signora just sat there as she looked at the comic in her hand with a blank expression.

'Did I break her?' Igarashi thought.

However, while he was leaning over La Signora, the system's window appeared.

[Congratulations on obtaining an achievement!]

[New Achievement: The Crimson Witch of Flames]

[Reward: The Crimson Witch's Obsession]

[(Title) The Crimson Witch's Obsession]

[Effects: All Pyro-related attacks shall be increased by 40%, in addition, greater control over Pyro shall be granted]

'Hold on.' Igarashi stopped reading the system notification when he noticed something peculiar. '...Obsession?'

Looking at La Signora, a complicated expression appeared on Igarashi's face. 'No, no, that's impossible.'

'Why would she be obsessed with me?!' He tried to ask the system. 'That's just absurd!'

'Moreover, by now, she should know that Rostam is her previous lover so...' He looked at La Signora again. 'No... It can't be...'

'It not the 'love' type of obsession, isn't it?' He subconsciously gulped. 'But rather... An unhealthy obsession...'

Slowly backing away, Igarashi did not know what to do.

'She's not moving an inch...' It was starting to scare him.

"What's happening?" Suddenly, Sasori's voice was heard.

'Wah?!' Igarashi internally screamed. He looked over to Sasori and saw that he has a teapot set with him.

Looking at Igarashi with a blank expression, Sasori spoke. "You look on edge... What happened?"

"No... Nothing." Igarashi cleared his throat and said.

After saying this, he put on a smile. "Well anyways, you should give that tea to her and I'll leave for a mome—"

However, his words were interrupted by a female's voice. La Signora spoke as she grabbed Igarashi's shirt. "Stay. Don't leave."

Turning his head, he saw La Signora looking at him. However, there was something... Off with her stare.

Looking at her eyes, Igarashi subconsciously gulped. 'I swear to Celestia that for a moment, I saw a deranged obsession in her eyes for a split second.'

'If this was an anime, her eyes would undoubtedly be shaded black with a tinge of a craze in it... And a heart.' He thought.

Just then, the shop's doors opened, and a new person entered. 'Huh? Isn't that...'

The person looked around and saw many books on the shelves as well as the lady that was grabbing onto Igarashi's shirt.

"Oh my~," The person said with an amused smile. "This is certainly an interesting find."

"Ah, Welcome to Manga Jump!" Igarashi said as he separated from La Signora. "Would you like to buy anything? Sir...?"

"Kaeya. You can just call me Kaeya, there's no need for formalities." The man said with a friendly smile.

"Right..." Igarashi nodded. "Well then, Kaeya, do you want to buy anything in the store?"

"Hmm..." Kaeya hummed as he looked around, most importantly at the woman that was looking at him with malicious intent. "You sell books here, don't you?"

"Yes." Igarashi nodded as he adjusted his crystal monocle. "We offer books from Romance to Action. Is there any genre you like?"

"Hmm..." Kaeya hummed once more as he looked at La Signora. "Before that, do you have any special relations with this woman?"

"Her?" Igarashi acted as if he does not know the whole matter about Mondstadt and Snezhnaya's diplomacy. "No, not really. Like you, she came by here to buy some books."

"Is that so?" Kaeya smiled. But under that fake smile is a scheming persona.

"Well then, I'd like to buy one book of your choice, please." Kaeya said with a trusting smile.

"Sure." Igarashi just shrugged. He then went to pick up a manga called Moriarty the Patriot.

"This book here is a recently made one." He said. "I'm sure that many mystery-lovers out there would like this."

"Hoh? Is that do?" Kaeya said. "If so, then I know quite a few people who would be interested."

Hearing this, a clear smile appeared on Igarashi's face. "I would really be grateful if you do so, Sir Kaeya."

"Haha, it's nothing." Kaeya shrugged. "And, again, just call me Kaeya."

"Alright..." Igarashi gently nodded. "Kaeya."

Kaeya nodded and decided to sit right across from La Signora as if contradicting her.

Seeing that a reliable character from the game is here, Igarashi felt relief. 'At least someone can keep watch on her...'

Thinking of this, he decided to go back up and leave Sasori to watch over them.

"So..." Kaeya smiled. "What could the Eight Fatui Harbinger be doing here?"

"Surely, it's not just books, right?" He said with a sinister smile.

"Watch your mouth." La Signora said as she coldly looked at Kaeya. "Don't forget. I am the ambassador for Snezhnaya."

"One word from me, and your Mondstadt will be plunged to chaos." She threatened him.

Due to her authority and position, she developed a... "Unique" thinking that is commonly known as the "Young Master" syndrome.

Hearing this, Kaeya gently nodded. "That is true..."

"However, with the Acting Grand Master and Honorary Knight's recent victory against Dvalin, I believe your political suppression should be getting solved by Jean right now."

"Not to mention..." Kaeya's eyes looked at the stairs Igarashi took. "I believe that man has some meaning to you? Oh, I do wonder what happens if—"

However, his sentence was cut short as La Signora abruptly stood up and leaned in front of him. "Do something to him..."

"And I will make sure that every last human in this nation burns to ash." Malice was clearly in her eyes as the temperature surrounding her started rising.

Kaeya, who was keeping a calm persona, couldn't help but bring a wry smile. "So it is true. That man is important to you, huh?"


Just as Signora was about to rebuke, Igarashi's steps can be heard coming down the stairs.

"Are you two doing fine?" He asked, seeing them in their seats reading a book.

But of course, he knew that they fought. He just did not openly admit it.

"It is a pretty interesting story if I do say so myself." Kaeya said as he read the manga in his hands.

"Is that so?" Igarashi smiled. "I'm glad."

He then went past them and went to the door. He plans to visit a certain alchemist.

'Sasori should be able to watch over the shop. Moreover, with his vision and system's help, it should be fine.' He concluded.

However, before he could go out, someone grabbed his hand.

Turning around he saw La Signora right behind him. She was slightly taller.

"Is there—" Before Igarashi could continue, La Signora leaned forward, surprising him greatly.

Her face covered his and soon, their lips touched. She was holding onto him without letting him go, completely dominating him as she passionately kissed him.

'?!' Igarashi got puzzled, clearly feeling the warm temperature of her lips.

"Huh?" Kaeya exclaimed, seeing such a bizarre scene.

"What?!" Sasori shouted with disbelief as he abruptly sat up from his seat. He did not believe that his family— His older brother in his eyes— would suddenly be plunged on.

* * *

A/N: Just to be clear, she'll still die at the Shogun's hands.