Genshin Impact: Sword Master

In the enchanting land of Teyvat, Xian Yu, an enigmatic young man, grapples with newfound powers and a mysterious past. With the ability to wield elemental power, Xian Yu's journey takes an unexpected turn when he encounters an Cryo Crystal Butterfly, unlocking a unique connection to elemental forces. _______________ Note: This is a Translation Original Book: 原神之剑主

Firesight · Anime & Comics
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98 Chs

Chapter Sixteen: Departure

Upon his return home, Xian Yu found Uncle Zhang, his friend, and the siblings present. Without wasting any time, he spoke to Uncle Zhang.

"Uncle Zhang, we need to talk."

"What's the matter, Master?"

Xian Yu looked at the elderly man, holding nothing back as he recounted the incident involving the young master of the Shui family, causing concern for the old man, who quickly advised him to go into hiding.

"Don't worry about me. I don't have much time to stay in Liyue. I've returned to make sure that you and the others leave for other countries to avoid any repercussions."

"Even though I've taken care of all their people, it's best to be cautious. Take Pepper and Raspberry with you and find a safe refuge."

With those words, he produced a document, a banknote containing all his Mora. While not a significant amount, it provided assurance of a comfortable life for ordinary people.

"Uncle Zhang, please hold onto this. I won't be needing it."

"No need to rush in declining. Mora doesn't serve much purpose for me anymore. Besides, do you think I need to be concerned about that now?"

After saying that, a Cryo sword materialized in Xian Yu's hand.

"This is..."

"Just as I suspected! I had a feeling for a while, but I didn't expect you, Master, to become a Chosen One."

Zhang Feng had harbored suspicions about this matter, given the strange chill in Xian Yu's residence and the Cryo Slime in the backyard. However, since he had never witnessed Xian Yu using elemental powers, he couldn't be sure. But now, he was certain and understood.

Xian Yu didn't try to conceal the formation of the Cryo sword too much, allowing Uncle Zhang's friend to witness it as well.

At this moment, the friend felt a mild surprise. He hadn't expected his good friend to be acquainted with the Divine Benefactor, but the revelation didn't elicit much emotion from him beyond surprise.

In Mondstadt, encountering Chosen Ones was relatively common. Many served in the ranks of the Knights, and they could occasionally be spotted in taverns. Mondstadt differed from Liyue, being a free nation with a less strict and structured environment.

"Alright, Uncle Zhang, please depart as soon as you can. I also need to leave."

Zhang Feng asked, "Where are you headed, young master?"

Xian Yu replied, "I'm going to Mondstadt, specifically to Dragonspine. I'm sure you've heard of it. That's my destination."

Having conveyed this, he left promptly.

He had made most of the necessary arrangements, and his route to the destination differed from that of Zhang Feng and the others, which is why he didn't accompany them.

Dragonspine offered several paths, and Xian Yu chose one nearby for a quicker arrival. If his activities were discovered, this route would allow him to lead the Shui family away. However, if they did come after him, it might not be a disadvantage.

Three days later, Xian Yu materialized at an adventurer camp with a lively atmosphere. He found a random spot for rest and eavesdropped on the conversations of those around him. The discussions were mainly about the day's adventures and achievements.

"Have you heard? This morning, Old Li encountered a giant Hilichurl covered in frost. He barely managed to escape; otherwise, he might not have been seen again."

"After today's events, he's decided to stop taking such risks. He plans to return, set up a stall, and live a stable life with his wife and daughter."

Another person added, "To be honest, we call ourselves adventurers, but our primary goal is to accumulate wealth. If we can secure a stable life with no worries about food and clothing, who would venture into this desolate place for adventure?"

"I, too, plan to return to the city after this expedition. We're just regular folks, and accidents can happen easily."

Xian Yu found it rather surprising to hear their conversation about a giant Cryo Hilichurl. Could it be the Frostarm Lawachurl? He hadn't expected someone to encounter it and return safely, which was quite fortunate. As far as Xian Yu knew, the Frostarm Lawachurl and the Geo Hypostasis were creatures of a similar nature, both physically formidable and capable of manipulating elemental power. Referring to them as "Chosen Ones" wouldn't be an exaggeration.

"It seems these adventurers possess some skills and, at the very least, strong mental fortitude."

"Furthermore... I don't know where the Frostarm Lawachurl appears, but if you encounter it, you should stay away."

Beyond avoiding it, Xian Yu had a daring hypothesis: there was "something" in that area, more precisely, Dragontooth. When he had played the game, he distinctly remembered a quest to gather dragontooth for the "The Festering Fang."

However, this was merely a conjecture, and Xian Yu had no intention of verifying it. His ultimate objectives were the heart of the mountain and the stone pillar on top of it.

"If you're curious, you can inquire with the Treasure Hoarders. They're stationed here year-round and may have insights into the situation."

Interestingly, the idea of approaching the Treasure Hoarders had just occurred to him, as it hadn't crossed his mind before.

"But... it's challenging to make contact with the Treasure Hoarders."

Xian Yu contemplated how to interact with the Treasure Hoarders when he suddenly heard a commotion.

"Make way!"

"Master Debt Collector, this way, please."

Observing the individuals entering the camp, Xian Yu narrowed his eyes.

"A debt collector?"

A thought crossed Xian Yu's mind, and he became certain despite the lack of a mask; the man's attire and words left no doubt.

"Brother, you should step aside. These Foolish Fatuus from the Solstice Kingdom always act high and mighty. It's best for us common folks to keep our distance."

Xian Yu responded, "Alright, I understand. Thank you."

With that said, he didn't obstruct their path and stepped back. Observing the Foolish Fatuus at the center, Xian Yu lowered his head.

"Why would a debt collector appear here? To collect debts, perhaps? But it seems unlikely with so many Foolish Fatuus gathered here."

"Furthermore, I haven't heard of anyone nearby requiring the services of a debt collector."

"Could it be..."

Lost in thought, Xian Yu closed his eyes. Even though his eyes were shut, he maintained a keen awareness of his surroundings.

This didn't hinder him much.

The next morning, as the sky began to brighten, Xian Yu sensed that the Foolish Fatuus' group had initiated their actions. Not long after their departure, Xian Yu also trailed them. Whether it was his own purpose or the arrival of a debt processor, tracking them was the most suitable course of action.

He would gradually unravel the truth, step by step, whether it was his own intuition or the presence of a debt collector.

"Sir, we've encountered an unusual location. It's not covered in ice and snow, but it's barren land infested with many monsters. These creatures are formidable, and even our group struggles to deal with them. That's why we're seeking your assistance."