3 Klee is about to explode!

Received the system prompt, Jams was both surprised and delighted.

He discovered that fishing with others could actually enter online mode!

It was like doubling the rewards for temperament and physical fitness, and the elemental resistance reward changed from "3 Water Elemental Resistance" to "3 Fire Elemental Resistance"!

Jams looked at the joyous Klee by the lake and had a guess in his heart.

"The resistance bonus obtained from online play should be related to the attributes of teammates. Klee is the holder of the Pyro Vision, so it rewards her with 3 points of Fire Elemental Resistance."

With this in mind, Jams's eyes gradually lit up.

In other words, he could invite more people to go fishing and obtain high-multiplier rewards and various elemental resistance bonuses!

"If I could max out the resistance to all seven elements in Teyvat, wouldn't I become invincible?"

The power system on the continent of Teyvat was inseparable from the power of the elements.

However, Jams had found a way to infinitely increase elemental resistance. As long as he was given enough time to grow, he would eventually become a bug in this world!

"The damn system, it always comes up with one set after another. I thought you were a good system focused on leisure and slacking off, but I didn't expect you to have such great ambitions..."

Jams's heart surged, feeling as if he had inadvertently glimpsed a path to becoming a god.

Just then, Klee ran up to Jams, blinked her big eyes, and curiously observed him.

"Jams, you seem different now."

"Do I?"

Jams touched his handsome face. Could it be that his inflated inner thoughts were seen through by this little girl?

"Mhmm! Let me see..."

Klee nodded, circled around Jams, and her golden eyes were filled with confusion.

Slap, slap, slap!

Suddenly, the little girl reached out and patted Jams's thigh.

"Hey, Klee, we said you were just going to look, why are you touching me now?"

Jams was speechless as he held Klee's little hand. Was he being teased?

Klee blinked her eyes and said in a sweet voice, "Klee really thinks Jams has changed... become even more handsome!"

"Well, I love hearing that."

Jams's lips slightly curled upwards. Tilting his head 45 degrees against the bright sunlight, he revealed a warm, gentle smile.

He roughly guessed why Klee thought he had changed.

It must be because of the improvement in his "temperament" attribute, making him appear more amiable and pleasing in the eyes of others.

"Jams is being narcissistic! Hehe~"

Klee saw Jams's proud look and couldn't help but raise her little fist and tap it on Jams's palm.

"What's with the smugness? Look at yourself, all soaked and looking like a wet chicken."

Jams rubbed Klee's wet golden hair.

Her originally smooth and beautiful hair instantly turned into a "bird's nest," making her look pitiful yet adorable.

"Hehe, Klee actually feels very comfortable!"

Klee didn't mind being touched by Jams at all. On the contrary, she laughed happily.

"Enough playing around, remember to take a hot shower when we get back, don't catch a cold."

Klee is now Jams's only fishing partner, and they have to take it seriously for the generous online rewards!

Having this lively little girl with him also adds a few more moments of joy to Jams's fishing time.

"Klee won't catch a cold! But... Klee's tummy is a bit hungry..."

As Klee said that, her gaze shifted to the black bass, and she licked her lips with her pink tongue, her watery big eyes filled with anticipation.

"You little glutton."

Jams smiled and shook his head, clapping his hands. "Perfect, it's lunchtime. I'll show you my skills as a reward for helping me catch fish today."

"Yay! Does Klee need to help?"

"No 'yay.' You stay here and don't move."

Jams placed little Klee on a stool and then rolled up his sleeves and walked towards the lively black bass.

Drawing his dagger, a flash of sharpness passed, ending the short yet fulfilling life of the black bass.

Jams skillfully divided it into two, stewing the fish head and grilling the fish body.

The fish soup boiled, exuding an enticing aroma.

The grilled fish flipped on the rack, and Jams occasionally brushed it with a layer of secret barbecue sauce using a small brush.

The unique smell of charcoal grilling, mixed with the spicy aroma of the sauce, made one's mouth water.


Klee swung her little legs, her eyes fixed on Jams's calm figure, finding him more pleasing to the eye the longer she looked.

A serious man is the most handsome, especially when he is cooking for himself.

Taking a few breaths of the fragrant air, Klee couldn't help but ask:

"Brother Jams, why does the grilled fish you make smell so good?"

"Of course, it's because of my homemade barbecue sauce, exclusive recipe, made with natural ingredients, clean and hygienic."

"That's amazing! Brother Jams will definitely be a great groom in the future!"

Klee showed admiration in her eyes. To her, Brother Jams is the most interesting man in the world!

"It's just basic skills, no need for admiration."

Jams's lips curled up slightly, his smile containing a deeper meaning, giving off a slightly mischievous vibe. "As long as you come fishing with me obediently every day, I guarantee you'll have an endless supply of delicious food..."

"Great! Klee loves fishing the most!"

Klee happily agreed.

She wished she could mix with Jams every day, playing in the water, catching fish, and having food and drinks. Isn't that more fun than being confined?

Who is the leader of the orchestra? What is a knight order? I haven't heard of them. I'm not familiar with them at all.

Brother Jams looks handsome and speaks nicely. Klee likes Brother Jams the most!

"Alright, let's taste my special fish soup rice."

Jams served a bowl of milky white and fragrant fish soup rice, and he cut a few pieces of grilled fish, drizzling them with a little sour and sweet sunset fruit juice. Ah, that's authentic!

"Thank you, Brother Jams! Glug glug..."

Like a greedy little cat, Klee took the large bowl and started eating right away.

Jams smiled and nodded, also enjoying the delicious lunch.

Perhaps due to the influence of the system, the flesh of this black bass melted in the mouth, and the taste was extremely delicious, far surpassing ordinary fish meat in quality.

[You consumed delicious fish soup, mood +1]

[You consumed delicious fish meat, physical fitness +1, water element resistance +1]

"Drinking this soup is such a wonderful thing."

Jams enjoyed the delicious meal, feeling delighted and stronger. Sometimes becoming stronger is just that simple.

However, just as Jams was about to have another bowl of fish soup, the temperature around suddenly soared, and a terrifying aura descended!


Jams's breath hitched, and he turned around abruptly.

He saw that Klee's body was engulfed in blazing red flames, and she looked like a small sun filled with energy!


"What the hell is going on? Is there something that doesn't suit your taste!?"

[Hint: Your teammate Klee's mood has reached maximum, making "Vision of the Flame" more active, and her constellation has reached the first stage!]

[Warning: The fire element in this area is about to erupt. Please leave this place as quickly as possible!]

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