Genshin Impact: Icy Path

A Genshin Impact fan dies and finds himself over the fantasy world of Teyvat. However, funny adventures, riches and fame were no waiting for him, instead, a cruel reality and a curse is what lay in front of him, forcing him to use all his means to protect his new loved ones, even if means falling to deepest abysm. ---- I thought about this story months ago before the actual start of the 2.0 version, finally having some time now to write it. So there would be some changes from it (For example the lost of Raiden Shogun's gnosis). Also, the story would start at the Snezhnaya, so I would invent most of it as it lacks concrete information. ---- To support me p*treon.com/picaco for chapter in advance.

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Family Meeting

After several days of travel, Allen and Ellen finally arrived in Mondstadt by carriage. The journey had been enjoyable as they shared their experiences from the past years, and Ellen had been exploring her newfound abilities with her Cryo Vision.

Ellen quickly adapted to manipulating Cryo energy, displaying remarkable control in just a few days. Her Elemental Mastery surpassed even Allen's, which was expected given her innate connection to Cryo and the nature of her illness. She could summon shards of ice and unleash them as projectiles, as well as freeze her surroundings at will. While she still had much to learn and refine in terms of combat application, she now possessed the means to defend herself if needed.

Allen couldn't help but feel a mix of emotions regarding Ellen's acquisition of a Vision. On one hand, he was concerned about her being drawn into conflicts and danger. He wished for her safety above all else. However, he couldn't deny that her well-being was of utmost importance, and her complete recovery from her illness was a remarkable development.

As they disembarked from the carriage, Ellen gazed in awe at the walls of Mondstadt. "So this is where you've spent these years..." she remarked with a sense of wonder in her voice.

Allen smiled fondly at Ellen's reaction, understanding the wonder she felt at seeing the vibrant city of Mondstadt for the first time. He had come to appreciate the city's lively atmosphere and the warmth of its people during his time there.

"Yes, this has been my home for quite some time," Allen replied, stepping forward and extending a hand to Ellen. "Come, let me show you around. There are many beautiful sights to see and people to meet."

Ellen took Allen's hand, her eyes sparkling with excitement from leaving Snezhnaya's capital for the first time in her memory.

"Big Brother Allen!" Suddenly, a white blur jumped over Allen, however before it could reach Allen, Ellen stood in the middle forcing it to stop with a glare. "Why are you blocking Endora? Who are you?!" Endora puffed her cheeks angrily while bubbles started to form and float around her.

"Calm down, Endora" Allen stepped forward, separating both girls that looked at each other suspiciously "Endora she is my sister, Ellen. Ellen, she is Endora who lives with me. I've already talked about her."

The girls' glare did not stop and for a second Allen was really worried about how both will react. Endora was quite wild and Ellen could be quite possessive, so they could think the other as someone who will take their role.

The first to make her move was Ellen who stepped forward extending her arms and giving Endora a hug, causing all her bubbles to pop out unharmful. "Sorry, Endora, I didn't know who you were. Brother had talked a lot about you and I hope that we also get along well as sisters." Ellen said with a big smile.

"Yes!" Endora quickly beamed happily, following Ellen's flow. She only reacted like that for Ellen's stopping her to hug Allen, but she really wanted more friends and since she listened about Allen bringing Ellen with him, she couldn't wait to meet and get another very special friend or family.

"Now that you became friends, before anything... Endora, do you know where Eula is?" Without any doubt, Allen was sure that Eula must have been incredibly worried about him and Ellen after their farewell with Allen leaving without telling anything other than his promise to return.

'Eula must have suffered during this time. I want to calm her and let her meet Ellen' That's why it was the first thing to do once arriving at Mondstadt and that's why he asked Endora about her.

"Eula had been outside for some days" Endora answered "Something about an investigation, Endora doesn't know"

"We'll need to ask about it..." Allen mumbled. It was a normal occurrence. As a knight and captain of the Reconnaissance Company, Eula rarely stood still, making it difficult to know her whereabouts.

"Let's go ask at the headquarters" Allen took both girls' hands and entered the city where at the sight of him most of the people reacted, glad of his return and asking about his travel, showing the good will and reputation that Allen had accomplished inside Mondstadt.

Allen quickly excused himself, giving quick greetings before informing that he was busy and needed to do some things with urgency, postponing their meetings in the near future when he had the time.

"It isn't Allen? Glad that you returned." Arriving at the headquarters, Allen was able to have a direct meeting with Jean who was the only one aware of his sibling relationship with Eula and the most probable person to tell Eula's whereabouts as it would normally keep a secret.

"So this should be your sister Ellen." Jean stood from her chair approaching the group "Your resemblance with Eula is surely undeniable." Jean offered her hand "Nice to meet you, I am Jean Gunnhildr, the acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius."

"Nice to meet you." Ellen shyly shook Jean's hands before quickly returning next to Allen.

"You really are siblings" Jean smiled warmly seeing the scene, remembering the time with her sister before their parent's divorce.

"I might be too direct, but I would like to know Eula's whereabouts" Allen stepped forward.

"Of course, you are for that" Jean nodded "She is on an important mission, but I suppose that we can an exemption for you. In the end, it is not like it's a specially dangerous one." Jean turned over the Mondstadt's map hanging on the wall, signaling a point near Starfell Lake "You can find her around here. Good luck with the meeting."

"Thanks" Allen bowed his head and left the office taking Endora and Ellen with him.

"Ah" Having left, Jean sighed lonely, sitting again on her chair and looking at the huge piles of work over her table "I should visit Barbara some time" She mumbled remembering Allen, Ellen and the past with her little sister.


As Allen's group made their way towards the Starfell Lake, Allen abruptly halted, his senses tingling with a foreboding presence. His sharp eyes scanned the surroundings, noticing a subtle shift in the air that signaled something amiss.

"Something is not right," Allen murmured, his voice filled with concern. He recognized the telltale traces of Abyss energy, the corruptive force that emanated from the depths of darkness. Before he could urge the others to retreat, a voice interrupted his thoughts.

"It is dangerous here. You should turn back," a voice called out, its tone laced with caution. From a distance, a female figure emerged. She approached, intending to warn them about the restricted area. "I am a knight of the Favonius and this area is currently close-" As she was approaching and was able to discern better Allen's group, her voice stopped as her eyes went wide.

*Fush* She kicked the ground, dashing towards the group with an immense speed, stopping just before them "Allen!" A big smile bloomed over her face. "You have returned!"

"Sorry for worrying you, Eula" Allen scratched his neck not really knowing what to do in this situation as his eyes unconsciously turned over Ellen, the one that he was more worried about.

"It could be..." Eula's sharp perception caught the shift in Allen's gaze, and she followed his line of sight to the blue-haired little girl standing beside him. A wave of recognition washed over her as she realized the uncanny resemblance the girl bore to a younger version of herself.

Eula's body stiffened, her heart pounding in her chest as she grappled with the overwhelming emotions surging within her. How should she react to her long-lost little sister, someone she had believed to be dead for thirteen agonizing years? While Allen had gradually become a part of her life, this sudden reunion with Ellen posed a different challenge altogether.

"Sis!" Ellen's voice rang out, filled with joy and love. Without hesitation, she flung herself into Eula's arms, seeking comfort and connection. Tears streamed down her face as she nuzzled against Eula's hip, overwhelmed with emotion.

"E-Ellen..." Eula's voice trembled with a mixture of disbelief and adoration. She sank to her knees, enveloping Ellen in a tight embrace, tears streaming down her cheeks. In that moment, all the pain, longing, and grief melted away, leaving only the profound joy of having her siblings back.

Ellen and Eula clung to each other, their tears mingling as they allowed themselves to be consumed by the sheer happiness of being reunited. The weight of their shared history, the years of separation and the losses they had endured, seemed to vanish in that embrace. Blood ties, unbreakable bonds, had triumphed over all else.

Watching the heartfelt scene unfold before him, Allen's face lit up with a genuine smile. He had always known the importance of family, and seeing his sisters find solace and love in each other's arms brought him immense joy. This was their moment, a moment of healing and restoration that they all desperately needed.

With a gentle hand, Allen halted Endora, who stood nearby and was just about to react, with a puzzled expression, unsure of the significance of the emotional reunion. "Let them have this," Allen silently conveyed to the curious Endora. He understood that he had played a unique role, being the bridge between his two sisters. Now, it was time to step back and let them reconnect, to rebuild the bond that had been shattered for far too long.


After a half-hour of emotional reunion, they managed to compose themselves, wiping away their tears and exchanging bright smiles. Eula, still holding Ellen close, suggested heading to her house for a much-needed conversation.

"We have a lot to talk about. Let's go to my house right away!" Eula's voice was filled with cheer as she rose to her feet, ensuring that Ellen remained within her protective embrace.

But Allen, ever the practical one, interjected, rubbing his neck in a gesture of hesitation. "Big sis, sorry to interrupt, but weren't you on an important mission?"

Eula's cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she realized that her original purpose for being there had slipped her mind entirely. All that mattered in that moment was her long-lost sibling. "Yes, it's important, but..." Eula glanced at the group, scanning their determined faces.

"Let's finish it quickly and then return home. It's not particularly dangerous!" Eula quickly made up her mind. Normally, she would have erred on the side of caution, keeping her siblings away from any potentially risky missions, especially considering it was a secret assignment. However, now her priority was keeping her beloved sibling by her side, and she believed that their combined strength, including Ellen's newfound Vision, would be sufficient to protect themselves. What could go wrong?

Eula led the group, holding Ellen's hand tightly, fearful of losing her once again. They arrived at their destination near the lake, where a red, jewel-like tear floated ominously, emanating a corrupt aura.

'So, this is it,' Allen recognized the tear as the source of his unease and the cause of the corruption. But that wasn't all.

'Stormterror's Tear,' Allen identified it from his knowledge of the game. It was a corrupted tear shed by Dvalin, as depicted in the early stages of the game.

"This tear possesses an aura that attracts monsters," Eula explained, her eyes filled with concern as she glanced at Ellen, not wanting to leave her. In the end, Eula released her grip on Ellen's hand and approached the tear. "On its own, it doesn't pose much danger, but in the wrong hands, it could be disastrous, using it to control monsters to attack certain targets. We are currently unable to destroy it or cleanse its aura, so my task is to collect and isolate these tears."

"I see..." Allen's gaze remained fixed on the tear. 'In the end, this tear is a manifestation of Dvalin's corruption. If someone could cleanse it, it would mean they have the power to purify Dvalin himself.' Allen pondered the implications. 'The Traveler was the only one capable of purification, which explains why Barbatos changed plans, using the Traveler's unique ability to heal Dvalin.'

"Perhaps it's better if I take care of it, big sis," Allen suggested, stepping forward. "Even though you've handled it before, it could pose long-term risks, and I have a certain resistance to this kind of corruption, having faced the Abyss before." Allen's curiosity piqued, wondering if his unusual connection with the Abyss would grant him the ability to purify the tear. 'Would I have a similar ability to the Traveller?'

"How could I allow that?!" Eula turned to Allen, her voice filled with outrage. "This is the work of a knight. I won't let my little brother take such risks."


"I don't like it." Ellen's voice interrupted their impending argument. Both Allen and Eula turned to her, surprised by her sudden intervention. Ellen stood next to the tear, her hands approaching it.

"Ellen, don't touch i-!" Eula shouted in despair as she and Allen charged over Ellen trying to stop her, however, it was too late as Ellen's hands touched the tear's surface.

*Fush* There was blind shine from the tear and after it, Allen and Eula fell to their knees, their eyes going wide as they looked over Ellen.

Ellen's expression calm as if nothing had happened, yet she held the tear in her hands. Strangely, it had transformed into a pure blue hue, devoid of its previous red color and ominous aura. It was clear, the tear had been purified.