135 Dawn Party

Allen was over his room with three letters in his hand. They were secretly passed to him by Katheryne and both were directed towards Columbina, but the ones who sent them were quite different. One was from Knights of Favonius another was from Diluc Ragnvindr , and the last one was from Snezhnaya.

The Knights' letter wasn't quite important, it was simply a series of pleasantries and thanks, followed by an invitation to the Ludi Harpastum that started the next days.

The Ludi Harpastum was the most important festival of Mondstadt. It was established in commemoration of how Barbatos, the Anemo Archon, taught his people to brew wine and live freely and it was meant for all people to enjoy.

The festival consisted in songs, wine and flight, which are the very things Mondstadt considers their trademarks. It consisted of 15 days of games, with the winner being able to choose a maiden who, at the climax of the festival, throws the Harpastum, a round ball wrapped up with a red cloth, into the crowd. The one who picks it up being blessed with a year of fortune and happiness.

What surprised more to Allen was Diluc's letter, inviting her to a party at his manor to celebrate his return to Mondstadt.

'Two years have passed since he left, I thought that it was three before he returned' Allen thought about how his return could affect his future plans and while he should be quite strong it wasn't comparable with Varka and the others so it shouldn't pose much of a problem to have one more person in his game.

Lastly, the last letter from Snezhnaya informed him about Diluc's return to Mondstadt and some of his exploits during this time. Actively attacking Fatui's bases, plus some spy works targeting them. From what it seemed, his return to Mondstadt was due to the situation of Varka leaving and the news of Stormterror's attack and Columbina's defense.

Finally, the letter finished with some orders hidden as advice to not befriend Diluc. Allen was free to interact with him in any way he found pertinent, making an enemy of him, not a problem at all, but Allen was warned to not kill him or stop him, letting him go.

'This should be about his Delusion' Allen took out his Delusion 'It seems that it is time for some party'


Allen was about to leave Goth Grand Hotel as Columbina, fully dressed for the occasion with a new pale long blue dress that accentuated her curves when she was suddenly stopped by a man. He was a middle-aged man with spiked brown hair and a mustache.

"It is an honor, lady Columbina. I am Krupp at your services" Krupp bowed to her "I am adjutant of master Dottore. And I would request for your merciful help."

'This way of sucking one...' Allen looked over him 'He must be a nobody, his intentions too clearly shown in his face. He is looking down at me.' "What would Dottore want?"

"My master is in need of the good people of Mondstadt. We were thinking of giving the great opportunity to join the Fatui to the youngsters of Mondstadt" Krupp explained "And I would like your help in it. Your good reputation at Mondstadt will make everything go smoothly."

"You are talking as if Dottore send you here, but why it feels more like it is all your own idea? Are you using his name to take my favor?" Allen threw a cold killing intent. Krupp froze, cold sweat falling from his neck "Such useless hassle" Allen sighed "You are lucky to have met me with a good mood. I will let it for now, but do not let it happen again."

"Y-yes, my lady." Krupp bowed, not daring to stand up in her presence "Thanks for your magnificence."

"You are free to do as you please here, but if you are to taint my good name, dying would be the least of your problems," Allen said before completely disregarding him, and leaving the place.


At the mansion at the Dawn Winey, the party started, All high-ups and aristocracy were invited, the party having a classic and refined style with some light music at the back and some excellent snacks and wine of the best quality.

Over the party, there were two clear protagonists who were surrounded by most of the guest, having always a crowd of people around them.

One of them was the host of the party and the recently returned to Mondstadt, Diluc Ragnvindr. People around him praised the excellent wine and wondered what he had done these years away and what were his plans for the future.

Diluc neutrally answered them, avoiding telling much about the past, simply traveling around to see the world and that he was planning to stay at Mondstadt for the time being, taking charge of the winery and his father's work.

The other protagonist was Allen whose beauty really resalted all over the hall, having gained all the attention since she appeared. People thanked her for her protection of Mondstadt and wanted to know more about her and her exploits.

Allen simply smiled, thanking their warm reception while only saying the minimum.

"Are you going to participate in this year's Ludi Harpastum?" One person asked.

"As I am here during this time, there is no way I miss it" Allen smiled.

"I'll win the games and make you the maiden!" A young noble suddenly blurred.

"I will look forward to it" Allen smiled brightly, causing the young noble to blush shyly and quickly escape.

"Acting Grandmaster, Fatui are the heroes of the land and it would be a great honor for the young to join under our lines" Allen listened a conversation on the other side of the room, Krupp talking with Jean who had an anxious face, finding difficult to deal with him.

"You are aware of how much the Fatui had helped Mondstadt and the exploits of-" Krupp froze still as he turned over the hall, seeing Allen's face directed at him. Krupp was unable to see her eyes covered with a veil, but he could feel them freezing his insides, warning him. "If you forgive me" Krupp gulped and quickly left the hall in a hurry.

"Something happened, miss Columbina?" Someone called her, taking her attention from Krupp that was about to use her influence for his own gain.

"No, I saw a fly" Allen smiled and the party continued.


"Fucking bitch!" Krupp cursed. "Thinking herself better than everyone when she is just an upstart that won't last much as a Harbinger. What had she done during her time as one? Nothing! And when she can be useful, she negates!"

"I need to do something" Krupp mumbled while biting his nails "If I don't find more subjects, master will use me instead."

Krupp walked through the mansion, reaching the underground cellars that he had learned from one knight" At least I'll take their wine. I can obtain a good deal of Mora for everything." Krupp smiled as he touched the barrels.

"AAAAAARGH!" A knife flew through the air, piercing Krupp's hand, causing his shouts of pain "It's a trap!" Krupp turned around seeing a man wearing black clothes with a white mask covering his face "Guards!"

Some contracted guards came at Krupp's summon, but they were quickly dispatched by the masked man who showed great agility and swift movements while wielding daggers.

"The guards are too useless!" Krupp took out the knife from his arm and ran away to the exit.

The masked man seeing him escaping summoned some black chains with the red gemstone on his left glove that shone brightly and threw them to Krupp.

*Clack* Just as the chain was about to reach Krupp, Allen appeared in front, parrying the chain away with her Flute.

"It seems that Mondstadt does not really has great security. Assassins daring to work in the middle of the day." Allen grinned at the masked man. "I will need to take care of it."

"♪" Allen's Flute sounded and the barrels around the masked man exploded, the wine inside them turning spears and piercing through the masked man who not expecting an attack from his back, making him unable to fully avoid them, his side being pierced by it.

"Something happened?!" From outside the cellar, sounds of people approaching after having reached the shouts.

Allen smiled calmly as she saw hurry appear over the masked man's body as he did not want to be found. The masked man pushed his hands forward and an immense aria appeared over them, shooting 10 chains towards Allen. Allen looked at the chain with great interest.

*♪* Allen's Flute vibrated summoning water around it as she cut throw the chains while staying in her place without much difficulty. Once she cut everyone, the masked man was no longer there, having disappeared over the end of the cellar through what it seemed to be a secret passage.

"Thanks for saving me, Lady Columbina" Krupp thanked Allen while holding his hand in pain.

"You really did something unnecessary, falling into such an obvious trap" Allen whispered as she took from the ground one the knife that had pierced over Krupp's hand. They had quite the characteristic design, being symmetric and with an Egyptian-like style. "But do not worry, you will not shame the Fatui name. I will make sure of it."

"Than-" Krupp tried to thank her again, but was unable as Allen threw the dagger, piercing directly through his heart "Columbina..." he weakly said before falling to the ground dead.

"What happened here?!" Jean plus some knights appeared over the cellar asking after seeing the situation.

"It seems that one of my subalterns was tricked into leaving the crowd and was killed by a mysterious assassin that wore a mask and black clothes" Allen explained what happened, telling that the masked man was the culprit behind Krupp's death and hiding any evil intention of Krupp, finally explaining how it disappeared.

Seeing the marks over the place and the strange knife, plus their trust and inability to challenge Allen, they trusted her, quickly preparing an investigation and a search for the culprit.

Allen took that as the time to leave, saying goodbye to everyone and returning to her hotel.

'It's clear that he was Diluc using his Delusion.' Allen quickly discovered 'I wasn't too sure before, but now that I directly face him, I'm completely sure that feeling of resonance was quite strong and I only felt the same with Dottore.' During this time, Allen had experienced some cadets' Delusions without that effect at all.

'I'm sure Diluc's Delusion must be a True Delusion specially made by the Tsaritsa' Allen deducted 'But if it's truly like that, why did they let him have it.? Why don't try to recover? So many questions...'

*Tock* *Tock!* Someone knocked on the door "Lady Columbina we have some news."

"You can pass" Allen met the Fatui soldier who bowed in front of her.

"Two Fatui diplomats have been killed by some strange black fire." the soldier informed.

'So the Black Fire Incident also started' Allen grinned 'It will be quite the moved Ludi Harpastum.'

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