Genshin Impact: Icy Path

A Genshin Impact fan dies and finds himself over the fantasy world of Teyvat. However, funny adventures, riches and fame were no waiting for him, instead, a cruel reality and a curse is what lay in front of him, forcing him to use all his means to protect his new loved ones, even if means falling to deepest abysm. ---- I thought about this story months ago before the actual start of the 2.0 version, finally having some time now to write it. So there would be some changes from it (For example the lost of Raiden Shogun's gnosis). Also, the story would start at the Snezhnaya, so I would invent most of it as it lacks concrete information. ---- To support me p*treon.com/picaco for chapter in advance.

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Confront Stormterror

"GRRRRRR!" The mighty dragon roared with fury at the group and he realized the trap.

Looking at the situation, Allen could not help to compare it with the game, the same enemy and similar scenery that he had faced each week while playing the game. However, he did not make the error to confuse it as the game, this was the reality and if there was some error even their lives could be in danger.

"Avoid it!" Dvalin charged against the group, sweeping at the center of the group, however, they were fully prepared and concentrated avoiding his charge by jumping to the sides, Allen and Fischl to the left and Venti, Jean and Diluc to the right.

Dvalin turned around, extending his winds and summoning two Anemo spheres that shot toward the group.

"Now, archers attack!" Fischl and Venti charged their arrows with their respective elements, shooting them at Dvalin while avoiding the spheres. On the other hand, Jean and Allen stepped forward.

Jean lifted her sword, summoning an Anemo field that stopped one of the spheres while Allen summoned a Cryo sword that absorbed the other.

For their part, the arrows were able to hit Dvalin, however, it weren't enough to deal any important damage as a thin wind layer covered him.

The fierce battle continued with Fischl and Venti trying to shot down Dvalin with the others' protection while Dvalin flew around continuously attacking them with Anemo's attacks, summoning rains of elemental energy. His unstopping movements made it difficult to hit him and his high defense made useless any none direct hit, making it difficult to take him down, slowly pushing the battle into an attrition one with both sides tiring with it.

"GRRRR!" The impatience took Dvalin's best, charging again towards the group.

"Now!" Jean lowered her body, summoning a torrent of wind around her, creating a suction force over her that attracted all the rocks around, creating a barrier in front of her that hid all the group.

Dvalin was unable to stop his charge, crashing the with the wall of rocks that broke down with his strength and while Dvalin's defense was high enough to not receive any damage from them, he couldn't help to be a little stunned at failing to hit any of them, taking more time to turn around.

"Time for — retribution!" Just as Dvalin turned around, Dvalin was faced by a huge phoenix made of Pyro, Diluc having unleashed his Elemental Burst in the perfect moment, making Dvalin unable to avoid it.

*BOOM!* The phoenix directly hit Dvalin causing a huge explosion and a rain of fire with a smokescreen.

"GRRRR!" Dvalin roared with fury dispersing the smoke and revealing only barely injured. Just at the last moment, Dvalin was able to form an Anemo barrier around him, stopping the attack, nevertheless, the expansion of it damaged him.

*Pa!* Just as Dvalin was about to move again, from his side an arrow pierced his body. Due to the previous attack and hurriedly defense, Dvalin was unable to dodge and to keep his natural Anemo defense over his body, letting the arrow go through. It did not cause much damage, but the problem was the crow resting over the arrow.

"Fall under my majesty" Fischl declared with a pose "Shadow raven, let night fall!"

*ZZZZZZZZZT* Oz extended his wings, summoning powerful lightning over his body and electrocuting Dvalin, covering all his body with Electro.

"GRRR!" Even with the powerful attack, Dvalin resisted to fall down, turning over the crow and opening his mouth widely while summoning Anemo element.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" Allen appeared just at Dvalin's back with hand over his sword at the hip, flying using a wind glider while being pushed up by Venti's upward wind.

'The quickest attack, joining Niwa and Kamisato' Allen clenched his sword, fully imbuing it with Cryo and changing the form into a katana.

'Iajutsu!' Allen unleashed a barrage of quick slashes, cutting through Dvalin's back, heavily injuring it and even making it worst as his Cryo reacted with Fischl's electro.

'Burst!' *Booom!* From the wound of Dvalin, Allen's Cryo exploded causing internal damage and pushing Dvalin to the limit. Unable to keep in flight he finally started to fall down to the ground.

*Paf!* "Now, everyone!" Dvalin crashed to the ground and everyone reacted, charging against him as the lift their weapons.

Allen prepared for the final attack as he landed over his back. "This is the en-!" However, just as the attacks were about to hit, the corrupted thorns over Dvalin pulsed, forcing Abyss energy all over him.

"GRRRRRR!" Dvalin roared, lifting his body and summoning a shock wave that pushed everyone away, Jean, Diluc, Fischl and Venti falling to the ground while Allen was forced to the air. It was strong to even destroy the nearly Anemo monument and weaken the wind wall trapping him.

"No! It will escape!" Dvalin swung his huge wings, taking off. He no longer tried to fight them, his objective being leaving outside.

"I won't let you run!" Allen charged over Dvalin, trying to grab him, extending his arm to reach his back to be only a few inches short.

'Fuck!' Allen knew it, he would be unable to catch him once he escaped, making the quest fail. It wasn't really anything too terrible for him, Allen being one of the culprits of Dvalin's corruption, but he would really have preferred to win Barbatos' favor, protect Mondstand and the people that he had met, and not give a powerful weapon to the Abyss Order.

Just as he was about to surrender, Oz appeared next to him. Oz's body flashed and quickly Fischl appeared in its place "Go, my knight. You have a mission to accomplish" Fischl smiled, pushing Allen forward, making him able to grab Dvalin while Fischl fell to the ground where Venti and Jean caught her fall.

"I won't let you escape!" Allen lifted his sword, piercing it over Dvalin's body.

"GRRRR!" Dvalin roared in pain and revolved his body, trying to shake Allen off to not vail as Allen clenched his sword.

"Who would be able to last more?" Allen grinned as he imbued his sword with elemental energy, Cryo element slowly entering Dvalin's body while using most of his strength to keep himself at his back, fighting against the sudden movements and strong winds, resembling a riding game.

"BROTHER!" "ALLEN!" Some shouts full of worry were heard and Allen saw Ellen and Eula just under them, Dvalin flying over their resting place. Unfortunately, it wasn't only Allen's attention that they gained, Dvalin stopped his struggle as he turned over Allen's sisters.

"GRRR!" Dvalin charged over them covering his body with Anemo and Abyss element.

Allen could feel the strength behind this last struggle, something that not even Eula would be able to stop, especially if she needed to protect Ellen.

"Tch!" Allen clicked his tongue, he could easily let go Dvalin and unleash his Elemental Burst over Dvalin who was completely charged with his Elemental Skill, however, that won't stop his fall and if he were to survive...

'I suppose that this is the price of pushing him too much to an end. I didn't want to show it, but there's no other way' Allen let go of his sword, his body starting floating over the sky. Allen touched the contaminated thorn of Dvalin before fully separating from him, extending his glider to stop his fall.

*BOOM!* *BANG!* A loud explosion and impact sounded as Dvalin crashed against the ground.

"Ellen! Eula!" As Allen slowly landed on the ground, his first worry was his sister. In their place an ice dome stood, the dome quickly broke apart and revealed both sisters perfectly fine, with Eula lifting her greatsword in a defensive stance.

"Thanks god, you are alright" Allen hugged her sisters tightly and they reciprocated the hug. Seeing the charging dragon, Ellen summoned a barrier while Eula prepared to stop it, but in the end, it was unnecessary as Dvalin failed to hit them.

"What had happened?" Breaking the family hug, Venti's group arrived the scene, asking confused as they looked next to Allen where Dvalin unconsciously lay on the ground.

"In the last moment, I unleashed my Burst changing his trajectory" Allen explained the cause of the explosion that caused Dvalin to change the course.

"How could it be possible with his all-out attack? It should have caused far more damage, not only a little crater on the ground" Diluc stated doubtful.

"About that..." Allen made an unsure face as he pointed at Dvalin, specially over his back where the corrupted thorn of dark blood stood.

*Cr!* The thorn was all cracked and suddenly it break apart and with it all sign of corruption over Dvalin's body that returned to his vibrant green.

Everyone's eyes showed full of shock as they turned again over Allen who lifted his right hand "It seems that I am also able to purify, it must be some twin's thing."

"Really?!" People exclaimed in shock at the discovery, thinking of having it known previously how could they have adapted the plan.

Venti approached Dvalin, putting his hands over his body and sighing in relieve "He is fine and free from the corruption. He would be able to recover shortly" Venti smiled "We did it"

"Let us revel in the triumph of our quest's completion!" Fischl proclaimed with enthusiasm as everyone cheered for the triumph with smiles.

'She is one thing, but really, who are you?' Venti looked sharply at Allen before turning cheerful "Let's all drink to celebrate!"


Over the mountains of Mondstadt, a ruin guard was walking while carrying a blonde boy over his right hand.

The ruin guard stopped and the boy jumped to the ground, touching some nearby flowers while his mind was lost in thoughts.

"Your Highness," Suddenly, a Hydro Abyss Mage appeared next to him, cutting his thoughts "Our plan to weaponize the dragon has been impeded."

"By the Anemo Archon? He rises again for the dragon's sake?" The boy squinted his eyes "Or is it Columbina who decided to betray us? But knowing our relation with zero trust, betray might not be the best word."

"No, we were well prepared for the Archon's interference and the Fatui did not act." The Mage explained "Regrettably, your Highness, the issue is... an adventurer. He was able to purify the corruption."

"An adventurer? Could it be...?" The boy thought for a minute before turning to the Mage "If he is one of us, try to recruit it. If not..." The boy's eyes turned sharp "Take care of him."

"As you wish, your Highness" The Mage disappeared before bowing.

Once it was gone, the boy looked over the floating land over the sky "We can't risk unknown factors in our plan."