Genshin Impact: Icy Path

A Genshin Impact fan dies and finds himself over the fantasy world of Teyvat. However, funny adventures, riches and fame were no waiting for him, instead, a cruel reality and a curse is what lay in front of him, forcing him to use all his means to protect his new loved ones, even if means falling to deepest abysm. ---- I thought about this story months ago before the actual start of the 2.0 version, finally having some time now to write it. So there would be some changes from it (For example the lost of Raiden Shogun's gnosis). Also, the story would start at the Snezhnaya, so I would invent most of it as it lacks concrete information. ---- To support me p*treon.com/picaco for chapter in advance.

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Arduous Battle

*Swiff!* *Bang!* Allen went all out since the start, clearly analyzing how dangerous it was the situation. He launched Cryo coated knives in everyone's direction, using his Vision to burst them to the enemies.

'It's not the time to keep any energy. I need to finish quickly, lowering their numbers' Allen charged forward unsheathing his sword and cutting two Mitachurls' heads before twisting his sword and launching a furry of slashes at the next one, swiftly killing it, kicking its body and pushing it forward to avoid the hilichurls over that direction to approach.

'Quickly!' Allen created a second sword over his left hand using his Vision, a perfectly balanced one to his right one. He jumped to the left, swinging both in a cross, killing another hilichurl.

He was about to swing again his swords, but found an axe approaching from his right side, as the enemy group recovered from the initial shock of his first attack. However, Allen did not stop his swords, killing another Mitachurl while forming an Cryo armor around himself.

The axe crashed to his right side, cracking the armor and throwing him forward internally injuring him, but Allen was full aware that this was the best option as in this situation stopping would mean to be encircled and losing any opportunity to win.

Allen used the power of the push, swirling his swords and killing two other hilichurls while another 3 charged at him.

"Ah!" Allen's caught Fischl's cry as a rock hit her while two hilichurl's launched at her.

'Fuck, it's truly the worst' Fischl was usually a big help but now it was more of an hindrance for Allen. Fischl was a sniper speciallized in long distance, so a closed room encircled by enemies was the worst matchup for her, having no way to run. And if it was only that she could avoid most of them with Oz's help and at least defeat some, however, both Electro Abyss Mages had their full attention on her, stopping every of her Electro attacks and keeping Oz useless.

Allen spun his body, cutting the approaching hilichurls and without stopping his movementum stepping forward, reaching the Hydro Mage "Die!"

"Hu, hu!" The Hydro Mage swung its cane, summoning water bubbles between it and Allen.

*Boom!* As Allen hit a bubble, an explosion occurred, white smoke covering him.

*Swiff* A Cryo sword flew through the smoke and the Hydro Mage hurried formed an Hydro barrier around him. The sword hit the barrier, freezing it and the Mage with it, but during this last second, the Hydro Mage summoned more bubbles around him, fully knowing that once Allen tried to charge at him, he will be trapped enough time for the hilichurls to attacks him, giving enough time to unfrozen.

Allen surged with a burst of speed from the smoke, however, against the Hydro Mage's thoughts, he charged in the opposite direction, bursting his armor to reach the Electro Abyss Mage next to Fischl.

'One Slash of No Conception' Allen landed lifting his sword, focusing his elemental powers over it 'Musou no Hitotachi!' Allen lowered his sword towards the Eletro Mage who was unable to react as its attention was over Fischl.

*Clack* Just as Allen was about to slice it, his slash was blocked by an ice blade.

"I saw enough" In the last moment, the Frost Herald had made his move, blocking Allen's sword and forcing him to back down, unable to cut through his weapon.

"To be able to force me to act, you have my admiration, congratulations" The Herald turned over the Mages and hilichurls "Take care of the girl" He said threatening.

"Y-yes sir" The Mages bowed their head, their gazes becoming serious as they looked at Fischl and Allen with Anger.

"I'll take care of you!" The Herald charged forward, swinging both blades with incredible speed and strength, aiming to overwhelm Allen. But in a split second, Allen raised his sword to meet the Herald's attack.

*Crrrr* *Cla*

"You?" The Herald's eyes widened in shock as he witnessed Allen's sword piercing through his chest, countering his assault flawlessly.

'I've already eaten you' Allen grinned at the interchange of blows. He was able to perfect read him and counterattack thanks to his familiar style, the movements of the Herald being incredible familiar with the ones that Skirk taught Ajax. Having the foundation controlled, it was simple to counter especially the Herald that overestimated himself.

The Herald had underestimated Allen, confident in his own superiority and believing he could end the fight swiftly with a single devastating blow. But Allen's skill and determination proved to be far greater than anticipated, turning the tables on his foe.

"You!" The shock quickly transformed into seething anger as the Herald gathered elemental energy around him, preparing for a devastating counterattack.

*Boom!* Allen swiftly abandoned his sword and leaped backward, crossing his arms in a defensive stance. Despite his efforts, he was still pushed back by the immense force of the Herald's explosion, landing several meters away.

'Shit,' Allen cursed inwardly as he watched the Herald, now surrounded by a powerful aura of Cryo energy. It was a heightened and more formidable version of the Mages' shields, exuding an air of heightened power and imminent danger.

"I'll kill you!" The Herald charged towards Allen with unbridled rage, launching a relentless barrage of powerful attacks. In response, Allen summoned two Cryo swords, desperately defending himself against the onslaught.

*Clack* *Clack* The Herald's blades relentlessly clashed against Allen's swords, leaving no room for respite. Allen expertly blocked and deflected each strike, seizing every opportunity to launch his own counterattacks.

'I can't win like this.' Allen's movements were precise and calculated, his defense flawless. However, he could feel the toll of the Herald's attacks wearing him down. Cryo fragments erupted from the clashes, injuring Allen with each contact. To make matters worse, he couldn't penetrate the Herald's armor, allowing his enemy to disregard defense entirely and focus solely on relentless assault. It became increasingly challenging for Allen to keep up.

"Ice Domain!" The Herald lifted both hands, bringing them down forcefully, causing a surge of energy to radiate from him. The ground trembled as a powerful shockwave emanated outward, forcefully pushing Allen away and shattering his defensive posture.

The Herald, recognizing that his blade techniques were ineffective against Allen's skill, chose to rely on elemental attacks. Though it pained his pride to be outmatched by a supposedly weaker opponent, he knew he had to resort to every means necessary to claim victory. After all, the dead don't speak of honor.

"Take this!" The Herald unleashed five Cryo spikes, hurtling towards the defenseless Allen.

"Midnight Phantasmagoria!" Just as the spikes closed in, Fischl appeared beside Allen in a flash of speed, her Electro powers enhancing her agility. She swiftly snatched him away from the imminent danger. However, despite their best efforts, one of the spikes pierced Fischl's right leg, causing both her and Allen to crash weakly to the ground.

"To not be able to even take care of a little girl. You are useless" The Herald spatted to the Mages before turning over Allen and Fischl who weakly stood up.

"If you wish to die together, I'll grant it." the Herald lifted his hand, summoning twenty Cryo spikes "This is your end." He lowered his hand "Die!" The spikes charged forward.

Allen was clear about the situation. Both, him and Fischl were injured and exhausted, being impossible to escape this situation that clearly was a trap for them. Allen knew it, there was only one solution, even if it meant sacrificing himself with it.

Allen did not doubt as he instantly put his hand over his left pocket, touching his Delusion. Suddenly, the space around him changed, finding himself in a black space with only Kagome sitting in front of him on a throne with her legs crossed while looking down at him.

"I truly did not expect you so early, but seeing how reckless has been your last movements, this time was bound to come." Kagome stated.

"Yes, I did it wrong" Having fallen into the Abyss Order trap, Allen was quite clear what was the reason behind it, stopping Dvalin. Purifying Dvalin had gained the wrath of the Abyss Order towards Allen and unlike the Traveller, he won't be forgiven by them, lacking being the sibling of their prince.

"So what would happen now?" Allen asked "I need your power. Would you take over my body?"

"No, I won't" Kagome shook her head slowly. "If that was my objective, I could have taken it a long time ago. However, you will need to follow my orders if you don't want to die here."

"What do you want?"

"Simple. Kill the little friend next to you"