Genshin Impact: Icy Path

A Genshin Impact fan dies and finds himself over the fantasy world of Teyvat. However, funny adventures, riches and fame were no waiting for him, instead, a cruel reality and a curse is what lay in front of him, forcing him to use all his means to protect his new loved ones, even if means falling to deepest abysm. ---- I thought about this story months ago before the actual start of the 2.0 version, finally having some time now to write it. So there would be some changes from it (For example the lost of Raiden Shogun's gnosis). Also, the story would start at the Snezhnaya, so I would invent most of it as it lacks concrete information. ---- To support me p*treon.com/picaco for chapter in advance.

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Allen weakly opened his eyes. He found himself in some kind of cave and once he tried to stand up, he flinched as an intense pain ran all over his body, forcing him to lie down again.

"You need more time, big brother. What happened there? You were quite injured. Endora was worried." Endora said worriedly as she summoned water around Allen. Endora wasn't very adept in healing arts, but it was better than nothing, slowly helping Allen recover from his injuries.

"It was a difficult battle" Allen answered remembering it. The fight against Barbatos and the latter one against Diluc using his Delusion. Allen perfectly remembered both, and couldn't help to compare himself in both battles. The one against Diluc, his technique and strength being far greater, making it possible to play against it without any danger.

'It was as if it was myself and my ideas but I was clearly different at that time, Kagome taking me over almost without me finding out. If it weren't for the attack against the Cathedral and the danger of so many people, I might have changed too much without discovering it' Allen thought about it, taking out the Delusion from his pocket and looking at it.

'It really seems that I was influenced by it since I obtained it, changing my mindset little by little. But this time was completely different, Kagome completely surging... There must be a trigger...'

'Looking down at me...' Allen quickly realized 'That must be the trigger. When Barbatos disregarded our fight, opting to help the knights, I first was thankful for not being the target of the attack, really not minding it, but in an instant an immense rage boiled inside me, making it seem that Barbatos' actions were the greatest insult to my pride and could not be tolerated.'

'That should be going against Kagome. It seems that she values her pride over all. If I were to respect that and move in the future like her, this situation should not happen again' Allen deducted 'But I don't want that' Allen clenched his Delusion 'If I continue like this, it won't be any different of her taking over in the end, slowly being influenced by her until I become like her. Luckily, I had not perfectly fused with it yet, so I still have time.'

Allen returned the Delusion over his pocket 'I won't use it again unless I have no other choice.' Allen decided 'I have grown complacent with this power that let me reach the highest level, being at the height of the strongest, but in the end, it's not mine and big power comes with a big prize. I can't depend on it, I shall focus more on my own power, trying to surpass and control Kagome. Only once I'm able to do it, I can really say that this is my Delusion.'

"Sorry to worry you, Endora" Allen smiled at her "You did a great work, good job."

"Hehe" Endora smiled brightly at the compliment "But you shouldn't push so hard, big brother. Next time, Endora will protect you!"

"Thanks, Endora" Allen lifted his upper body "You can stop, I'm well now."

Endora looked unsure, but withdrew the water around Allen "Did you obtain what you wanted?"

"Yes" Allen nodded as he took out the Gnosis within his clothes. "Ellen's freedom."

Allen lifted the Gnosis, looking at the light blue queen-like piece "It's a wonder how something so small can carry so much power, making someone like Barbatos being able to unleash that monstrous power and he is only considered the weakest one so the power of the other Archons must be far higher. What would be the secret hidden within it?" Allen thought about that memory of him as Venti, Barbatos taking his body and defeating Decarabian before obtaining the Gnosis.

"What would happen if it's destroyed?" Allen clenched it, but quickly kept it safe, it was an incredibly important object needed for his sister, so he, of course, won't risk it.

"Endora, I'll be away some time. Return to Mondstadt, stay with Eula until I return." Allen stated.

"No!" Endora shook quickly her head "Endora won't leave you. You will be in danger again. Endora will be next to you!" She declared.

"Endora, I'm not going anywhere dangerous. If it was, I'll bring you with me" Allen explained "I'll go to pick up my twin sister. After taking her, I will return to Mondstadt shortly, so you don't need to worry."

It was the truth, his travel to Snezhanaya shouldn't be anything dangerous, but he really preferred to keep Endora away from that place, not wanting it to corrupt her pure self. "Please, stay here and make sure that Eula is fine."

Endora thought for a moment "You promise Endora that you will return shortly? That is nothing dangerous?"

"I promise" Allen put his hand over his heart.

"Okay. Endora will stay at Mondstadt." Endora nodded "But please return quickly."



After the battle, Mondstadt was quickly trying to return to their normality, repairing the damaged gates, the plaza and Barbatos' statue.

Over the Angel's Share, Diluc was behind the counter when Kaeya entered the tavern.

"Even in this situation, it seems that the business is going well" Kaeya said greeting "It's quite lively here with people celebrating no major damage done in this last battle."

"Why did you come here, Kaeya?" Diluc asked as he served a cup of wine to him.

"What's wrong with enjoying a good wine?" Kaeya smelled the wine, taking a little sip while Diluc looked inquisitively at him "I heard rumors of someone fighting during the Oceanids' invasion, two masked men that stopped Stormterror's attack. As a barman," Kaeya put a lot of emphasis on barman "Would you have any idea of whom could they be? There's no better place to rumors than a bar in the end."

"I have no idea" Diluc said calmly as he cleaned some cups "Shouldn't the knights be more informed of what happens in front of their noses?"

"Yes, we should" Kaeya took another sip "Do you think that another such attack would be possible?"

Diluc stopped for a moment, his eyes shining with a strange glow for an instant as he remembered fighting that woman who seemed to be playing with him "Who knows?"

"I see..." Kaeya finished the wine "Let's hope it won't" Kaeya said before leaving the tavern.

"So even he doesn't know who they were" Kaeya sighed and returned to the Favonius Headquarters.

Over the tavern, Diluc looked under the counter where a red broken rock stood. This one had been found inside the church and seemed to be the one behind Stormterror targeting the Cathedral.

"Fatui" Diluc clenched his hand with fury as he looked over the winter flower drawn over the rock before calming down "That woman should be a Fatui and the one behind the attack, what would be her true objective? And..." Diluc thought about the boy that stopped Stormterror's attack and how similar yet different both styles were "Who was that guy?"


*Pa* Allen stepped over the snowy field over the top of a cliff. In the distance, he could see the tall walls, the industrial city and the familiar black sky.

"After two years, I'm here again, Snezhnaya."