Genshin Impact: Icy Path

A Genshin Impact fan dies and finds himself over the fantasy world of Teyvat. However, funny adventures, riches and fame were no waiting for him, instead, a cruel reality and a curse is what lay in front of him, forcing him to use all his means to protect his new loved ones, even if means falling to deepest abysm. ---- I thought about this story months ago before the actual start of the 2.0 version, finally having some time now to write it. So there would be some changes from it (For example the lost of Raiden Shogun's gnosis). Also, the story would start at the Snezhnaya, so I would invent most of it as it lacks concrete information. ---- To support me p*treon.com/picaco for chapter in advance.

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"Quite interesting" Alice was laying on a chaise-longue on the island, eating some popcorn as her eyes were fixed on the black-purple smoke, seeing Allen's and Fischl's adventures through it.

"They had done quite similar to the original. Allen was quicker than the true one, being even a little too efficient. But in the end, he was unable to change the ending" Alice puffed her cheeks "I wanted to see a happier one. Allen needs to learn more about a maiden's heart and not rush things."

"But he has accomplished it, equalizing history" Alice ate the last popcorn and stood up "Now my work would be far quicker."

The black-purple smoke started dispersing, becoming smaller as more islands become free of it "It's greatly being purified. I'll be able to fully clean it in a few months. Maybe I can bring Klee here next summer to have some beach time. I'll prepare some games for her. Fufufu!" Alice smiled thinking about her daughter having fun.

"What's that?" Suddenly, Alice glared over the contaminated area, something still reacting with Allen and Fischl, pulsing as if alive "It can't be!" Alice started summoning different aria of spells around her.

*BOOOM!* The smoke which seemed bound to disappear, suddenly exploded, the foul darkness swallowing everything in the archipelago, even Alice's island.


"It seems that we completed" Just after Amos failed to hit Decarabian and was thrown away, Allen found himself thrown away, becoming a spectator of the memory. It wasn't long before he found again on the boat surrounded by dark smoke with Fischl next to him. "Fortunately, it was not necessary for me to kill Decarabian myself."

"Allen!" Fischl launched into a hug "You are fine! I was worried about you"

"There was no need to worry, Fischl" Allen cheered her "Alice already told us, everything was similar to a dream, even all our wounds."

"Fumu!" Fischl separated quickly humming "Of course, I always saw the truth behind it, nothing escapes my Auge der Verurteilung!"

"Of course, my princess" Allen laughed "It seems that we finished this, so we can retu-" Allen stopped mid-sentence as the darkness around started trembling. It was similar to before when they entered that memory, but the effect was far stronger than that time.

'Of course, we are two people, so there should be two memories. If the creation of New Mondstadat was from Fischl's body that is from Mondstadt, what would be mine?'



Allen opened his eyes and found himself on rocky ground, with Fischl and even Alice next to him, both also standing up at the same time than him.

"Alice, what are you doing here?"

"Be careful" Alice said with a very serious tone "I was forced inside this memory by a mysterious energy."

"Something was able to force you?" Allen asked incredulously, thinking of Alice as a near-omnipotent being at the level of a last boss.

"Yes. This is something that I cannot see or control, something that surpasses my powers" Alice explained "Unlike before, I can't promise to keep your life if anything happens, so stay near me."

Allen tensed as he looked at his surroundings, they seemed to be inside an immense cave that expanded over kilometers with a high ceiling.

"More people coming to this land" a sad voice resounded the place and the trio found their blood turning cold as they slowly turned to look at the speaker.

Over a throne made of rock on a little hill, stood a hooded person covered with a black cloak. It has big black pointy wings with golden round gemstones on its back, and some strands of black hair fell from its hood. About her face, nothing could be said, it was like a blank in the space, never having been there as if it was impossible to reproduce it, being more similar to a blur.

"It's always like that. The weak and losers without any place, searching for my salvation"

Allen's trio was able to see more of their surroundings, under the throne thousands of people dragged their bodies over the ground, climbing their way toward the hooded person. They had injured and broken bodies with faces full of despair as they prayed for help.

"But I am a useless Sinner. Incapable of helping anyone" The hooded Sinner whispered sadly "My only help and blessing, the only salvation that I can confer is Death."

"H-help!" Just as the people were about to reach the throne and extend their hands toward the hooded Sinner, these people crashed to the ground, dying and becoming dust, completely disappearing.

"That's my call. That's my destiny."

'What's this?!' Allen put his hand over his heart which was beating madly, his body trembling.

"I'll take us out of here!" Seeing the being outside her understanding and Allen's state, Alice decided to leave, leaving the memory unpurified.

Alice started writing some arias over the sky, creating a spell.

"Who are you?" The hooded Sinner turned over the trio, Alice's spell breaking just with one look. "Why are you here, outlanders? Especially you, with such a power?"

*Pa* Allen fell to his knees as he felt that something was surging from his insides, his body seemingly wanting to burst open.

"AAA!" Allen shouted in pain as he started convulsing.

'I'll need to force my way out' Alice was preparing her full power unleashing a spell to completely destroy the memory, forcing their way out, even if it could cause great damage to the ley lines and borders of the world.

"Fear not, you wretched souls tainted by despair!" exclaimed Fischl, stepping forward boldly to draw the attention of both the Sinner and the crawling people.

"Though your world may be shrouded in darkness, I, Fischl, Prinzessin der Verurteilung, have been summoned to this land by the call of fate. Let the glory of my name bring light to this world! Follow me, fouled human, and I shall guide you to a brighter future, to my promised land, where we shall rebuild our Khaenri'ah!" 'Immernachtreich!' Fischl declared with fervor, her voice ringing out with a commanding tone that stirred the hearts of those around her.

After Fischl's declaration, there was complete silence, everyone looking at Fischl until...

*Pa* *Pa* The people started lowering their heads on the ground, bowing towards Fischl, hiding their eyes that shined with hope.

*PAF* Allen's trio was pushed by a strong force, exactly the same when he completed his role as Venti, the three becoming mere spectators and the pressure of the Sinner disappearing from them, Allen being able to breathe again.

"And for it, I need your help, S*PSh♪@#!!" The Fischl of the memory declared, the name of the Sinner distorting in her tongue. "Let's all together create this land of the weak!"

The Sinner moved for the first time, standing up from its throne as it faced Fischl "Are you capable of carrying that weight?" The Sinner took Fischl's hand, a blinding light surging from it, illuminating the cave.

As the light disappeared, sunlight meet the trio, the three of them finding over the Golden Apple Archipelago.

"It has been fully purified" Alice said in wonder as there was no trail of any impurity, all the Abyss element having completely vanished without a trace.

"What was that, Alice?" Allen asked while he was still controlling his breathing.

"I have no knowledge of it, but by what it seemed, it should have been the creation of Khaenri'ah. About that Sinner..." Alice shook her head "I'm not sure. I could not see them at all, they being a higher existence."

"Any possible idea?"

"I only felt like that when I was summoned, so it should be an existence comparable to the leader of Celestia. And..." Alice looked doubtful towards Allen "most probably the existence that had summoned you to this world."

Last chapter of the weak.

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