Genshin Impact: I Can Obtain Adventure EXP

An ordinary young man, Nolan Walker, traveled across the continent of Teyvat. He was penniless and thought it would be difficult to survive until he beat up a slime: 【Defeated a Powerful Enemy, Obtained 32 Adventure Experience】 What? Defeat Enemies to Obtain Adventure EXP, which can keep improving your level and skills! From then on, Nolan understood that even as an ordinary person without a Vision, he could reach a level comparable to that of a God. Tags: Slow-paced, Adventure, Romance, System, Weak2Strong --- Disclaimer: All rights to the original content belong to their respective creators. ---

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Chapter 30: Practicing the Sword

7 AM, practicing the sword.

8 AM, practicing the sword.

8:30 AM, mastered the fundamentals of Favonius Swordsmanship!

After three hours of practice, checking against the illustrations and instructions in the book to correct his mistakes little by little, he finally succeeded in proficiently and fully performing this set of Favonius Swordsmanship.

The corresponding skill also appeared in his character status panel:

Name: Nolan Walker

Level: Lv.10 (0/1000)

Race: Human

Title: None

Innate Talent: Entangling Affection

Skills: Hunter's Archery Lv.3 (0/300), Favonius Archery - Fundamentals Lv.2 (0/200), Martial Arts Lv.2 (0/200), Favonius Swordsmanship - Fundamentals Lv.1 (1/100)

Specialties: [Descender], [Maiden Savior]

Adventure EXP: 284

This meant he didn't need to keep practicing the sword. After all, self-practice was nowhere as fast as directly using Adventure EXP.

The improvement from half a day of practical training with Draff in the wilderness was about equal to just a few Adventure EXP, still not as good as beating up a Black Bass.

It's just that there are too low Adventure EXP now, and leveling is still an endless abyss.

Fortunately, his skills were enough for now, with both ranged and close combat. He could focus on raising them first. Maxing them out along with his superhuman physique beyond normal people might not be bad for contending against Vision Holders.

"Favonius Swordsmanship?"

At this time, a slightly curious voice rang out. Pushing open the iron gate and walking into the courtyard was the elegant Miss Eula in black over-knee boots.

Apparently, She was attracted by Nolan practicing swordsmanship just now.

After all, such proper swordsmanship yet practiced with a scimitar, she could not approve, nor pretend she didn't see it.

"Good morning, Miss Eula." She said yesterday she'd come to deliver the key, so Nolan wasn't surprised by Eula's appearance.

"Here, the keys."

Eula walked to Nolan and reached out her right hand holding two keys, loosening her glove-clad fingers and pinching the keychain a bit. Cling cling, the metallic keys collided and made crisp sounds.

"Thanks for making a trip again, Miss Eula."

Nolan stretched out his hand and placed it under the keys, waiting for Eula to let go and drop the keys into his palm.

But unexpectedly, Eula slapped down with one hand. Along with the keys landing in his hand, he also felt some pain.

"Hmph. You're using Favonius Swordsmanship, aren't you?? And so casually?"

Eula habitually crossed her arms, her attractive icy blue eyebrows raised slightly as her gaze rested on the scimitar Nolan used to practice swordsmanship, seemingly displeased.

Although she didn't approve of the many outdated practices of nobles,

she did quite like some parts, one is having a serious attitude whether towards people or things. The Code of Knights had similar views in this regard.

So seeing Nolan use a scimitar to practice Favonius Swordsmanship, it was unsurprising that she disapproved.

If it was some random commoner on the street, Eula wouldn't care what they were up to. But she had quite a good impression of Nolan. He didn't have the distaste most people held towards her.

After getting to know each other yesterday, and him renting her family's house, they could reluctantly be considered friends. Friends needed to have strict standards.

Nolan put away the keys and rubbed his hand. He didn't expect to be admonished by Eula for not using a sword to practice swordsmanship.

He did have a mentality to save resources when possible. After all, with his bit of Mora, he couldn't afford a decent single-handed sword.

He said with a somewhat embarrassed expression but without missing a beat:

"Miss Eula, I originally learned archery. I confiscated this war spoil from the Treasure Hoarders a few days ago, and thought to borrow 'Favonius Swordsmanship - Fundamentals' from the library to try out if I have talent in swordsmanship."

"If it feels okay, I'll of course prepare a good single-handed sword."

To maintain face, his words were half true and half false. He would definitely learn swordsmanship regardless of talent. Anyway, he would be able to smash it with Adventure EXP once he got started.

As for the scimitar, of course, he would also change it, just that he'd need more money on hand. With his current 200,000+ Mora, he couldn't afford a good sword.

It would be too wasteful to buy an inferior product that could only be practiced and damaged after two battles.

"I see."

After hearing Nolan's explanation, Eula said while resting her hand on her fair chin, her tone much softer.

First testing if he had the ability to learn these skills before deciding whether to specialize, this was understandable to her.

Eula curled an icy blue strand around her finger and slightly lifted her cheeks, thinking for a moment before saying:

"Since you want to learn Favonius Swordsmanship, come by the Knights in the afternoon. I can instruct you a bit."

Hearing Eula's words, Nolan felt somewhat surprised.

He didn't expect Eula to take the initiative to teach him Favonius Swordsmanship. Did reaching affection level 2 mean being willing to help with some small matters?

Thinking about it, this was probably the reason.

"Of course, If Miss Eula is willing to instruct me that's great, but wouldn't it be very troublesome? Would it interfere with your work in the afternoon?"

Although Nolan had already grasped the [Favonius Swordsmanship - Fundamentals], he naturally wouldn't refuse the opportunity to spend time with Eula. Affection came from these daily interactions.

Of course, Nolan's reply was more reserved, not too direct. He considered her work situation from Eula's position as a Knight of Favonius.

"Don't worry. Our scout troop has temporarily returned to Mondstadt City these couple days to resupply and rest. And I as the captain don't need to personally handle small matters like supplies."

Eula lowered her finger fiddling with her hair strands. Her moist, tender lips faintly curled into a smile.

"Mn, then I'm deeply grateful to you Miss Eula." Nolan happily nodded and said.

He knew Eula held the position of scout troop captain in the Knights of Favonius, often needing to lead her troop patrolling outside, clearing dangerous monsters and members of the Abyss Order.

Times of returning to Mondstadt were few and far between. It seemed he happened to catch them during the scout troop's resupply period back in Mondstadt.

"Very well. 1 PM, don't be late, or else this grudge will grow. I'll take revenge on the spot!"

Seeing Nolan readily agree, a satisfied look appeared on Eula's face, while also not forgetting to threaten in her unique way.

"Uh-huh, please don't worry Miss Eula."

Nolan nodded rapidly like a woodpecker. Although curious about what Eula's revenge would be like, he didn't want to make trouble for himself.

"Just call me Eula."

Eula casually said before leaving.

[ Eula Has Developed A Favorable Impression Of You, Obtained 45 Affection Points. Current Affection Level Lv.2 (105/200) ]

Watching Uvalla's charming back, the single-shoulder cape on her right side swayed slightly with the small movements of her crisscrossed legs. Ignoring the distraction, her revealed snow-white delicate skin could be glimpsed on her back.

The backless black leather catsuit equally accentuated the abundant curves of her hips.

Nolan thought about the swordsmanship practice appointment with Eula in the afternoon.

It was about time too. He promised the fishing shop owner Sanborn that he would come take on his commission, and couldn't go back on his word either.

(End of Chapter)

To be continued...


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