Genshin Impact: I Can Obtain Adventure EXP

An ordinary young man, Nolan Walker, traveled across the continent of Teyvat. He was penniless and thought it would be difficult to survive until he beat up a slime: 【Defeated a Powerful Enemy, Obtained 32 Adventure Experience】 What? Defeat Enemies to Obtain Adventure EXP, which can keep improving your level and skills! From then on, Nolan understood that even as an ordinary person without a Vision, he could reach a level comparable to that of a God. --- Disclaimer: All rights to the original content belong to their respective creators. ---

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Chapter 141: The Gospel of the Sky (2-in-1 Chapter)

Sure enough, being involved in such significant events inevitably led to the formation of new character specialties.

Lumine's white dress revealed her snow-white back, and the fluttering straps attached to the back of her scarf fluttered in the cool night breeze, occasionally brushing against Nolan's arm.

As he listened to Lumine and Paimon chatting, Nolan continued to look at his character panel with anticipation.

[On That Day, You And The 'Princess Of Condemnation Who Rules The Evernight Kingdom' Accepted A Commission From "Future Knight Ellin" To Venture Into The Wilderness To Embark On A New Adventure.]

[Soon After, You Managed To Help The Gathering Team Recover The Supplies Stolen By Monsters And Unexpectedly Encountered The Blue Spirit. Guided By The Blue Spirit, You Arrived At An Unnamed Mountain Cave, Where You Obtained Treasures But Also Encountered Danger.]

[Without A Doubt, You Encountered The World's Top-Tier Magical Dragon, The Stormterror, For The First Time. The Storm It Brought Trapped You In The Cave.]

[You Defeated Many Wild Beasts And Monsters, Including Three Evil Mages From The Abyss. After The Storm Passed, You Returned To Mondstadt City Safely.]

[Encountering Your Friend Who Was Being Dragged To Learn The Wind Glider, Where You Encountered The Stormterror For The Second Time. It Attacked This Free City, But Fortunately, With The Presence Of "The Outsider From Another World," Her Purification Power Successfully Drove It Away.]

[Subsequently, You Were Invited To The Knights Of Favonius Headquarters And Entrusted By The Acting Grand Master To Solve The Source Of The Wind Disaster At The Abandoned Four Winds Temples. Upon Your Successful Return, You Were Knighted As An Honorary Knight.]

[While Continuing To Search For Ways To Resolve The Crisis, You Were Misled By The Unreliable Anemo Archon Into Stealing Mondstadt's Treasure, The "Holy Lyre Der Himmel" The Process Was Fraught With Twists And Turns, But In The End, You Successfully Persuaded The Acting Grand Master To Provide Assistance.]

[With The Help Of The Acting Grand Master And The "Darknight Hero," You Successfully Repaired The Holy Lyre Der Himmel And Summoned The Stormterror. After A Fierce Battle, You Successfully Cleared The Poisonous Thorns That Had Troubled The Stormterror For Many Years, Perfectly Saving It.]

[This Has Been An Incredibly Incredible Adventure. The History You've Experienced And Created Will Be Remembered, And A Character Specialty Is Taking Shape—]

[Please Wait A Moment...]

It's happening, it's happening!

Memories of the recent events automatically surfaced. The history created by Nolan's participation began to converge around him.

Once the history converged, it couldn't be changed by any means. Because that history had already anchored itself to him, turning into a power called "character specialties." As long as he didn't perish and his specialties remained, the past anchored to him couldn't be altered.

It was like adding an extra layer of protection named "Nolan" all around him.

Hmm, it does have its uses. After all, no one knows he's the anchor of this history. Who would randomly think of him in this context?

[You've Gained A New Character Specialty: Gospel Of The Sky.]

Oh boy, it finally appeared.

Nolan tapped on the introduction of the effects of this character specialty with some anticipation:

[Gospel Of The Sky: From The Power Granted By The Adventures Of "Saving Stormterror - Dvalin", This Specialty Allows The Wielder To Manipulate Anemo Elemental Power Even Without The Vision.]

Holy moly!

Nolan almost shouted out as he looked at the short description. Phew~ Luckily, he was a calm and collected person.

Elemental power, huh? Elemental power!

Previously, he had gone through many complicated processes in order to obtain the means to attack with elemental power.

Finding Wagner at the blacksmith shop to make elemental arrows, going to the alchemy table, and asking Sucrose to make elemental potions- he only used one bottle before the rest were shattered.

There was also the recently acquired Pyro Elemental Delusion.

All of these were just external items. Once they were used up or broken, they were gone. But having control over one's own power was more reassuring!

Thinking about this, Nolan finally couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth and clench his fist.

Lumine, wearing over-the-knee high-heeled boots, her skirt hiding her snow-white thighs, cocked her waist slightly, wearing a puzzled expression, and stared at him, saying:

"You've been acting strange since earlier."

"It's a bit suspicious!" Paimon rubbed her chin with her palm, doubt evident in her starry eyes, as she continued, "I mean, what's up with you?"

Nolan calmed his emotions and, after a moment of contemplation, spoke openly: "Um, I seem to have found that I can manipulate Anemo elements, for some reason."

This kind of thing couldn't be hidden unless he didn't even use wind elemental power in the future, which was obviously impossible.


Paimon, wearing her crown, exclaimed, covering her mouth. Even Lumine showed a surprised expression.

"Could it be that you've obtained a Vision?"

Paimon asked in amazement for a moment before expressing some confusion, her gaze also showing a hint of disbelief, gesturing for him to try it out.

After all, she only knew that Nolan had a Delusion that could produce fire.

"That's not it."

Nolan shook his head, then raised his palm, attempting to conjure a Wind Bullet. However, he found that the green wind elemental energy only spun once in his palm before dissipating.

Obviously, his proficiency was lacking, and he needed more practice.

His current state was actually similar to an ordinary person who had just obtained a Vision. It takes time to smoothly control elemental power.

"It's actually true. Could it be that you also..."

Paimon widened her eyes, almost blurting out Lumine's secret origin, then hurriedly covered her mouth.

"Me too?"

Nolan pretended to be puzzled and casually asked, though he wanted to ignore what Paimon said. But she had gone overboard with her reaction.

"No, it's nothing, don't worry about it!"

Paimon hastily waved her hand, almost like when they were hiding from the rain in the cave, and nearly slipped up again.

Lumine looked helplessly at Paimon, wondering if saying that made Nolan more suspicious.

"Paimon wants to ask, are you also like me, from outside this world, with the ability to control elemental power by coming into contact with a deity/god?"

Lumine lowered her arm, clad in a white long-sleeved glove, and after a moment of contemplation, she asked openly.

She didn't mention it earlier because she didn't want to attract trouble, but after spending so much time together, she understood that Nolan was a friend worth getting to know.

So, revealing this small matter wasn't a big problem.

At the same time, Lumine was also puzzled. She knew that ordinary people on Teyvat needed to possess a Vision, an external magical organ, to control elemental power.

But now, she encountered someone besides herself who could control elemental power without bypassing the Vision.

If it weren't for those with similar experiences, they might only think Nolan was someone with a special physique in Teyvat.

But for Lumine, it added another thought: "Someone else from outside the world, just like me."

". . ."

Nolan didn't expect Lumine to be so straightforward.

He now had decent strength and had dispelled the confusion and lack of confidence he had when he first crossed over. As long as malicious people didn't find out, telling Lumine and Paimon wasn't a problem.

So Nolan nodded and said, "Actually, I'm not from Teyvat. I'm just an ordinary person from a world with more advanced science. As for why I'm here, I don't understand either.

"At first, I was very unfamiliar with this place and kept this matter hidden. Fortunately, my talent in various martial arts aspects is good, which has led to my growth to the level I am at today."

Nolan showed a helpless expression and briefly explained. As for abilities like gaining Adventure EXP from the character panel, it was attributed to his own talents.

He still wanted to keep some secrets.

"Wow, it's actually true."

Paimon covered her head, surprised for a moment, and then felt that it wasn't that strange after all.

After all, she had been following a visitor from another world all along, so having one more wasn't that difficult to accept.

"Hehe, tell me what delicious things your world has!"

She quickly put this matter aside, slightly moving her hands and feet in mid-air, saying with some anticipation.


Lumine folded her hands across her chest, giving Paimon a disdainful look.

"I'm not a master chef. I only know how to make some home-cooked dishes. I can't make any gourmet food."

Nolan scratched his head, a smile spreading across his face.

Then he continued, "Speaking of which, Lumine, you're also from another world, right? Did you also suddenly come here?"

Since he now knew that Lumine also came from outside the world, it wouldn't be right not to show curiosity.

"No, my brother and I came together, but in the end, he was taken away by an unknown god, and I lost my power too."

Lumine's fair face showed a hint of melancholy, but she still briefly recounted her experience.

"I see."

What Lumine said was the same as what Nolan had known.

He didn't pursue further on this matter rationally, but instead turned to Lumine and asked, "Lumine, since I inexplicably gained the power of the Wind Element, but I'm not very proficient in it, could you teach me when you have time?"

Lumine now also controlled the Wind Element, and they lived in the same house, so it was convenient to ask for advice.

"Um, of course, that's no problem."

Lumine patted her snowy white chest, indicating that it was okay.

"Hehe~" Paimon stood with her hands on her hips, lifting her chin, then looked at Nolan and said, "You have to pay a fee for this, Traveler can't teach you for free. How about using it to offset the rent and meal expenses?"

"Paimon, you're quite thoughtful. Let's go with what you said then." Nolan endured a smile and said.

Val Berry Street, an exquisite two-story building.

After walking for a long time, the three finally returned home. Lumine and Paimon went to heat water for a bath, as they would be busy for a while.

Nolan, on the other hand, lay down on the light blue soft sofa for a while.

In addition to gaining a new character specialty from the Stormterror incident, he also obtained many Adventure EXP from the monsters defeated by everyone.

[Adventure EXP: 9555]

The panel displayed more than nine thousand, which could be used to raise several levels and enhance his strength without any problem.

Adventure EXP - 8400

Lv.27 (0/2700)

Lv.30 (0/3000)

Raising three levels at once, a huge and warm flow appeared in his body, gradually alleviating all the fatigue and muscle soreness.

Although there were no visible changes on the surface, he could clearly feel that his overall physical fitness had improved.

It was a pity that reaching level thirty wasn't a second breakthrough; that would happen at level forty, so there was no appearance of the three-choice racial specialization.

Name: Nolan Walker

Level: Lv.30 (0/3000)

Race: Human

Title: Honorary Knight

Innate Talent: Entangling Affection

Skills: Favonius Hunter's Archery Lv.10 (Advanced Stability, Shadowless and Silent), Favonius Royal Swordsmanship Lv.10 (Flickering Candlelight, Boundary of Stillwind), Stealth Assassination Lv.4 (0/400), Marital Arts Lv.2 (0/200), Sin-Purging Arrow Lv.1 (1/100), Rhine One-Handed Swordsmanship Lv.1 (1/100)

Specialties: [Descender] , [Maiden Savior] , [Monster Slayer] , [Abundant Life] , [Gospel of the SKy]

Adventure EXP: 1155

Looking at the remaining more than a thousand Adventure EXP on the panel, it wasn't enough to level up.

If you use it to upgrade your skills, you won't be able to level up to max level at once, so you can gain extraordinary characteristics, so it's better to save it for when you have enough Adventure EXP, and then upgrade one of the archery or swordsmanship skills to max level.

He remembered that in the character panel, a regular skill could gain three or more extraordinary characteristics, which might then be promoted to a more powerful extraordinary skill.

This extraordinary skill should correspond to the "Secret Arts" in the continent of Teyvat.

Most of the skills Nolan was learning now were ordinary-level skills, and only when they reached full level would they have extraordinary characteristics.

As for the "Secret Arts," it meant that it was already an extraordinary skill in itself, with its own extraordinary characteristics, just like his "Stealth Assassination" skill.

Reaching max level wouldn't mean gaining extraordinary characteristics; instead, it would transform into something even stronger on its original basis.

How much stronger it would become would only be clear when he reached that level.

Not long after,

Lumine finished bathing and changed into a white sleeveless top, stepping out of the bath, using a towel to dry her damp golden hair while her fair hands glistened with moisture.

She wore white shorts with frills at the hem, and her snow-white skin exposed by her legs looked dewy.

Her amber eyes looked at Nolan on the sofa, and her soft lips parted slightly as she smiled and said:

"After dinner, let's start teaching you how to use the power of the Wind Element. I'll teach you some techniques to control the wind element proficiently. I just thought of this, and it's very useful."

"Okay, there's nothing else to do after dinner anyway." Nolan nodded with some anticipation.

Next, little Paimon also finished bathing and came out. Nolan saw that it was almost time and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

The meat and vegetables were all freshly bought when they came back earlier; otherwise, they wouldn't use the power of ice to prevent the food from spoiling.

Soon, a sumptuous dinner was ready, quickly devoured by the hungry trio.

After clearing the table,

Lumine took a seat on the sofa, her softness leaving an indent in the plush cushions as the white skort hugged her rear.

Nolan and Paimon sat beside her, listening to her explanation.

"To quickly master the power of the wind element, it's all about practice. But for beginners in contact with elemental power, guiding the scarce wind elemental power from the surrounding space can be very energy-consuming."

Lumine paused and glanced at Nolan, asking him with her eyes if he understood.

"Yeah, I got it." Nolan nodded.

What Lumine said could probably be easily understood even by ordinary people.

"So, I thought of a simple technique, which is for me to condense a denser mass of wind elemental power first, and then I directly guide the wind elemental power in my hand. This way, it will be much easier."

Lumine raised her white hand, and a ball of cyan-colored wind element slowly rotated in her palm.

(End of Chapter)


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