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An ordinary young man, Nolan Walker, traveled across the continent of Teyvat. He was penniless and thought it would be difficult to survive until he beat up a slime: 【Defeated a Powerful Enemy, Obtained 32 Adventure Experience】 What? Defeat Enemies to Obtain Adventure EXP, which can keep improving your level and skills! From then on, Nolan understood that even as an ordinary person without a Vision, he could reach a level comparable to that of a God. --- Disclaimer: All rights to the original content belong to their respective creators. ---

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Chapter 140: A Complete Set of Four-Star Artifacts

In the Knights of Favonius' Acting Grand Master's office,

The golden sunlight streaming in through the window slowly faded, casting the room into darkness. Jean lit the candles on the candlestick, and the flames began to burn quietly.

The room appeared brighter this way.

Nolan, Lumine, and Paimon stood before her. Miss Lisa had already returned to the library next door.

"As honorary knights who saved Mondstadt from the crisis posed by Stormterror, the rewards given must not be too stingy. What do you need?"

Jean asked from her seat behind the desk. The documents that were previously spread out on the table had been reduced significantly, presumably dealt with through a night of work.

Grand Master Jean, work very hard. Nolan was slightly emotional.

"Grand Master Jean, are you saying we can ask for anything?" Paimon's face lit up with anticipation.

"Yes, after all, you are already honorary knights. As long as the request is reasonable, the Knights of Favonius can fulfill it."

Jean brushed her golden hair aside and nodded.

"Wow! That's great!" Paimon happily spun in the air, then turned to Lumine and urged, "Traveler, don't you want to find your brother? Now you can ask the Acting Grand Master for help!"

Lumine pondered for a moment and said, "Yes, Acting Grand Master, if possible, please have the Knights of Favonius keep an eye out for my brother's whereabouts."

"As an honorary knight, it's just a small matter like this. Of course, the Knights of Favonius will help. You can mention some of your more urgent needs."

Jean closed her eyes and slightly swayed her fair face from side to side, then looked back at Lumine and said.

"Acting Grand Master, you're so kind!" Paimon exclaimed with delight.

"Thank you," Lumine smiled gratefully, then after a moment of thought, she said, "I haven't decided what I need yet. How about you think of something, Paimon?"

"Hehe, when you don't know what you need, you can always ask for delicious food!" Paimon said with an experienced look, earning puzzled looks from the others.

"Um... by the way, I noticed that you all seem to lack Artifacts. How about letting the Knights of Favonius reward you with a set of Artifacts?"

Jean interlocked her fingers, leaning her elbows on the table, and rested her chin on her hands as she pondered for a few seconds.

"Artifacts? Are those relics found in treasure chests, or secret ruins? And what does it mean by a set?"

Lumine asked, her arms wrapped in white sleeves pressed against her abdomen, her face showing a puzzled expression.

"Yes," Jean nodded, then seeing Lumine's apparent lack of understanding, she explained, "Artifacts are most commonly found in treasure chests, secret ruins. It's appropriate to call them relics.

"They are generally divided into five types: Flower of Life, Plume of Death, Sands of Eon, Goblet of Eonothem, and Circlet of Logos.

"Each person can carry one of each type, meaning a person can carry up to five Artifacts. If some Artifacts are of different types but share a common essence, then they are considered a complete set. Collecting two or four pieces can provide additional abilities."

Jean briefly explained the knowledge of Artifacts to Lumine.

This includes two pieces of the same type of Artifact, which can cause interference and cannot be carried simultaneously. For example, newly acquired Artifacts need to be integrated with other Artifacts for reinforcement to gain greater power amplification, and so on.

"So, Acting Grand Master Jean, are you planning to reward us with a complete set of Artifacts?" Nolan asked somewhat surprised.

In the past, the Artifacts he obtained from treasure chests were either low in star rating or incomplete sets, and he didn't have much Mora to purchase additional Artifacts for reinforcement.

The initial state of Artifacts doesn't provide much enhancement, so Nolan hadn't focused on improving his strength through Artifacts.

After all, almost every adventurer on Teyvat knows that unless you're extremely wealthy, it's not wise to be fixated on Artifacts without sufficient Mora.

Enhancing one's strength with Artifacts is akin to using Mora to improve oneself.

Just think, a one-star Artifact costs around 20,000 to 30,000 Mora, a two-star Artifact is priced between 60,000 to 90,000, and a three-star Artifact costs between 150,000 to 200,000. Nolan had even found four-star Artifacts in treasure chests during adventures with Fischl in the past.

Although he had given them to Fischl because he took the primogems, it was said that a four-star Artifact was at least double the value of a three-star one.

And that's just for Artifacts in their initial state; the cost increases when they're reinforced.

For example, strengthening a three-star Artifact to its limit requires spending over 3 million Mora to purchase additional Artifacts to serve as reinforcement resources.

Moreover, strengthening also requires the consumption of Mora as a reinforcement medium, which costs about 50,000 Mora, although that's relatively small compared to other expenses.

Now that he was still a new adventurer, he didn't dare to hit any Artifact without enough Mora.

Furthermore, Artifacts themselves are quite rare and not readily available for purchase everywhere.

And now Acting Grand Master Jean was saying they would be rewarded with a set of Artifacts?! Nolan almost thought he had misheard.

"Yes, just a set of initial state four-star Artifacts. Considering your achievements, don't think the Knights of Favonius are being stingy," Jean nodded, a faint smile appearing on her fair face.

Five four-star Artifacts are worth around 4 to 5 million Mora each.

Furthermore, since they are a complete set, they come with additional set effects, which obviously increases their value even more.

Thinking about it this way, the reward given is already quite good.

"In that case, thank you, Acting Grand Master Jean," Lumine replied after understanding about the Artifacts.

She also felt that they were quite suitable for her. In the future, when she finds lower-star-rated Artifacts from treasure chests in the wilderness, she can also treat them as resources to "feed" to the set.

After Nolan also said that there was no problem.

Acting Grand Master Jean explained that there is a registration process for rewarding those who have made contributions. However, it was already late, and the Knights of Favonius responsible for the registration had already finished work for the day, so they would have to come back tomorrow.

"In that case, if there's nothing else, we'll go back first," Nolan said with a gentle nod of understanding.

"Alright, may the Thousand Winds of Mondstadt watch over you."

Jean rose from her seat, her soft lips parted slightly as she offered her blessing.

"Hehe, you too, Acting Grand Master Jean," Paimon waved, then followed Nolan and Lumine as they left the Knights of Favonius headquarters.

Outside, the sky was already showing the faint glow of the Milky Way formed by countless stars, as if it were just at the boundary between dusk and night.

Nolan and the others walked back in the direction of Val Berry Street.

Paimon and Lumine were talking about how worried she was as she watched her from the ground, fighting Dvalin in the sky.

The image of the scene was so vivid that Nolan almost couldn't hold back his laughter.

Just then,

His character panel suddenly popped up with a series of notifications.

(End of Chapter)


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