13 Chapter 13: Commission

Cat's Tail Tavern.

After the heartwarming reunion with Little Prince, Margaret steadied her black round hat that almost slipped off, and sincerely expressed her gratitude to Noelle.

Noelle embarrassedly touched the hair beside her ear:

"These are just things I should do. Miss Margaret, please don't take it to heart."

"Now that I think about it, I don't know how many times I have troubled little Noelle over my cats going missing. I really need to find an opportunity to properly thank you."

Margaret hugged little Prince with one hand while pondering.

"N-No need, how could I accept rewards for such trivial matters." Noelle quickly declined, then said, "Ms. Margaret, someone else still needs my help, so I'll be going first."

"Huh? Noelle don't leave so quickly." Margaret called out from behind.

Noelle was very enthusiastic herself and happy to help others, but had some trouble dealing with other people's enthusiasm, such a contradictory yet cute personality.

Following Noelle out of the Cat's Tail Tavern, Nolan smiled and said to her:

"Not surprisingly from Noelle who has the title of 'the maid of all maids', your exploits are known all over Mondstadt, so it's hard not to know you."

"It's not as amazing as you make it sound. But anyway, just leave any matter to me! I can help with anything!"

Noelle shyly lowered her head, fiddling with her skirt. Then she spoke again brimming with enthusiasm.

Do her utmost best, appear by the side of everyone who needs help - this was Noelle's own expectation of herself.

If someone could unhesitatingly call out her name when in trouble, she would be very happy.

[Noelle Has Developed Good Feelings Towards You, Obtained 60 Affection Points. Current Affection Level Lv. 1 (60/100)]

Seeing the increased affection points, Nolan was a little stunned for a moment. They had just met and she already had 60 affection points towards him. Was it because she felt recognized?

As expected, while being shy on the surface, she was still very happy inside with other people's praises.

"Um, Noelle, here's the thing. I'm a new adventurer from the Adventurers' Guild who wants to take on a commission to go out into the wilderness and clear out monsters that threaten passing residents. But going alone I'm worried I can't handle it, so I hope you can be my teammate."

Nolan told Noelle his idea of needing her to form a team.

"I see, so that's why." Noelle thought for a while and nodded, "Clearing threatening monsters is also my duty. I can go with you now."

As the Knights' maid, she had many duties, like cleaning the hall. But those were already completed. After helping Miss Margaret find Little Prince, she had nothing else to do.

So going adventuring with Nolan would not affect anything.

"Really? That's great!" Nolan spoke rather excitedly, "Then let's go to Katherine now to take on a commission."


Led by Nolan, Noelle came to the Adventurers' Guild. After hearing Katheryne say "Ad astra abyssosque! Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild." once more, he asked:

"Miss Katherine, I'd like to take on a commission regarding eliminating monsters."

"Alright. Are you going alone, or teaming up to go with Miss Noelle?"

Katherine also noticed Noelle not far behind Nolan. She was quite familiar with Noelle's enthusiasm. With two people eliminating monsters, it would also be safer.

"Yes, since it's my first commission, I'd like to trouble Miss Noelle to keep watch."

Nolan had no embarrassment and said graciously.

"Since that's the case, the Guild's investigators discovered that in the direction of the Thousand Winds Temple, the small lake by the roadside has spawned many Hydro Slimes. Please help eliminate them to prevent them from attacking passersby."

Katherine took out a commission document with detailed information and handed it to Nolan.

These Slimes were not too strong. With Noelle around, it wouldn't be too dangerous either, and quite suitable for a new adventurer to complete.   

Katherine would still give some consideration when giving out commissions.

Generally, she wouldn't let an adventurer take on a commission that was beyond their ability.

Nolan looked carefully. The document stated the route clearly, as well as the approximate number of monsters they would face. The commission reward was 80,000 Mora.

According to commodity prices where even a cup of juice costs 500 Mora, this commission reward should be the normal level for the same type of commission.

Sure enough, high risk - high reward.

After leaving the Adventurers' Guild and the city gates, Nolan and Noelle would travel on foot together over a considerable distance to their destination near the Thousand Winds Temple.

It would take quite some time.

During that month as a hunter, Nolan had tried but indeed could not use those teleport waypoints, but as expected was unable to operate them.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have to travel in such a primitive manner, even though it was common for people of Teyvat.

Now he sorely missed the click to instant travel days in the game.

Beside him, Noelle walked in knee guards and armored boots, the metal clinking rhythmically with pleasant sounds. Nolan suddenly noticed her empty hands - she didn't seem to be carrying any weapons!?

It was probably due to being used to the game mentality where weapons could be conjured out of thin air, which caused him to not realize this issue immediately.

Could it really be done in reality too? Thus Nolan couldn't help but curiously ask:

"Noelle, where is your weapon?"

"As for weapons, I stored it inside my Vision." Noelle's soft lips parted slightly as she gently answered.

"Vision!?" Nolan looked at her in surprise and asked, "Isn't the Vision an external device that can guide elemental power? It can also be used to store weapons?"

Noelle lowered her head in thought for a while, then explained:

"For people with Visions, this is actually a very simple technique. You just use your own elemental power to envelop the weapon and it can be stored inside. Taking it out is as easy as releasing elemental power."

"That's way too convenient." Nolan sighed with envy as he touched the hunting bow on his back.

He remembered what seemed to be Eula's character demo video that had a scene of Eula dismissing her claymore into thin air after defeating enemies.

If it was stored in her Vision, then this setting would also make a lot of sense, at least it could explain why ordinary people were unable to do such feats.

The sunlight's angle changed slightly larger, and the temperature was also a bit hotter.

Even walking on the main road they still had to stay vigilant, after all in the wilderness, a monster could pop out to ambush them anytime. Like groups of roaming Hilichurls that often raided passing merchant convoys.

Not long after, Nolan and Noelle finally approached the site of their commissioned mission.

Nolan's eyes lit up. He could spot Hydro Slimes that looked clear as lake water from afar, bouncing around as if surrounding something.

"Help! Save me! Noelle, please hurry and help me!"

A woman's cry for help came from ahead. Her hoarse voice suggested she was being mobbed by the Hydro Slimes.

"Oh no, someone's in danger!"

Noelle in her maid-style armor suddenly harnessed the power of her Vision, a splendid greatsword appearing in her grasp. She rushed forward urgently.

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