Genshin Impact: Authority of the Ice

He who has complete authority over the cryo domain; The one that is forever observing from his icy throne; The traveler from another world that is blessed with ice. Isaac Colfield, a normal teenager, suddenly finds himself in another world, trapped in a mountain that is always snowing. What will he, who is trapped in this forever-snowing mountain, do in the world of Teyvat? And what will he contribute to its long history? •~•~•~•~• Notes: This is heavily inspired by another FanFic on this website called "Marvel: Breezing through history as an eternal" by Mark Kiple Discord: Unusual_Hilichurl#9748

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29 Chs

A broken and rebuilt dream

'Just a little more...!' Isaac thought as he slightly groaned.

He was controlling the two giant hands made of ice, trying to pull the giant pillar out of the mountain.

Bit by bit, with Isaac's cryo manipulation, the ice surrounding the giant pillar disappeared as more of its body started appearing.

As more and more of the pillar's body got taken out, Isaac noticed the changes beneath him.

'Uh oh!' Without wasting any more time, Isaac summoned an ice structure to support him.

The ground trembled as the giant pillar was forcefully taken out.

At the same time, the ice beneath Isaac shattered to pieces as it revealed a hidden location beneath it.

The giant hands' grip on the pillar became harder as they lifted it up, slowly but surely, unto the sky.

After a few moments of getting the pillar out, Isaac finally succeeded. The giant pillar was now slowly flying to the sky.

The blue light that it was emitting finally disappeared. And as it flew up, some rubble and some small and big fragments flew along with it.

Isaac saw this scene as he looked up at the dark sky. Floating there, a giant pillar was silently hovering on top of the mountain.

The pillar stopped moving and just stayed at a certain altitude with some debris floating along with it on the sides.

With this, Isaac stopped creating the blizzard covering the whole mountain.

"Finally! Perhaps now..." Isaac muttered with a low voice as he made ice structures beneath him to go down the mountain.

From the summit, using ice as a slide and a path for him, Isaac went down the mountain towards the outskirts.

"Please... I hope this works..." Isaac muttered. He had wanted to get out of this mountain since day 1.

And now, with him succeeding in taking out the piece that is affecting the mountain, a single strand of hope was now hanging on top of Isaac.

Using the slide, it took him quite a while to reach the bottom of the mountain. Wasting no time, he ran. He ran as fast as he could to the outskirts of the mountain.

On one side, he even saw Daleth and Moccus entering the mountain. But for now, he temporarily ignored them and continued running.

After a few minutes, he finally arrived at the river separating the mountain and the rest of the world. Isaac first formed an ice bridge across the river.

A few moments later, a glittering crystal-like bridge was formed in front of him. Isaac took a deep breath before taking a walk.

'To be honest... Other than the giant pillar, I don't know any other theories than this...' Isaac admitted to himself in his mind. 'So if this doesn't work...'

For a moment, Isaac's thoughts became chaotic before calming down. 'No, perhaps there is another way, but I just haven't figured it out...'

Although he was sad, Isaac still needed to attach to his optimistic side. Because even if this doesn't work, that won't stop him from searching for other ways to do so.

Arriving at the end of the bridge, complicated feelings arose inside Isaac. He forcefully calmed himself down and took a first step out.

His foot stepped out of the ice bridge onto the grass covered in snow.

He waited for a few seconds but nothing happened.

No shields to stop him whatsoever.

Seeing this, Isaac's mind became extremely happy. "Finally...!"

With that one word, he ran out of the bridge and to the outside world. "I'm finally...—"

But before Isaac could continue his words, he was suddenly teleported back to Sal Vindagnyr, in front of the bridge. "Free!"

"...Huh?" Isaac looked around and saw that he was right back on the snowy mountain.

"No way..." He said with a slightly trembling voice.

Attempting to go out again, Isaac ran to the ice bridge once more but again, he was teleported back to the mountain.

"No no... You can't do this...!" Realizing what was happening, a frustrated look appeared on Isaac's face as he slowly dropped down to his knees.

Although he had anticipated this in one of the possible scenarios that may happen, he still couldn't help but drop to his knees.

Just then, Daleth's voice was heard. "Is this what you were planning?"

"..." Isaac did not answer as he slowly stood up from his position.

"Although I have a vague understanding, I believe that this is not the only option." Daleth's voice was once more heard.

Hearing this, Isaac slowly lifted his head up in the night sky as snow drifted down.

'What am I doing...'

Wiping off the small drips of tear from his eyes, Isaac called his emotions down. 'I'm an idiot... Why would I break down just from this...'

Remembering Daleth's words, Isaac sighed. 'She's right. I should not stop here. I should keep seeking answers and ways to get out of this mountain.'

Remembering how he could now step out of the mountain, Isaac chortled. 'At least now, there's no forcefield that can block me... Haha... That's an achievement, I guess?'

Isaac then turned around to see Daleth who was wearing a dark dress, Moccus who nodded at him, and finally, the Cryo Whopperflower that was beside Moccus.

'Right... At least I won't be alone here...' Isaac thought as a gentle smile appeared on his face.

He sighed and went near them. "So, Daleth, care to tell me what you found in Mondstadt?"

Daleth's expressionless and cold face changed and a small smile appeared for a few moments before disappearing as she nodded. "Yes."

Isaac then turned to Moccus and apologized. "Forgive me... I had to lock you guys out because something might happen..."

Moccus nodded as a low hum escaped his mouth. "It is fine."

Isaac then lastly looked at the Cryo Whopperflower. "You're still here, huh? Do you want to join us?"

As if agreeing with him, the Cryo Whopperflower vigorously and exaggeratedly nodded its head.

Seeing its reaction, Isaac chuckled. "Alright, welcome to the team."

"Well then, everyone, let's go." Isaac said as he lead them back to the ruins where they put Parsifal in the morning.

All of them nodded and followed Isaac's back.

Although this attempt failed, Isaac would not stop to find a way out. He will do anything to touch the grassy fields once more.

Through all means necessary.

* * *

In Mondstadt, some people who saw the blue light were discussing it with their friends, families, or acquaintances. Some even speculated what it was and speculated that it was something dangerous.

And on the Angel's Share Tavern, the drunkards who saw the light were naturally talking about it.

This caused the bartender-in-disguise Alec to quickly pick up on the news. 'Sal Vindagnyr... Huh?'

'What could have caused that light? Was it done by a human? No, climbing the mountain itself is nightmarish, reaching the peak is almost impossible.' In his mind, he was already making guesses.

He then remembered the girl that came by earlier. 'My men were found frozen in the middle of the streets... She froze the Mora... Has the temperament of a cold person...'

Alec slowly connected the dots and lowly chuckled. 'Haha, what ridiculous connections... Either I'm overthinking it or I'm turning to an idiot...'

In the end, he just shook his head with a smile.

In the ruins of Old Mondstadt, a giant azure dragon with four wings kept looking at Sal Vindagnyr with great interest. 'I shall investigate it tomorrow...' It thought before going to sleep

In the forest ruled by wolves, the one that watches over Wolvendom and the ruler of the wolves, who was now but a soul left behind by his true self saw the light and made a low growl.

And finally, a mysterious hooded figure that is seen walking under the shining moonlight saw the light and immediately got curious. 'He already changed an event that isn't supposed to happen in this era...'

With that thought, a small amused smile appeared on that person's face. 'I should visit him soon.'