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Hidden gem. I'm glad I gave this a try. It went beyond my expectations honestly. One of the best around here without exaggeration. Highly recommend this. **. I especially like how the author is not sticking to the cliches while not shying away from them either. It puts itself apart from the usual Chinese web novels in that regard. Best binge read in a while.

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This novel is simply amazing. The world is well set out, with an interesting magic system and settings are clearly described, immersing the reader into the story. The mc is my favorite part - an overly attractive genius but not op, just super talented with reasonable progression. The overall character design for all characters is very good, featuring a diverse cast. The author's writing style is excellent, with very few grammar or spelling mistakes, and to top it all off a fair dose of humor is included! Highly recommend this book!


This is an investment. I have not read this novel yet, but I'm looking forward to the day this novel has more chapters. Until then, let this be your first ever review πŸ“–πŸ™


Don't think this review needs a spoiler tag... just tiny spoilers when it gets to plot holes... The story is pretty refreshing, has good character design and lots of detail. Honestly I enjoyed most of the reading, and I understand that since the MC is young and has shining traits most people would think he's a girl, the comedy was nice at first, but then it stops being funny. I guess this story just isn't my cup of tea. Though I don't necessarily dislike stories that focus on MC's young age (under 10) for a lot of chapters, here the mc feels too mature for his age (and a lot of people around his age are too mature as well). He is neither reincarnated nor has any legacy or 'grandpa' figure in the story which makes me feel that him being mature at 5 is forced by the author. And the way other girls talk about marriage when they also are just a few years above him doesn't feel well. A time skip when MC is so young would be much better imo, but hey, people have different tastes. MC also gets dragged around a lot, and from what I see, he always complains instead of taking action. Gets mad at everyone for treating him as a girl but does nothing about his looks. Complains about his long hair but doesn't cut it. There's a few plot holes, but nothing too major, such as a 20 year old beast having little magical achievements, then suddenly once mc starts 'cultivating' the beast matches his own cultivation rate. MC is praised as a genius by his teachers since he is so young yet has such a high level (for his age), but kids a few years older are much stronger then him even though they aren't geniuses or anywhere close. MC has a lot of elements which is like never seen kind of super-rare, yet can't beat someone a few level stronger than him (but in the same realm). I'll be dropping this here, but hey, if you enjoy stories with a lot of focus on when mc is young go for it. It's also much better than any fast-food stories you find. Though this doesn't feel like a 4.5 star for me, at the very least its way better than most 4 star stories on this website since too much 5 star spam happens.


Love it! I'm also writing a fantasy novel and got a few inspiration from this novel. The Mc is very lovable and the story is great. Thank you for this novel! Please update more author! 😊


Its too much jammed in one...So hes got these awesome bloodlines, controls all the elements, these equipment tattoos from his multiple professions, this super rare side kick..... it goes on. Its like squashing several op protagonists into on character. This story has enough plot lines for several separate novels. And yet at the same time, the sub plots just repeat over and over. Jealous or greedy characters looking for a spouse is like the cause of everything in this novel. Occasionally the story bucks conventions but other wise hits all of them at the same time. Not worth the premium cost but otherwise a decent time killer.


Below average, very badly written. Many sections felt either plagurized or forced for plot advancement. I get that the mc is like a 5 year old kid, but seriously why does there have to be so many misunderstandings? Misunderstandings are rarely well used and usually just serve to make the reader very annoyed and frustrated


Reveal spoiler


I found this enjoyable read, but had to push myself as chapters lack ******* or even any cliffs. The world development was nice, but story lost it's flavor when concepts where not revealed after first character. The characters start to feel bland after awhile as they have no ambitions or personality traits to note in contrast of the story. It was good read to pass the time, but author has a ways to go.


A hidden gem that will leave you speechless If you like a true fantasy world that can give you surprises and keep you in suspense the whole time look not further. For this is the novel for you it will have you laughing and smiling. It’s a easy read, easy to follow and has many unknowns that make you wanna keep reading to fill in the information. The story is the perfect amount of pace not to fast and not to slow. I absolutely adore this novel and can’t wait for more to come!!! This novel also inspired me to start writing so when I say it’s something I truly mean it at the bottom of my heart. Hopefully it goes premium so I can give true credit to this amazing writer!! Next time on dragon ball z Will goku complete the trial and reach all 7 stages or will such 4 pillers be lost and forgotten !!!


I actually don't how well this story updates because I just found it today. But... I can guarantee it is a good read because I was so hooked I spent my whole day in it. I had plans... I don't like to ruin stories for people so I won't talk about the story itself. What I will say is that the story is an easy read. The words flow by and you just enjoy the ride. Very few typos, spelling errors or misplaced words that in the 127 chapters I read before running out of stones on a CLIFFHANGER mind you (holding a slight SLIGHT grudge over that) and only recall stumbling over five or six. Considering how usually that is a by chapter occurence I am amazed. I found the MC likeable and the background characters believable, for a fantasy. No one is OP, no unrealistic personality traits or unrealistic harems or cringeworthy cliches, though cliches will happen because of their very definition, and the main problem I see is that it rushes to events. But nearly fifteen years of life was in those 127 chapters, so time skips and brushed by mentionings are to be expected. It starts off with a skip from birth to about a week to 5 years later, but it would be redundant to spell out what everyone can figure on their own. Brushed by events I suppose is to build up the story as they will have an effect later, but I'll admit they annoy me. Still the day flew by and I enjoyed it enough to eagerly await tomorrow so I can read a couple more chapters.


I’ve never done a review before, but I just wanted to encourage the author. This book is honestly the best one I have read and I’ve read many of the top books on this site. The way the story progresses without overly cliche conflicts is incredible. The characters are well thought out and the mc feels very relatable and β€œhuman”. The author uses unconventional means to progress the mc’s development. The writing is also very well done and the author strives to correct any mistakes they may have made. All in all this book is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to continue reading the story


I was just searching for novels with #No_Harem tags and found this. Tbh, I didn't think it would be as good as it obviously is, because I've never seen this in my recommendations or ever heard anyone talking about it. Anyway, I'm so glad I found this. I really love the MC and his furry friends. Good work, Author.


This is a brilliant novel. Extremely well written, and very entertaining. The only drawback is the slow release rate, but that can be accepted as the price to pay for long quality chapters.


Reveal spoiler


One of the best novels that I have read so far.


It’s an ok novel, but my biggest problem are with the character design and plot development. Around 80-odd chapters in and I still don’t really see a plot. And the characters are very flaky and transparent. There’s really only two characters in this novel who get a bit of development and the rest are just thrown aside basically.


A decent novel all in all. However, there are quite a few of internal consistency issues and logic failures. This mostly stems from the author not going back and reading what he alreafy wrote occasionally or not taking notes. For example there is in the last two or three chapters where the novel talks about how humans and greyson could only dream of living that long. The problem? Greyson is not human. He is a tri-racial mix of elf, dragon, and human. Quad if you count the guy who injected his own bloodline into Greyson. On top of that he has the life contract with Lucius and the fact mages aren't normal humans and their aging already slows down even if he was just a human. There are a bunch more inconsistencies if your observant you can catch them. They are fairly minor though.


This review was made as of the most recent chapter, which is chapter 123, on July 4th, 2019. For anyone wondering, this is a wonderful novel to read! If you have nothing else you’re caught up in, give this one a shot. It’s perfect for casual readers. The story is developing well and the characters and their actions all make sense. The MC is very smart and adaptable. I would also say that he isn’t too OP. His adaptability between all his elements makes him very hard to deal with but some single-element users are still stronger than him due to them being specialized in one element vs the MC casually using multiple elements but not really mastering them. My only real problem with this novel is it does not update very frequently. Be ready to wait for a few days before new chapters release. At its current pace, it will be a very long time before this novel finishes, hence why it is perfect for very casual readers. 5 stars on everything except update stability from me. Definitely recommend everyone read it.