Genius of the Rules-Style System

Question: Given that Lin Xiaoqing can lift an 80-jin item, how much arm strength does Xiaoqing have? Answer: Left arm 49 jin, right arm 67 jin. Question: Given that one plus one equals two, what is the result of 491 multiplied by 709? Answer: 348119. Others' logic is deduction; mine is cause and effect. No matter how difficult the problem, the answer is already obvious when it is posed. This synopsis is too short to describe the story. An unorthodox jaw-dropping science fiction of a top-scoring student. Welcome to immerse yourself in it.

Don't Eat Small Pumpkin · Urban
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Chapter 181: Which Leg is Longer, Your Left or Right?_3

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Zhao Yi glanced at Professor He and then at Qian Hong, immediately waving his hand to reject the offer of changing his room.

What a joke!

Why would he want to share a floor with a bunch of old men when there was 'an apparent gentle beauty' on the same floor?

No way!

It wasn't the beauty that Zhao Yi chose, but the fact that he and the older professors had a considerable age difference. Besides a few academic discussions, there was no common ground.

By mealtime, the importance of having commonality became even more evident. Zhao Yi still found it easier to converse with the few doctoral students. They also sat closer to him.

Then something interesting happened.

Qian Hong came with two women in their twenties, introducing them as her seniors. The three women, chatting and giggling, drew closer to Zhao Yi enthusiastically.

Zhu Li was pushed out.