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Apollo was a genius who was talented enough to achieve big things in his life, but because of a rare genetic disorder, everything came to an abrupt end. But when he thought everything was done, he again opened his eyes to another world as the baby of a noble family. Knowing that this might be his second chance, he decided to do everything he could to create a good and free life for himself. But surprisingly, this world is not simple, as there are beings with extraordinary power who can control the lives and deaths of others, giants who can crush mountains, dragons who can burn the seas, and many more. So now, to truly achieve his goals, Apollo needs to learn and adapt to this new world where life and death can be matters of thought.

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Baron Family

Just like that, a few days passed, and Apollo had adjusted to his new life as a baby.

Even though it was weird for him to suck breast milk, he could not do anything about it; as a baby, he needs milk and be real it was not that bad.

And also, after some observation, he understood many things about his new family and home.

First, it seems he is not in the same time period, or he might not be on earth, as his new home seems to be similar to an old castle with ancient European architecture, but there are things inside the castle that are entirely new for him.

Like the animal head decor in the castle, which shocked him. It was not weird to have such thoughts in the castle, but the shocking thing was whose head it was.

Although he said animal, in truth, he was not sure whether this thing was an animal or not. Because it was similar to a wolf, he thought it was an animal, but it also had a big eye on its head, which made him confused about whether he was seeing things.

It was not the only animal or whatever this was in his house; there were quite a few such weird creatures with bodies and fur in the castle, which made him more sure that something was different about this world. 

He was also able to hear and see some unwanted, disturbing scenes of servants f**king one another in some corners.

But it was nothing compared to the time when his mother, walking around, took him to the training grounds of the soldiers.

After seeing the soldiers training, he was so shocked that he cursed loudly.


But only the sound of a growling baby came out.

Not only did he see soldiers lifting hundreds of kilograms of weight easily, but he also saw unknown energy released by them to destroy a rock weighing over a ton.

It was like movies or anime where they had control over some forces like qi, mana, or whatever this power was. This was something he never expected to witness, but given that he had been reincarnated, he readily accepted this reality, since everything is now conceivable, so why would he try to question it?

The second and easiest thing he understood was that his new family should be noble or powerful family, as an ordinary family cannot have such a big castle with many servants and hundreds of soldiers.

He did not know how big the castle was or how many servants or soldiers they had, but it was a lot from what he had seen in just a few days, which seemed like good news for him.

Having a good family background is a huge advantage for him, as it will be a great help for his future development. He can be sure whether the resources or knowledge of the extraordinary power that he saw should be controlled by powerful nobles or forces.

He did not know anything about the people, the structure of societies, or the workings of this world, but he can be sure of human lust, selfishness, hunger for power, and possessions, whether it is this world or previous.

Since there is extraordinary power, people naturally want to control it for their benefit.

He did not have much expectation that there would be some human rights in this world.

Anyway, watching those soldiers show such strength was a mind-boggling experience for him, and he really wanted to know how this works, what training or secret potions and medicines were needed, and what level of strength a single human could achieve.

Although Apollo was smarter than other kids at his age, he was still a fan of anime and comics, so knowing that humans can also gain such extraordinary power was also a dream come true for him.

He was a curious person, and even in his previous life, most of the things he learned and did were also because of his curiosity, now, knowing all this, countless thoughts and questions were going through his mind that he could not wait to know the answers to.

But he is now just a baby who cannot move, talk, or stand on his own; all those things are too early for him.

As for his current family members, he has already met his parents, but he also seems to have two lovely sisters.

In addition to this, many other people also came to see him, but he could not fully understand their relationship with him.

So right now, he first needed to know and understand the language of this place, or at least understand the conversations between people.

After that, he concentrated most of his mind when he was awake, trying to learn the language.

Time passed quickly, and in just two months, he managed to learn most of the language, showing his talent, as he learned all of this just by observing the people without any help or instruction. He still cannot say clear words as a baby, but he can now understand what others are saying.

It was like he watched a few anime without subtitles for two or three hours a day, and then two months later he could work as a subtitler.

He also now knew many things because of the servants who whispered about his family, like that their last name is Fletcher, his father's name is John Fletcher, and his mother's name is Louise Fletcher.

They are a hereditary noble family with a thousand years of history, and at their glorious time, they even held the title of Marquis.

But with time, they have naturally declined, and now they only have the title of baron. Although they had become weaker, it did not mean that their situation was bad. In fact, for the last few decades, because of his grandfather, whom he still had not seen, the family had shown signs of recovery.

And now they are the strongest barons on the northern side of the kingdom, with a strong army rivalling that of many Viscounts.

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Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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