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Genius Mage in a Cultivation World


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As usual, shameless review of one star of the author <3 I hope everyone will like the story, as I poured my heart and soul in making it. Hehe... To think I would be limited by the minimal amount of words in a review of my own novel...

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the story looks good but the grammar upsets me :c, also some sudden turns in the naration, like going from he to i in the middle of the naration lowers the seriousness of the work. Some concepts are partialy badly exlplained, but lets say thats part of the story. Author should reread his work a bit more


A magician as the main character is always difficult, since there are a lot of things to consider, it's hard for me to call the main character a magician. Non-linear storytelling is used out of place, and in general we will remember about it after half a year? There are enough questions for the minor characters. The idea of ​​the novel is very good, but nothing more. This is what I collected in the first 40 chapters.


As usual, Sloth's work never ceased to amaze his readers. Follow Layn if you love the genre. I was reading the book from chapter 13 before reverted back to chapter 4 - 5 - 6 for the new kind of language sloth created just for the sake of his novel. And then, I return to chapter 1 again to savor the beginning of the story once again. This won't be the last of lazy sloth. It's a masterpiece.


Unfortunately, the hero of justice is a saint who thinks he is an angel who mourns the death of a girl whom he does not know. Even her tribe, who lived with them for many years, did not care about her death. This hero is just a few minutes of grief for her. disgusting


The story and world seem well thought out and interesting. The characters are a struggle to read. I keep stopping and doing something else for a while before coming back to this. I want to like it. I want to enjoy it because the premise is one I like and the world seems interesting. But I keep losing interest whenever I read character interactions. The language thing at the start is really cool. The wall/gate is interesting. I really like the fire dog fight. The premise of a mage in a cultivation world is a great one. I have read maybe three or four books that try to cover it and all were either cut short (Essence of Cultivation) or fell off (Dao of Magic). The MC and a potential FL are really our only two main characters in the first twenty chapters. The MC just feels off somehow. Disjointed. He has a lot going on and much of it feels like it doesn't have the emotional weight it should. The FL is painful to read. All the blushing, trembling, and other things she does rather than talking. This is a woman that is supposed to be out risking her life in battle, has gone through some apparently harsh life experiences, and she acts like a coy 4 year old who is also a well adjusted adult? I think the author is trying to run with the jade beauty cliche while also spicing it up/filling it out but again it just is not fun to read. I am glad I read it. I would encourage others to read it to see if they can get past the characters. But I won't be continuing from here.


I read the initial chap! Too intense! The argument of a Husband trying to become great from the past. Gran Arcana! I like how this story starts! Looking forward for more! Good Job Author!


don't overcomplicate sentences, make it simple if you can. i want to read novel, not study journal. it's uncomfortable to read. i just skim through the chapter. 10 chaps is all i can do. the first few chapters are good, it gone downhill after mc transmigration(?) to the past, i don't know why, i just lost the will to read the rest, it's just felt uncomfortable to read. it has good potential. my advice is, let your friend read it first before posting it in WN


Reviewing before reading mostly because it’s not a harem novel. I think I’ve read two harem novels that I consider decent. Five stars for not being trash


Man this is really good stuff. Not really much else to say though and I need 140. Sigh......................................................


I've read a few chapters and all I can say was that this world was created with a masterful touch. The character's attitude as well as his outlook on life is clearly is laid bare for everyone to see. The narration is superb and one could tell that the author had spent a lot of effort in creating the Lore of this world. A powerful start of an amazing novel. This story will be one of those that stands out from the rest. I would like to applaud the author for doing a fantastic job. More power to you and may the odds always be in your favor.


The chapters are hard to read and this author makes it even better adding his own unknown language in the mix making it bothersome and why there isn't a ntr tag. Oh and the part where MC brings hero party with him to future or was it past whatever totally ruined this story for me.


The beginning was good, but when characters from the MC's past started to appear the story became confusing, it seems that I skipped book 1 and started directly in the book 2 because many characters from the MC's past appear quickly and without much explanation about them. The MC doesn't really feel like a mage, he just seems like a cultivator focused on spells rather than weapons and that point spoiled the novel for me. The author had a great idea but failed to execute.


Amazing, simply amazing. It lives up to the quality of MotivatedSloth's other works. I could feel the characters confusion when he couldn't understand anything being said. Go Read!


The first chapter gives out as little as possible and it pulls you in and keeps you interested to read on more and more. I feel like it's a bit early for me to say anything about the character but I have a feeling that I'll end up liking the MC. Just a gut feeling. Amazing writing, amazing story, and world-building is just *chef's kiss.* Good luck to the author!


Reveal spoiler


Awesome synopsis and great character build up. The story has good flow and rhythm the story expresses the creativity of the Author. Am a sucker for revengeful plot.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


The novel is really lit. The bg,setting and plot are to the point. I envy writer how can he write so well. omo writer give me half of your writing. The book is highly recommended to the new readers. A book worth reading. Best of luck in advance. Hey you, you there. What are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and enjoy the reading!


The great Sloth, is a man of motivation, creating the most dynamic of characters with the flick of his pen, Keep your eye on this novel its sure to be a hit! Amazing story 10/10


I only have one word for this novel, one word only. Are you curious about my one word too? Why so curious? Stop reading to find out my one word man. Omg, please stop being so curious. Curiosity will kill the cat, don't you know this. Fine, seeing how you're so desperate to know my one word. It's collection. What's collection? Obviously, it's adding this novel to your library fool.