3121 Xiao Xie (5)

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The young boy looked to be about right or nine and was very handsome, with Shen Yan Xiao's eyebrows. Despite his young age, he had an impressive aura about him.

Little Mo Ye had been the apple of everyone's eye since she was born and had never been scolded in such a way before. When faced with the fierce look of the older boy in front of her, she suddenly burst out crying.

"Boo hoo hoo…"

Her crying removed all the awkwardness in the yard but replaced it with panic as nobody knew what to do.

When Shen Yan Xiao saw the little girl who looked like Jun Wu Xie bawling, her heart went soft and turning to her own son, she suddenly slapped him across the face saying, "Who said you could be fierce to her?!"

The boy, after receiving the slap, looked at his mother in puzzlement, feeling quite wronged.

"Boo hoo hoo...I want my mother….boo hoo hoo….he was fierce to me…." Little Mo Ye was quite a pitiful sight, crying in her father's arms.


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