3123 The End - Matchmaking

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A song here and a glass there and it was late into the night before anyone knew it and everyone present had become one large boisterous group.

Jun Wu Xie and Shen Yan Xiao had not seen each other for ages and had much to catch up on.

Di Xie and Jun Wu Yao sat next to their respective wives, their feud now a thing of the past as they now only cared about the women next to them.

The so-called hatred had been resolved. 

Fan Zhuo smiled and surveyed the happy scene in front of him and gradually came to rest his gaze on the handsome, smiling man seated opposite him. He was a man of few words and when the drunk Tang Na Zhi said something to him, he felt his hair stand on end.

If he remembered correctly, the man's name was Qi Xia.

Fan Zhuo was curious about this man and observed him closely. After a while, he noticed that despite his outwardly casual demeanour, he carried an unmistakable air of sadness with him.


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