3116 Iron Blood Empress

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Jun Wu Xie was stunned momentarily and as she looked at Qu Ling Yue's eyes being welled up with tears, she felt like she was looking at her naive and innocent eyes from the past. 

Jun Wu Xie stood up, extended her arms and wrapped them around Qu Ling Yue, all without saying a word.

This was the first time she had embraced the woman who was once known as her wife.

Jun Wu Xie realised that she had not changed at all, her petite frame felt so weak in her arms.

Under the mask of strength and decisiveness was still a scared little girl.

The difference was….

The little girl had her own beliefs and it was those beliefs that made her grow strong.

Qu Ling Yue closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of Jun Wu Xie's embrace, longing for it to last knowing that it could never belong to her.

"Wu Xie, thank you."

The soft thank you came straight from her heart. 


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