Chapter 29 Breakthrough

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Doctor Liu's words felt a bit alarmist to Lin Xian.

But he couldn't blame him, after all, he hadn't told the whole truth, and from Doctor Liu's perspective, he indeed seemed more like a patient in critical condition.

Lin Xian thought that continuing the conversation would be a waste of time, so he decided to ask a professional question instead:

"Doctor Liu, I would like to inquire,

"Is there a way... to make me accurately understand that my dreams are false, unreal, completely fictitious?"

Doctor Liu smiled naturally:

"Of course there is a way. This is a very simple question. Normal people might not be able to distinguish reality in their dreams, but in reality, they seldom fail to distinguish dreams."

"The reason is...[In dreams, people we know from reality generally appear. All you need to do is wake up and compare their actions, and you will immediately understand who is real and who is false.] This is also the simplest and most effective way to differentiate."