Chapter 28 Psychologist

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"I see it this way, Lin Xian."

Gao Yang firmly insisted to Lin Xian:

"Actually, in the field of psychology, I'm just a hack. All those things I told you before, I saw in that Psychologist's WeChat Moments."

"You remember that Psychologist, right? She was a customer who bought a car from me, and I showed you her WeChat Moments before..."

As he spoke, Gao Yang took out his phone, opened the contact information on WeChat, and showed it to Lin Xian.

The photo on the screen was one Lin Xian had seen before: a middle-aged woman in a white lab coat. Her gentle smile, greying hair, and clean, crisp attire made her appear very approachable and comfortable to look at.

"You mean..." Lin Xian blinked his eyes:

"Are you planning to take me to see the Psychologist?"


"That's really not necessary... I'm truly not ill, so you don't need to worry about me," Lin Xian waved his hand in refusal.